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Need For Speed: Most Wanted
Coming soon to a whole range of platforms is the stunningly alluring Need For Speed: Most Wanted, the latest in the fantastic line of NFS games.
In this new game you get all the customization of nfsu2 with the police aspects of nfshp. The official site contains the latest news, screenshots, videos and previews of this great game.
Stay tuned for a review soon, i got a real need for speed.

Posted by Angelus on 09/10/05 06:50am | Comments (0)

Big Update
Hele chopterWe've been working hard to add files for a good few weeks now adding new files and updating old ones, there are lots of new files for c1 and c2 ready for your downloading thirst.
For those who never got to try the splat pack demo, you can now try it here now, blast from the past.
SoD has been updated to v3.2 and the listed improvements can be found on this page.
Quite a few cars have been added by Unknown Terror and Stalker,
Land Ripper, Custom Built, Poles Pike, Shibby and Hell-E-Chopter.
Lots more to come in the next few weeks, including lots of Toshibas skins and some more cars from crash n' burn.

Posted by Angelus on 04/09/05 07:22am | Comments (4)

Flatout Review
Today we open a new section to maim, the Review section (on the left menu). We will have reviews of the hottest and most popular games and movies around. If you want to add to this section with your own review, please feel free to use the contact page.
the first review is a review for Bugbear Entertainments Flatout, you can read it

Posted by Angelus on 11/08/05 10:34am | Comments (1)

FlatOut Hits Shelves on July 19: The Mayhem is About to Begin
Vivendi Universal's ultimate racing game FlatOut will be released in North America on July 19. In less than a week, everyone will be to feel the thrilling combination of high-octane racing, smash-em-up demolition derby action and death defying stunts. The game offers up 36 race tracks in fully destructible environments.
Choose among 16 different upgradeable cars that take realistic damage, affecting their appearance and rivability. Race online with up to 8 players - or in 4-player split screen mode on Xbox and up to 6 players or in 2-player split screen mode on PS2!

Click here for the video trailer
Click here to visit the pre-order page

Posted by Angelus on 14/07/05 06:16pm | Comments (2)

Mmmm Can't think of a title...
It's valentines day! And i just love to dish out my creamy goodness in the form of c...files!
Indeed, here are two more fantastic skins from DoomsdayBiker, Rusty BigHorn for the BigHorn and the Fleetmaster.

A few more to come from Doomsday Biker so stay tuned

For the C2 folk here are 2 knockoff cars by Errol, Flaming Hell! and Flat Arse.

I'm off to see how many cards i've got, two already handed over, lets see whats out there ;)

Posted by Angelus on 14/02/05 04:36pm | Comments (0)

Rusty Rules!
Good evening, here's a few things to warm up your weekend fun, starting with Doomsday-Bikers skins, one called Rusty Powerwagon and the other called Rusty Bugger :) Grab these fantastic skins now, more from Doomsday-Biker to come this week. Keep your eyes peeled.

Secondly (or thirdly, for those who are keeping track) is Errols Knockoff, Fear It. A real crowd pleaser this, expecialy when you run them other in it. Its the 'Ohhh' sound, or is it 'ARRHAHA!!'?
Oh well never mind.
Fair Cop? Who has ever heard of a Fair Cop? They are always 'Blablabla you were exceeding the speedlimit by 40 you madman! yadadayada'. I was late, what can you expect? Showing a bit of cleavige got me off, but that may not be a good thing...

Have a fun weekend and here's to the next!

Posted by Angelus on 05/02/05 01:13pm | Comments (0)

Toxic Takeover!
Now that we have a nicely working website again, i can begin adding all that juicey goodness we keep promising you people, and not a moment too soon...

First up is Errols knockoff 78 Dodge sedan, which you will find most pleasing to your car collection, whats better than to release some anger and to run over some peds with a beat up car, its not like you're paying for it ;)

Second is another of Errols knockoffs in the form of an Ambulance. I got hut by an ambulance once, blood hurt. Hmm.. i think its time for a little payback! Where's my C2 cd?? Rawr!

To add a little more content to our C1 section i have added a couple of cracks for the demo as well as the 3dfx patch for use with 3dfx cards (the cd cracks for them too!), or with a glide wrapper, useful things those.

On a side note from that, i've updated the c2 on nt/2k/xp tutorial with information about the glidewrapper and other bugs posted on the CWA.

Posted by Angelus on 30/01/05 06:53am | Comments (0)

Deathrace, a C2 To UT2004 MOD
DeathraceDeathRace is a carmageddon themed vehicle mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. It�s not a direct port but rather an upgraded, enhanced, based-on-net-play version. All the old favourites are being rebuilt from the ground up and new cars are currently going through the concept stages.
It�s based 6 years after the events of Carmageddon 2, where the inhabitants of Beaver County have grudgingly reinstated the Death Race event.
More information on this fantastic looking mod can be found here.

Posted by Angelus on 09/01/05 04:26pm | Comments (0)

We are still alive
Yes, dark and me are not dead. We just negliected the site for a while. Dark will soon be adding a lot of new stuff and there's a new design in the making, but not sure if it will ever see the light of day. There were some things that needed fixing since polygonized upgraded, so if you spot any errors while browsing email me at bandit@polygonized.com. tata.

Posted by Bandit on 04/01/05 11:08am | Comments (0)

Lil Update (we are still here)
Just a little update, a couple of the tdr cars were without their carname.txt's so i uploaded new versions of those.
Updates to come, just to say we are all busy, damn exams and life and other things get in the way.
poisonlizard=mia? :)

Posted by Angelus on 03/05/04 12:51pm | Comments (0)


1. Need For Speed: Most

2. Big Update
3. Flatout Review
4. FlatOut Hits Shelves on
July 19: The Mayhem is
About to Begin

5. Mmmm Can't think of a

1. SoD 3.2
2. Splat Pack Demo
3. C2 Demo
4. Hell-E-Chopter
5. Shibby

1. C2 V2 CD Crack (6778)
2. UK C2 V2 Patch (Blood
Version) (4838)

3. Carstockalypse (2976)
4. C2 Blood Patch (2265)
5. UK/EU TDR Upgrade Patch (2219)

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