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14.5% of the rural workforce are self-employed compared with 11.8% of their urban counterparts.

The Countryside Agency, The State of the Countryside, 2004

Tesco Stores Ltd – Tesco Computers for Schools

Winner of the Cause Related Marketing Award for Excellence 1998 and Example of Best Practice

Tesco Computers for Schools is one of the most well know examples of Cause Related Marketing in the UK. Tesco was keen to develop a customer loyalty programme that would benefit the wider community. Research amongst customers identified computers as the key requirement in schools across the UK, hence Tesco Computers for Schools. First launched in 1992, Tesco Computers for Schools has delivered £92 million worth of equipment to schools nationwide.

Tesco developed the Computers for Schools programme as a way to reward customer loyalty, to strengthen community relationships, to attract new shoppers into stores and to help ensure the computer literacy of school leavers and potential employees.

The programme involves an annual voucher redemption promotion to help local schools obtain free computers and other information communication technology (ICT) equipment. During a 10 week promotional period customers receive one voucher to donate to a school of their choice for every £10 spent in a Tesco store. Schools can then collect these vouchers and redeem them for computers and ICT related equipment from a catalogue of equipment.

  • Increased sales

  • Enhanced Tesco profile in the local community

  • Positioned Tesco as the number one retailer locally for customers

  • Reinforced Tesco brand values and improved customer loyalty

  • Recognition as an innovative retailer

  • £92 million worth of equipment given to schools nationwide (1992-2004)

  • In 2004 alone, £8 million worth of equipment delivered to schools

  • In 2004, an additional 1,900 schools registered to take part and computing equipment was delivered to over 25,000 schools

  • Over 87,000 items of ICT equipment was ordered by participating schools


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