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First published by Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, 1950, this is the authorised ebook version of the original limited edition biography. Available on cd, the case cover
shows the Candler coat-of-arms and traces the family history from the 1600's. It also deals with the early beginnings and growth of Coca-Cola by someone who was there and is essential reading for both business followers and collectors alike. It delves into the good deeds, and philanthropy of Asa Candler and how he donated $1,000,000 to found Emory University. In addition it is well illustrated with many photographs and a section of Memoirs & Editorials, Bibliography, Index, Genealogical data. There is also a family tree of Asa Candler showing his roots back to the 1600's and also a description of the Candler coat-of-arms. Each ebook cd is hand made using the highest quality processes and production techniques available.
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