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Think of this free UDDI registry as both a white pages business directory and a technical specifications library. This UDDI Business Registry (UBR) node replicates with other UBR operator nodes.
With no-cost UDDI registration, you can:
 Look up the Web services interfaces of your business partners and potential partners.
 Discover technical details on working with other Web services, and post details.

UDDI Services in Windows Server 2003
UDDI Services is a native feature of Windows Server 2003. This integrated, standards-based feature enables efficient discovery, sharing and reuse of Web services within and between enterprises.
UDDI support in Office!
The Office XP Web Services Toolkit 2.0 enables developers to quickly and easily discover, reference, and integrate XML Web services into custom Office XP solutions. From the Web Services Reference tool, a developer can easily search a UDDI registry for XML Web services.
UDDI SDK 2.0 in Platform SDK simplifies integration with UDDI
The UDDI SDK 2.0 includes client development components, sample code and reference documentation to enable the developer to interact with UDDI v2 compliant registries such as UDDI Services in Windows Server 2003. The SDK is available for Visual Studio .NET.
UDDI support in Visual Studio .NET
Visual Studio .NET offers the ability to both search and publish to a UDDI registry. Service registration is available in the 'XML Web Services' section of the start page and service searching and integration is available in the 'Add Web Reference' dialog.

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