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Title: Sea Horn
Author: Rosemending rosemending@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.twib.oscillating.net
Pairing: Elijah/Orlando
Rating: R for mature themes
Warning: Gender fuckery! Het-ness!! But not really.
Category: Fantasy
Summary: Elijah and Orlando get married and have four children.
Disclaimer: Although I have never met him, I am sure Orlando is definitely male, for sure. Despite his name.
Author's note: So I was reading A.S. Byatt and in it they talked about this mermaid like creature and the analysis was that the tail was a symbol of the cock. I now derogate the idea with my fic.

One day Elijah walked into archery practice. He found Orlando by the water bucket, sprinkling water over her face. Orlando was singing softly to herself and Elijah had never seen such a beautiful girl.

Her skin glowed pink like pearls, her eyes were deep as the sea and her form was lithe like a fish.

"Hi," said Elijah, approaching her carefully.

Orlando blushed as Elijah neared. She brushed her blond wig out of her face and smiled shyly.

"What's your name?" asked Elijah.

"Orlando," Orlando replied.

"What a lovely name," said Elijah, his eyes searching her gentle face.

Orlando nodded politely and made as if to go away.

"I'm sorry!" Elijah put his hand on her sleeve. "But I must tell you, I am completely enchanted by you, Orlando."

Orlando seemed surprised by this admission, as if she did not know her own beauty. But she smiled at Elijah and seemed pleased with him.

In less than a year, they were married. Orlando was a devoted and loving wife. She modeled and acted occasionally, but mainly, she looked after their home.

The trouble began when Orlando gave birth to their first child. The child had Elijah's eyes but it was blind. A year later, Orlando had twins. One of whom had scales on his skin and the other deformed growths on his head, which looked like three horns.

These children were clever and despite their abnormalities they thrived. The eldest could sing like her mother and moved people to tears when she did. One of the twins were uncommonly strong and the other exceptionally fast at running.

Meanwhile, Elijah's career prospered and apart from his children's oddities, his home was a happy and prosperous one. Orlando looked after their children with great care. Yet Elijah became bitter and angry about their misfortune. When Orlando became pregnant with their fourth child, Elijah cast Orlando strange looks.

"I would like, for once, to have something natural," said Elijah. "Not another abominable creature like what you've given me so far."

Orlando wept at this, but there was nothing she could do to remedy what she knew would happen.

Orlando's fourth child was a monster. It, for the sex was indistinguishable, had a tail and wings, was all teeth and hair, its screams panicked the neighbours and it smelt like rotten seaweed. It was so inconceivably ill-formed that it died soon after the delivery. Elijah had the doctors incinerate the unsightly remains and he turned his back on Orlando when Orlando cried for its fate.

When they went home, Orlando wanted a bath. Orlando liked to have milk baths or foam baths or put in his bathwater sea salt, essential oils, petals and extracts. Orlando spent hours in the bath, for it was a pleasure he could enjoy alone.

Elijah would have left Orlando to it. After all, many years of marriage had worn away Elijah's passion for Orlando's slim body. But this time, Elijah grew strangely curious.

What does she do when I am not there? Elijah wondered. Listen to her, splashing and singing. I wonder if she is touching herself in there. God knows I will never touch her again, better that there's no more spawn from her.

Then Elijah thought, but I would like to see her in the bath. So Elijah went upstairs and opened the bathroom door a crack.

Elijah saw Orlando sit in a pool of bubbles, washing her torso, swiping her hands over her small breasts. Elijah saw Orlando pull up her legs and wash her toes. She was as beautiful, if not more, than when Elijah first met her. She had scarcely aged and kept her figure. Her skin was tight and her flesh taut.

Humming softly, Orlando lifted her hips and washed between her legs. The bubbles drowned and Elijah could glimpse into the green water. There was a white thing there, bobbing up and down. It was the size of a small lobster and had the shape of a sea horn. Elijah watched as Orlando closed his eyes and flicked his penis out of the water. Orlando fisted it and began to sing.

Elijah banged the door shut and ran from their home. Orlando's singing stopped abruptly as he realised Elijah's discovery.

When Elijah returned all of Orlando's stuff were gone. So were the children, all three had been taken. In the wake of Orlando's departure, all the flowers in the garden had wilted and all the window glass were broken.

Elijah could hear the sound of Orlando's singing on the wind as it howled through his house. It sounded sweet and throaty. And Elijah half wished that he'd never seen Orlando's true form in the bath, and Elijah wished for Orlando and the children to return. But what Elijah wished for most of all, was to have had the courage to wade in.

The end.