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American Red Cross
Tax ID# 53-0196605

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Last year was a record year for responding to disasters, large and small. From floods and tornadoes to wildfires and residential fires…from hurricanes that devastated entire communities throughout the southeast U.S. to a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that roared through southern Asia and eastern Africa countries destroying lives, families, homes and livelihoods.

Because of the public’s generous support the American Red Cross has been able to respond immediately whether the need was around the corner or halfway around the world...

But we continue to need your support in the coming months as we provide relief for victims of local, national and international disasters. Additionally, donations from you and other generous supporters will ensure that we meet the demand of collecting and supplying more than 6 million units of blood for over 3,000 hospitals around the country. Provide classes to nearly 12 million people annually including CPR, First Aid and other life-saving skills. Keep military families around the globe connected. And, prevent 1.2 million measles – related deaths by vaccinating 200 million children in Africa by the end of 2005.

Your contribution means we can continue to provide these vital services. Please make a contribution today... and provide hope and relief for tomorrow. Thank you.

Financial contributions to the American Red Cross are tax-deductible.

Please Note: On Friday, January 7, 2005, the President of the United States signed into law H.R. 241, Accelerating Income Tax Benefits for Charitable Contributions for Tsunami Victims. This provision will allow taxpayers making tsunami aid contributions in January to deduct those donations from their 2004 taxable income. The initiative will apply only to deductible cash contributions - not other non-monetary donations - specifically for tsunami relief to any tax-exempt charitable group that falls under Section 501(c)(3) of the tax code. Mailed donations received by the American Red Cross will be receipted based on postmark. Complete guidance on charitable deductions is available on the IRS web site: Potential donors may wish to speak with a tax consultant for additional information or clarification regarding charitable deductions.

Due to the overwhelming generosity of the American public, we have received volumes of gift activity not experienced since the events of September 11, 2001. While we have worked to increase capacity, there will be delays in processing gifts received by phone and through the mail. As a result, it may take up to eight weeks for donors to receive acknowledgment letters and tax receipts. These delays will not prevent donors from taking 2004 tax deductions on gifts postmarked by January 31, 2005.

Matching Gifts -- Your gift could be matched dollar for dollar! Many companies offer matching gift programs that will double, even triple a donation's value. Check this online directory of matching gift companies to find out if your company will match your contribution to the Red Cross. If you have questions about your company's matching gift program, please contact your personnel office.

Some companies have been running special employee matching gift campaigns to support Southeast Asia and Tsunami relief. Please note that some companies are running special employee matching gift campaigns to support tsunami relief efforts. Please check with your company as they may not be included or the terms of their match may be different than what appears in the above-referenced general directory listing.

Once you have determined that your company matches donations made to the Red Cross, obtain the appropriate form from your personnel/human resources office and send it with a copy of your gift receipt to the address below:

    American Red Cross
    PO Box 37295
    Washington, DC 20013
    Attn: J. Porter

The American Red Cross Tax Identification Number (also known as Employee Identification Number or EIN) is 53-0196605.

Please be sure to complete the entire donor portion of the form and to include a copy of your gift receipt (if available). If you would like to designate the gift to a specific disaster, please indicate that on the form. If you have questions about your company's matching gift program, please contact your personnel/human resources office.

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