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June 21st -

All good from work at the moment, just ticking through the day whilst my computer ticks over slowly backing up data. Since the last update, the working day has been dominated by busy timeburglers - i look to the future of this week to goof off as much as possible whilst passing off as 'research'. Gotta love it.

News of the moment is that Melbourne lost on the weekend, but due to getting a nice skinful prior to the match with wine tasting, i took it rather well.

June 10th - Finally back to update.

Due to increased work (and a new office plan), the updating of this website has been fleeting. It could be said that i could update the site at home, but i really can't be Effed as soon as i enter the doors at home.

Well an update since i last put spewed truth over the internet:

  • Melbourne Demons - my AFL team is 2nd on the AFL ladder halfway through the season. We play the scum of the heap: Collingwood on Monday - i shall be there and will probably have pictures of the match, as well as some form of manky rash from rubbing shoulders with something which avoids basic hygiene as they feel its "a ripoff".
  • My lovely Girlfriend hasn't left me for Billy Bob Thornton as i previously feared, although secretly she still pines for that laid back country floozie of a man!
  • The weather in Melbourne has gone from Fab to Drab, however i still look utterly fantastic.

Another nice thing that has happened is that i got Harpreet a new video camera for her birthday (not yet, but i couldn't wait). When purchasing the said item, the Salesman was showing off the camera saying it can be used for "Paris Hilton" kind of action. I had to refuse his more then candid offer to test it out, and just paid for the camera..

So there..

April 27th - Me even more Lazier (although a year older)

Well, today is the birthday which threatened to replace Xmas as the big go-to holiday. Although i haven't yet turned water into wine, i have started mixing lime wedges with my beer and thats pretty damn special! Got a sweet surround sound package for the birthday, and my living room now has the sound of a million greek beatbox cars (and unfortunatley the smell as well).

Dinner at Chilli Padi in Melbourne CBD to get an authentic taste of Malaysia other then when i start nibbling on Harpreet's hair.

March 29th - Me so Lazy

The First Week of Football has been completed and due to my complete laziness (actually because i have been busy at work, but if anyone asks, i am lazy), the site hasn't been updated the way it should be.

Since the last bit of writing, Summer has come and gone leaving me with sunburn, itchy itchy mozzie bites as well as a love for all things cold and beery. I had the privilege to be at the MCG to cheer on the boys (The mighty Demons) in beating the snot out of Essendon. Footy is back and its good to be alive.

February 10th

My My how time flies when you can't be buggered to enter anything in the blog. Well the Melbourne weather has finally stopped with its 'urine from the clouds', however it is really quite cold.. Brother Chuck had procured tickets to see "the Goodies" at the Concert Hall in March - looking forward to many renditions of the Funky Gibbon.

In other news; i rule.

February 4th

Friday, Friday where have you been!

For an extremely excruciating funny time, have a look at the Worst Weatherman Performance Ever! Somethings in life are never meant to be undertaken as this poor soul finds out.

February 2nd - No More Tennis!

Alas no more Lleyton and his funny looking ladder climber Bec, Nor Molick or even trying to figure out the true gender of Serena Williams. It was fun whilst it lasted. The weather in Melbourne has changed from 34 Degree bastard to a cold 16 degree Raining turd of a day. Not impressed. Footy season can't be too far away.

After witnessing the disgusting sight that was "Starstruck" on Channel 9 Monday night, i have gone to cheating on my TV with my computer. After spending a good part of 25 years nurturing my relationship with Television, i was shocked to see it produce such an amount of Faeces. TV, you broke my heart!

January 21st - Another Friday

Yes indeedy, strap the fridges full of piss and bring in the weekend. No matter where we look for the weekend there will be sport, and there is simply no other way to spend it by sitting both buns on cushions with some nice beer. In Melbourne, there is Tennis galore with the Aus Open - Can't say i am going to see many matches but will enjoy the spectacle in Melbs itself. Cricket is also on at the moment and thats all good - wiping the West Indies and Pakistan off the field like the mysterious looking freckle on the anus. Solid!

January 16th - New Pictures Uploaded.

Well, after lots of fluffing about, the pictures from Xmas and the Wedding are up. Please note that these aren't the only pictures taken, the others are simply to inappropriate to put on the web. AND THATS SAYING SOMETHING.

Enjoyed a nice afternoon at the Cricket on Friday - after i couldn't be buggered working in the afternoon, i made sure (by some form of sickness) to make it to the game so i could watch the Aussies bat. The Windies were a few strokes short of good, and was an early night mixed with carefree beers.

January 12th - The Mt Gambier Wedding Aftermath

Although it wasn't placed on the site, Brother Richie and Fiance Jack have wed themselves in Mt Gambier over the weekend. A fantastic wedding from start to end (as the service was only 20 min and the drinking was well over 8 hours). Pic-it-tures will be up soon as there are many containing people off their pants.

New year went off without a real bang, unless you count the sound of my noggin hitting the wall when told of another year in the same job - boo!

December 23rd - MERRY XMAS

what more can i say - let the drinking begin....

December 22nd - Not too long now

Christmas is not long away now, gearing up to fly back to Tassie for celebrations and kissing contests with sheep. Bought all the presents ready for the family and Harpreet is coming down with me. Work is murder at the moment, so trying to counteract it with the development of an idea of which i am not sure. In other words i have my hands on my head enjoying the 2nd hand Sun rays which appear over my desk.

December 15 - Purchase of the newest computer!

After the all too trusty Laptop spat its last hizzle, i decided to sell the lapdog and buy myself a brand new computer. One that is so fast that it made my mind up when i first locked eyes with it. The specs were:

Make HP T550
Speed Pentium 4 - 2.8 ghz with 80 gig HD, 512 RAM
Features CD Writer, 17" LCD Screen, Speakers, blah, blah, blah
Turn On's

Power Switch, men who aren't afraid to cry

Turn Off's Republicans

Of course i had to sleep with the Salesman and the Janitor to get it for cheap. Apparently i did ok, and got if for $1,399.

Got the Broadband connection working as well, downloading much risky content at 550 kb/s - nothing like being a data pirate at top speed. I do indeed live life on the edge.

December 3rd - Friday

It says it all really. Not much to report for this weekend but will be going to the movies to watch World Police (legally) and having a BBQ at Kiwi Greg's place on Saturday Evening.

Looking forward to sitting on the couch enjoying the cricket on Sunday, although it is being played in Melbourne, i really couldn't be frazzled to see it live because i am tight as a dolphins anus. Have been spending the last 2 days having "Hasselhoff" wars with James B at work, the object is to find the most inappropriate and disturbing picture of The Hoff. I am pleased to say my win was savoured by a fab pic of the Hoff and an equally unattractive monkey both wearing suncaps. Gold!

Speaking of which, have a look at the Worst Album Covers ever made, i highly recommend it.

December 2nd - Welcome to Summer!

Thats what we would be saying if it wasn't raining or overcast. However its better then being in Sydney enjoying the pristine conditions of 39 Degrees. If there was a time when the heat would have extracted every bit of moisture from the seat of the pants.

I have switched ISP's, so when the plan kicks in I may have to switch Hosts (my address will change for those with balls in their heads). Also i am putting up a new gallery of pictures as the last one was a lemon.

November 24th - Advent of BBQ Purchase.

Well, finally done it on Sunday - bought a 4 burner BBQ with hood and infinite hopes and dreams. As with most of society, we are now putting flames and greasy metal to our beloved meat. Before i started cooking, it was a long and arduous task of setting the "McBBQ" up. However the crusted meats and splendid smell more then made up for the purchase and labour.

Next on the purchase list - a umbrella for the table and also to note i will be going to a new ISP - one that will be 4 times the speed of the 512 ADSL and $10 cheaper as well... The thought of downloading porno at a million times the speed.... yeah!

November 19th - Friday, again...

Alas, Friday has come around again and i haven't posted anything on this blog. Has been a busy week, working many hours (actually working, i recommend it, its choice). The BBQ is about to be purchased - i promised a few weeks ago that the transaction would take place, but instead we bought a sweet table setting. To be a nice person i have got a picture of the setting below:


And here it is, the most beautiful table in the world.. Mother and Father arrive in Melbourne for a very fast breakfast, and will be joined by Brother Chuck and Brother Rich to discuss heated family issues followed by Brunch.

I am still to post up a group of Pictures from Malaysia and will be 'Arbouring to do so as soon as this job stops me working. The Weekend will hold us in a field of nothingness - which is where we want to be. Melbourne is finally experiencing decent weather, so you never know, we may get active.

Not bloody likely!

November 12th - Friday

Another Friday has come around after a kind of busy week at work, will look forward to working on Saturday. A bit hizzled by that fact, and i have to wear an ungodly ugly shirt to represent who i work for at this medical convention. Dinner with LJ and Chucky was a fantastic night out - if anyone wants a good steak, try Squires on the Loft in Goldie place in the city (Melbourne).

Work will dominate the weekend, but then again i might have to go to see Bridget Jones with H - the horror. ahhh Renee's story of her love of Shedding weight the hard way and addiction to botox... Australian Idol finishes this week so i can start watching some good old fashioned rubbish on TV.

November 9th - LJ's Adventures Interstate

Brother LJ has arrived in Melbourne for some course of some description – Meeting with Brother Chuck to eat some ill fated, extremely unlucky cow who of no fault of its own, possessed a nice chunk of meat which would be most desireable medium rare.

In other news, the Australian Idol finalists have been selected and I couldn’t give a toss.

November 4th - Redesigning.

Well, its been a week or so since i got onto my lazy butt to actually post. We are in the midst of a vicious saving cycle, as the TopShelf trip to Malaysia pretty much cleaned our bank accounts. It won't last for long though, we are ready to make a big plunge in a relationship, thats right we are going to buy a Barbeque together. Thats when you know its going on !!!

The first game of soccer with the boys since i left for KL occurred last night, leaving me with a sore ego and sadly, no talent. Daylight savings has made life easier, with play extending to 8:45. God bless it..

I have made a few redesigns to the site to make it cleaner and easier to read. I binned the Recipes section as my cooking is that HOT that it would be a sin to divulge my talent for burning food.

October 27th - Back from Malaysia

After being dragged onto the plane to come home by the thruff, both Harpreet and I landed on Saturday to be welcomed by the attractive and gentle Customs officials. At 7 am, we found out that half the customs were on strike, and we thank them for their greed: who would have thought that spending 2 hours in a line would make us love Australia more. If by any chance a striking customs official ever reads this, we are coming for you to waste your time after experiencing no sleep on a 8 hour flight, with dogfood and Beta quality movies. But i am always reminded that they are the frontline against the agents of terror which arrive on Australian shores, otherwise known as tourists with money... Otherwise Malaysia was FAB! (more later).

October 6/7th - Take Off

Well, today is the day that i shall venture to Kuala Lumpur to meet up with Harpreet and enjoy all that Malaysia has to offer. I have already changed some cash, packed the Tight undies and greased myself up nice and fine. Bring It On!

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