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Friday, May 30, 2003
view of Taurinya

this blog is now on indefinite hiatus

It's the new hip thing to do, you know.

I am soon leaving for Taurinya, the village pictured above. I will have no access to internet. I will spend my time sleeping, playing music, hiking, and feeding hay to my favorite catalan donkey Saturnin. He is a nice donkey.

I will leave this page active, and will return to it when I can.

Visca Catalunya Lliure i els Catalans!

Visca Jesse Lliure!

Wednesday, May 28, 2003
hey you shameless law theory-nerds out there! Did you know there's now a blog just for you? If you're as much into legal issues as I am, then you'll love the legal theory blog.

And don't forget about the tax blog! All the tax-policy you could possibly handle, and more.

I think it's now official, blogs have reached the mainstream.


I know my tone was a bit sarcastic there, but that legal theory blog is actually hella pretty cool.

--even later--

and now: the political theory blog!
My internship is now very close to over. It turns out I won't be able to do the Ponts this week, so I'll actually be working on Friday as well. I'm too lazy to send a mass email thing, so please note that my work address will no longer work after that, so please use the hotmail one posted on this site. that's about it. It's very warm here and i think i'm gonna go to the beach with my folks tomorrow. I haven't been to the beach in a very long time, so it should be fun. Did you know that I live in the surf mecca of Europe? It's true. French surfers are very, very funny looking, by the way. They look like theyre trying to be all chill surfer-like, but can't escape their fashion-conscious, white-sneaker/turtle-neck wearing nature. Hilarious.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003
alright, so I originally wanted to post this in my 'random' section, but Blogger seems to be going crazy today and i can only access my template from three months ago. i don't get it.

The NY review of books has a wonderful article (yet again) looking back on this administration's record in these eventful last few months, particularly on Iraq. It's not so much an exercise in Bush-bashing, as an effort to clearly identify our government's real policies and actions (as opposed to those stated), and their consequences up to now, as well as those possible for the future. It does a good job pointing out certain events that have not gotten a lot of press in the US, particularly on the French-American rift. Just for that, it's worth reading. It mentions an article written by Anne-Marie Slaughter, and published in the Washington Post on April 13th 2003, which shows how the US government decided to force France into a showdown over the second UN resolution, for instance. This decision was quite unnecessary, and extremely costly, both for Franco-American relations and international organizations like NATO, the EU and the UN. Interesting stuff.
the young hipublicans

please, please, please go read this article, and then tell me if you felt like laughing or crying. It reminds me so much of this cartoon.
god damn, look at those pictures. These guys are pissed: conservatives with an attitude, for sure. and they're soo whitey! I thought they would add at least one token black/hispanic guy in there. No, i guess those guys are too busy fighting wars to worry about proselytizing on college campuses.
The tone of the article is pretty heinous as well, although i do dig the use of the word youthquake. Of course, there's the now standard "..and even at UC Berkeley" line. Somebody shoot me.

I like you guys so much I even tracked down the college conservative paper mentioned in the article. the website is pretty nice, to boot. I don't know about you, but it's the conservatives go shooting page that really does it for me. Nothing screams 'compassionate conservative' like a guy with an AK 47.
win their hearts with chocolate chip cookies

god damnit, they're at it again. When are these people gonna stop trying to convert everyone? Can you imagine what an evangelist world would look like? Probably a lot like Texas.

it reminds me of this super-christian asian girl i met when i was in DC last summer. We were talking politics, and she calmly explained that she would always support Israel, no matter what, because it was only once the Temple was rebuilt that "Jesus would come back" (her words). I wanted to tell her that maybe the israelis wouldn't be too cool with that, since -after all- at that point they would either have to convert to christianity or suffer in hell, but i kept quiet. How the fuck do you argue with that kind of logic? It boggles my mind.

Monday, May 26, 2003
Alright, so here's a bit more from on media ownership rules deregulation. The vote is being rushed to June 2nd, as it seems that the american public is waking up to the issue a bit. Sadly, the FCC isn't exactly known for its open and democratic decision-making process. It's hard to find a better example of interest-politics at work, as the May 23rd salon link sadly demonstrated. FCC-chairman Micheal Powell (yes, Collin's son), appointed by Bush in 2001, seems hell bent on deregulating the media market, at least as much as he can get away with.

Interestingly, the article points out a number of groups that one (that I) didn't expect to speak out against this project, including the NRA, out of all people. I guess they are nervous about those dirty 'anti-gun' liberals taking over the media. I don't think they've been following the evolution of media ownership too closely, otherwise they'd probably shut the hell up. The article also gives the refreshing anecdote of the FCC's own web-questionnaire, in which an overwhelming 97% of answers were critical of further deregulation. Although encouraging, this is a bit inconsequential as the Senate Commerce Committee chairman, a certain Sen. McCain, has rejected motions to table the issue long enough to bring powell to testify there. It seems that, once again, a vital piece of legislation will be rushed through while most eyes are looking elsewhere, and that the American public will be kept mostly in the dark about it-until it's too late.

I encourage all of you to go here and sign the petition, if anything to ease your conscience a bit. So even if we can't keep Rupert Murdoch from taking over the universe, we can at least let the apparatchiks know that some of us are not ok with that.

for Action McNews(tm), signing off.

Saturday, May 24, 2003
god, i'm so tired of working..tiredtiredtiredtired. To paraphrase a friend of mine, my life in the past month has basically been:
writewritewrite/sleep three hours/wake up, dash to the office/workworkwork/dash home/writewritewrite.

and next Tuesday i finish my internship. I'll be done. over. then all i have left to do is witewritewrite. i feel better already.




"any day spent on Earth is a good day"

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