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3vs3 team mod league - season 1 - has started tuesday (20th) of January. Registrations Status: closed.

To add/remove players, enter score, send a report/screenies,replays please send to:

- if your team is in POULE A
- if your team is in POULE B

Register and Visit the Forums to be informed of any changes & Join IRC channel on qnet to get more infos and sort your first challenges with your opponents ! #TM.LEAGUES on quakenet

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The Final Review: What a Game!!
21 April 2004, 16:24
After more than three months of competition, 12 official games (for the finalists), and numerous hours of hard training, the first season of the International TM League is now over. The two best teams of the league were facing each other in the final, and they delivered an amazing show (you have to download and watch the replays). Despite being the underdog for the first time this year, the Rush Riders apparently enjoyed their new status. They found lots of courage a poise, and became last night the first champion of the league.

All hail the Rush Riders !
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Final Preview: Last man standing
21 April 2004, 16:23
This is it. The last game of the season is coming. Exceptionally set on Friday at 21 h (CET), the Final of the first International TM League will oppose the two favorites: the Rush Riders and the Grouik. Together, those two squads did not lose a single match over the entire season. On Friday night, one of these two wonderful squads will suffer their first loss of their TM history. .

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Semi Finals Review: The favorites won
09 April 2004, 10:24
Our two finalists are now known after yesterday’s games. And for once, the polls were 100% right about the outcome of the Semi Finals: the (Grouik) and the Rush Riders have secured their place in the Final of the first International TM League. Next week, one of these two squads of excellent drivers will enter our Hall Of Fame.

Semi Finals review:
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Semi Finals Preview: The Final Countdown
06 April 2004, 15:56
Four teams will enter the TM arena tonight, and only two will be allowed to pass to the first final of the International TM League. While the polls indicate that a (Grouik) vs [RR] final should be in the making, we can expect the [NO²] and the TMF to be eliminated only after a huge fight. Both tonight’s games were already played during the regular season, and both were hard-fought contests. Both games are expected to start at 21 h (CET). .

Here are the Semi Finals games:
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Quarter Finals Review: Last four standing
03 April 2004, 19:42
Quarter Finals are over, and ended up with the three favourites ([RR], (Grouik), TMF) going to the next round, and are joined by the [NO²] for what should be two very exciting Semi Finals games.

Quarter Finals games review:
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RZA season 2!
02 April 2004, 10:42
RZA championship Season 2 has just started !

Join more than 330 players in this great championship !! Divided in 4 leagues , promotions and relegations each end of month , solo and team standings. Join the League cup too ! a 1 VS 1 Cup online just for the championship players !
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Season 2 and New Teams
17 March 2004, 18:08
Hi, just to have an idea of how many NEW teams would be interested to join next season. I've made a Topic in our Forum where you can give some details about your team (team name, number of members, website, forum ..etc). That's not an official registration !! just a way to know your team a bit more.
Thanks and we wish all new teams a warm welcome!
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Official TM Team League SkiN PacK 1.00 + UPDATE !!
05 March 2004, 20:28
Welcome to the first official TM Team League Skin Pack!

For the first time in TM's short history, we are proud to propose you a TEAM skin pack with all the available TEAMS skins from the International TM League we have been able to find. THANKS TO VORTEX for making this great pack!
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[RR]-(GROUIK) 2-1
Semi finals
[NO²]-[RR] 0-3
Quarter Finals
[RR]-[Rm] 3-0
[NO²]-[C-K] 3-0
Clodos-(GROUIK) 0-3
TMF-[ETMS] 3-0

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