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Monday, October 03, 2005

It's a Sister Thing

I often ask myself what life would have been like without any sisters. After all I was an only child for a long time. Then mom decided to move on and have more kids. So life became a "sister thing". It was at this point that I discovered sisterhood is complicated. All the fighting, hair pulling and yelling to name just a few. All of that made me understand that my life started to matter to someone who was always watching everything I did. Then she would go tell mom!! But even with all that, she still finds the time to make me laugh and actually remember what life was like when she was born. Our difference in age meant diddly squat when I was forced to watch the PBS "Barney and Sesame Street"stuff. It's a crime that the stuff gets stuck in your brain forever!! As it's becoming apparent, the "sister thing" was never really fair on me, I couldn't pull her hair or pinch or fight because as the older one it would just look silly!! Still I managed to remove the gum off my hair and explain to her the foundation of a good book!! I was actually surprised how much she listened and remembered the junk I made up!! I guess my sister will always be younger and probably full of useless trivial stuff that we older kids make up to get rid of them!! You know its got to be a law of science, you all have a sister like that out there!! It's a sister thing!!
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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mystery review

Mrs. Hudson and The Spirits' Curse by Martin Davies is one of my favorite new series. I always wondered what Mrs. Hudson did all day when Sherlock and Watson were out solving crime. This book brings the reader to the moment Holmes hires Mrs. H to take care of things in their small rooms at Baker Street. You can see Mrs. H is a smart woman who knows everyone and everthing that has to do with domestic work. In this plot she takes on an assistant named Flotsam who grew up on the London back alleys. Flotsam had a terrible life, having to grow-up fast after her baby brother died in her arms. She then lands a job with an evil butler by the name of Forgery. He turns out to be a world reknown crime boss and Mrs Hudson's arch foe. The case that Holmes is presented has everthing to do with this evil Forgery and nothing to do with a curse. Mrs Hudson with the help of Flottie has to unravel the lies and use her domestic knowledge. In the end she points Holmes in the right direction!! This book in my opinion is a welcome change from all the rewrites of the Sherlock Holmes stories. I recommend this as a smart read!!! (Also recommending Mrs. Hudson and The Malabar Rose and an old favorite Sherlock Holmes and The Red Demon by Larry Millett)
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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mystery review

The Jasmine Moon Murder by Laura Childs is worth a look for all you tea lovers out there! The owner of the Indigo Tea Shop, Theo Browning, is asked by her boyfriend Jory to solve his uncle Jasper's murder. As usual her two friends and employees, Drayton and Haley, are on the case. What I liked about this plot is that Theo has more real danger than previous books. The killer this time around is a lot more lethal, by scaring and shooting at Theo throughout the book. Guessing who the killer was in this plot was a lot harder because of the volume of characters and potential suspects. I enjoyed Drayton and Haley's characters because they were more developed in this book. You really got a sense that their story lines were going somewhere. Another character that we get to see more of is Jory Davis. His relationship with Theo is the center of all the events that surround the murder. Plus you can enjoy all the recipe's and tea tips!! I recommend this book; a good read!! (also check out the other Indigo Tea Shop Mysteries)
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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Gassed Out!!

Many people are suffering at the pump. I guess America was built to get around in our cars. Now we have to rely on public transportation or bikes to cut cost. Think now really hard!! When was the last time you ever took the bus? Can't remember the last time you took out the old bike either. Don't feel bad as the old saying goes "Once you learn you never forget". Take initiative from our fearless leader president Bush. Look how many times he's on a bike and has taken one too many tumbles!! He really is trying to put the best oil forward!! He just released all this extra oil from the reserves. Never mind that all the oil rigs are under water from a certain hurricane!! Or that most refineries aren't up and running!! Just minor details in the large master plan to get us "back on track"!!
If your not buying into any of it, do what the techno savvy and get around in your own hybrid electric or combination of super car technology. I guess you'll have to spend big at first to look super cool and environmentally friendly. The dealership will rip you off and now you'll drive a car that few know how to fix. Don't feel bad at least the government can give you back some small tax refund!!
If all that technology is lost on you don't worry!! The old bike is still sitting in the garage just waiting to be taken out!! I know it has been a while. Still fuzzy on bike safety, but the many drills you've practiced in the front lawn should be enough. As you get out into traffic everyone and their granny is going faster than you. Guess you're out of shape!! As you make your way to work the old helmet seems to be missing in action!! Once at the office you make your way to your small cube and notice your outfit is anywhere but on you!! Oh well at least people will be so distracted looking at your frizzy head to noticed the chain eaten socks you wore!!
So next time you get any bright ideas to save at the pump, just get back in your large SUV or pickup truck and quit yer whinin'!
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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blustery Weather

Most people in the South didn't really think a hurricane would ever be that bad. Then they got Katrina. Now labeled as the worst disaster since the 1906 earthquake. Hoping it would pass them by this year is not what I call preventive measures. Most of the places affected hadn't done anything to prevent their cities from getting submerged under water. I guess we can blame global warming or maybe a strong weather surge. Let's face it most meteorologists don't really have a clue. Have you noticed most forecasts are not that accurate!! I think they just like to guess and get paid for it!! We do have other things happening in the world that are real news. Bad weather will always happen somewhere until we can detect and prevent it. However, the looting and stealing seemed to help out a lot of people!! You can see the fools with shopping carts full of TVs in New Orleans, never mind that they cannot plug it in anywhere, or clean their newly looted designer jeans with a non functioning washing machine, but hey at least they can say they got back at 'The Man'. I think I've heard enough to turn off the tube!!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

House Hunting Blues

Looking for a place to live shouldn't be difficult. I've found that to be sheer myth. I've recently been looking for a house or townhouse to rent. I guess i have a lot to learn when it comes to this crazy house market. The ads people post for one thing are also sheer myth. Exaggeration at it's best!! I guess when people say it's a charming, cute house, they really mean it's over ten years old and most of the charm has gone out the dirty windows. Terms like rambler or duplex means it's an over the top flower garden with the far away fuzzy picture. If you're lucky that is, other times it's lot's of grass and over grown weeds. At least some people put an effort into showing pictures, but somehow the worn out carpet or old appliences don't really make the cut!! And if you live in certain places you may even find the "quaint" turn-of-last-century homes that somehow still make it into the listings, and are still standing. If you live in rural mountain areas you may find a new charmer, "bear-stick cottages" where they give you the free stick to defend your lives from wild animals at "no extra charge!"

My husband's favorite is when they ask for no pets or smoking. It's a really good rule except when you take a tour they have a cat or dog and smoke!! I guess that rule doesn't apply to them. If it's money they want, they ask for a lot of it!! Plus all the credit checks that make you feel like your not good enough. No matter what job you have or how much you make, it's something about you they don't like. For all the up front cost they ask for you could rent-to-own. In some rare cases you could even pay a mortgage with the rent and deposit they ask for. I've realized there is no easy way to look for a place to live. You will waste time and money. I think the real truth is that you need divine intervention or lot's of luck!!
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Friday, August 12, 2005

Mystery review

Hostile Makeover by Ellen Byerrum it's worth a look for all you Chilenas out in the Washington D.C. area. This book has all the fashion plus murder!!
Lacey Smithsonian is at it again!! This time she has a "fashion scoop" with the hostile supermodel Amanda Manville. A nice hometown girl turned plastic supermodel by a reality TV show. The bitchy supermodel asks for Lacey's help to solve her murder. Amanda get's gunned down right in front of Lacey, putting all guilt aside Lacey tries to catch the killer. Stolen cars, deadfed website, family surprise visit are only some of all the crazy obstacles in her way. This ending is laugh out loud funny!! A must read for all fashion fans!! I also recommend the first two installments of the Lacey series (Killer Hair and Designer Knockoff)
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