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Comic for November 08, 2005
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Posted On: November 08, 2005

After a little over a week delay, we have finally been able to announce the winner of our Abstract Gender banner contest!

Winning banner

Congratulations to BenMD for showing his skills en route to his victory in the first AG contest of any type.

Other placing banners can be found here


Posted On: November 08, 2005

Update [11/8/05 10:01 am]: So after talking with Rayne we decided that all the donation money for the rest of the month will go to Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity. Basically send us the money as a normal donation, then at the end of the month I'll go buy some stuff through the charity for Children's Specialized Hospital (New Jersey.) I chose that one since its in my home state. If you donate you'll get the wallpaper also, and if you already donated and want to again, great, just put a note on the donation that you already got a wallpaper.

Lots of new TV Sunday night, and most of it good... for once. I loved the new Family Guy, best opening to the show ever. American Dad was alright, as good as it usually is. I liked Boondocks over on Adult Swim. I've always enjoyed the comic strip so its cool to see it animated. The one thing that bugs me about it is their mouths don't seem to be match up with their voices very well, but the animation is a lot better then your average American cartoon so I'll let it slide.

I also watched last night's live West Wing, and I think it might be the best episode in the series. Is it asking too much to have politicans actually debate like they did in this episode? I don't think it is. Can't they have a real discussion, you know?