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Randy Thornton: A Musical History of Disneyland

As many of you know, there has been much online debate concerning the �Musical History of Disneyland� Box Set and new Official Theme Park Albums that Walt Disney Records will release next week. Several fan communities have been discussing them for months now, and a fair amount of that discussion has centered around a name some may still not recognize�Randy Thornton, Senior Producer of Product Development at Walt Disney Records.

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· Page 1 - About Randy
· Page 2 - Randy on his past work at Walt Disney Records
· Page 3 - On Disneyland Forever / Wonderland / Starting the 50th projects
· Page 4 - ...Collecting and editing the music / Main Street, Adventureland, New Orleans
· Page 5 - ...Critter Country, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Toontown...
· Page 6 - ...Tomorrowland...
· Page 7 - ...Seasonal Attractions, the 2-Disc Official Album, Tracks that were not used...
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Senior Producer Randy Thornton

Randy has spent the last 18 years at Walt Disney Records producing and developing over 200 products and programs for children and families. During that time his work has received numerous Parent�s Choice Awards, an ABA award, 10 Gold Records, 4 Platinum Records and 5 Grammy nominations, winning in 1994 in the �Best Spoken Word Album for Children� category for The Lion King Read Along. In addition to his work in the Spoken Word field, Randy has spent the last 15 years restoring the classic Disney soundtracks for compact disc. Randy is also responsible for the restoration and re-release of some of Walt Disney Records� greatest historic albums for The Wonderland Music Store, which is the new CD-on-Demand system located on Main Street at Disneyland.

MouseInfo got the chance to speak with Randy about his efforts to create the ultimate theme park �Listening Experience,� the largest box set project in the history of Walt Disney Records, �A Musical History of Disneyland.� He was anxious to talk about his project and to clear up many of the questions that have been posed online by the community.

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