An elite sports competition

Photograph from the lighting ceremony of the Paralympic flame. © ATHOC/PHOTO:ANA/A. VLACHOS Athletes from all nations will unite in Greece, to compete in a top-level sports event, the 2004 Paralympic Games.

Focusing on the Athlete and not on disability, the Athens Paralympic Games will provide to the spectators, viewers and volunteers a unique experience showcasing the athletes’ pursuit of a lifetime performance.

The Paralympic Athletes’ strength and skill to compete at the highest level will inspire the world to celebrate this great sports competition and determine the measure of human greatness, leaving a legacy for the generations to come.

The ATHENS 2004 Paralympic Games will present an elite competition of the highest standards, integrated with a unique historical, cultural and natural environment.

The spirit and the vision of the Paralympic Games that will be hosted in Athens in 2004, is reflected in four words, which express for all of us the image of our effort:
Pursuit. Strength. Inspiration. Celebrationmore

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The emblem of the ATHENS 2004 Paralympic Games
Olympic Games

Paralympic Games
The ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games Emblem

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