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Barring a brief and ill advised "I want to be popular, so I'll stop playing games" phase in late junior high, Lisa has been subjecting her friends to drawn out boss battles since age 8.  She has been known to wax philosophically about why Jigglypuff is desperately under-appreciated and wish that some "big" games were more fun, even if that means less pretty. 
   Handle     La Game Nikita
Expertise   Puzzle, RPGs, Action/Platform, Horror
Interests   The Best TV Season Ever (Lost, House, Battlestar Galactica, Alias, Good Eats, Arrested Development, Scrubs), The Muffin Gnomes, Robin’s Egg Blue, November 22nd, Mirrormask
Dislikes   My TiVo In Overdrive (Its Special Move), Not Quite Knowing How I Feel About The Revolution (I Need To Play Around With It Soon)
Current Favorite Games   Resident Evil 4 And 5, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots, Fatal Frame III: The Tormented, The Movies, Peter Jackson’s King Kong, X-Men Legends II: Rise Of Apocalypse
What I am playing now   Final Fantasy XI, Pokemon Fire Red, Hot Shots Golf Fore, Mario Golf Advance Tour, Silent Hill 4: The Room
Favorite Movies   Hero, Muppets Take Manhattan, Princess Bride, Kill Bill Vol. 2, Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, Wayne's World
Favorite TV Show   Alias, Iron Chef, Good Eats, early West Wing, Law and Order
Favorite Books   The Time Traveler's Wife, How to Read a French Fry, Stitch 'n Bitch, Life of Pi, Great Expectations, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Favorite Music   Bjork's new album Medulla, Beastie Boys To the Five Burroughs, Hackers Soundtrack, NIN The Fragile, Gang of Four Entertainment
Favorite Websites   Super Naturale, Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting, KidRobot, The New York Times on the Web, Internet Movie Database
Beverage And Snack of Choice   Mangolita smoothies and Wheat Thins
If I Was Stranded On A Desert Island And I Could Have Only One game It Would Be   Dr. Mario
If I Resembled A Videogame Character It Would Be   Samus for pure ass-kicking abilities
My Idea Of A Perfect Day Is   Root beer floats, good pizza, Resident Evil with willing participants, and crappy weather to justify our sloth-like activities
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