TRW Championship

*(1)"The Rocket" Randy Tyler03/20/04
"The Bomber" Nelson Creed  12/18/04
*(2)Machette Brown03/26/05
Sweet Daddy Devistaion06/18/05
"The Rocket" Randy Tyler(2)07/02/05

 Randy Tyler defeated Layne Fontaine, Skag Rollins, Freddy Funk in a Four-way Elimination match to become the first TRW Heavyweight Champion.
 ~ Order of Elimination - (1)Randy Tyler & Skag Rollins pinned Freddy Funk, (2)Layne Fontaine made Skag Rollins submit, (3)Randy Tyler pinned Layne Fontaine after knocking Layne out with some knucks.
 Machette Brown defeated Nelson Creed, Layne Fontaine, Randy Tyler in a Fatal Four-way, match for the TRW Heavyweight Championship.
 ~ Creed, Fontaine and Tyler were all counted out, Title could change hands on Count-out for this match.