PS/2 "Access" Mouse
Copyright 2001, Adam Chapweske

This is a fully-functional PS/2 mouse written for the PIC16F84 microcontroller.  It can be adapted to virtually any inputs, which gives the user a lot of flexability in how he/she controls the computer.  It was developed to give computer access to people with physical disabilities, but I'm sure you can find many additional uses for this project.

Feel free to use the code for non-commercial purposes only.  You may distribute the code only if it is unmodified from its orginal form.  I do not imply any warrenties or guarantees with this code.  Use at your own risk.  Enjoy!

Click on the following links to get the files:

  • All inputs are active low.
  • Speed is controlled in software by adjusting "PERIOD" and "DISTANCE" constants.
  • All inputs, including "Clock" and "Data" may be assigned to any I/O pin.
  • Internal PORTB pullups are enabled and all inputs are active low.
  • All movement/button inputs may be assigned to any pin on PORTB.
  • Speed is controlled by adjusting a variable resistor.
  • An LED indicates the mouse's status.
  • Potientiometer and LED may be assigned to any pin on PORTA.
Just to give you an example of how these may be used, if you were to connect a condensor microphone element to a 339 Quad Comparator, then connect the output of the comparator to the left mouse button input pin on the PIC, you will be able to emulate a mouse click by blowing on the microphone.

If you find any bugs or have any comments, please send me an email.  You may also email me your questions, but I won't have time to respond to most of them.  This is a work under progress.  Check back every few weeks for updated code and additions to this page.

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