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Royal Army Corps

[and predecessors]

ATS crest and tie
by A. Melville-Brown
WRAC crest and tie
by A. Melville-Brown
United Kingdom 
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Women's Legion
formed as a non-military volunteer corps to support catering and ambulance driving services
1917.03 Women's Army Auxiliary Corps
formed to provide cooking and catering, storekeeping, clerical work, telephony and administration, printing, motor vehicle maintenance for the Army
general service personnel (but not Transport Section) absorbed by WAAC
1918.04.09 Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps
(named for Queen Mary)
1919 disbanded
1921.09.27 disbanded

1938.09.09 Auxiliary Territorial Service
formed as a women's auxiliary, numbering 20,000 during the Second World War; women served as office, mess and telephone orderlies, drivers, postal workers, butchers, bakers, ammunition inspectors, military police, gun crews, and many other operational support tasks; and incorporated First Aid Nursing Yeomanry, which provided most of the ATS Transport Section
1949 disbanded, and remaining cadre absorbed by Women's Royal Army Corps

1949.02.01 Women's Royal Army Corps
formed for basic training of women at WRAC Centre, followed by employment training as an apprentice (RCT, Royal Signals, etc.); women were assigned to units and housed in self-contained accommodations, and armed for self-defense, but not employed in direct combat
1950.03 ranks normalised with male equivalents in Army
1992.04.06 disbanded, and personnel dispersed to all other corps; major element amalgamated with Royal Army Pay Corps, to form Staff and Personnel Branch, Adjutant General's Corps
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HQ and Depot:
  Queen Elizabeth Park, Guildford, Surrey

Note: battle honours are not awarded to this corps.

Note: this corps does not carry Colours.
Badges: A laurel wreath surmounted by a crown; within the wreath a lioness rampant.
Uniform: 1949: bottle green; facings: beech brown
Controller Commandant, ATS:
1941.07.19 Hon. Gen. HRH Princess Mary, The Princess Royal, CI, GCVO, GBE, RRC, TD
Commandant-in-Chief, WRAC:
1949 HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
Controller Commandant, WRAC:
1949.02.01 Hon. Gen. HRH Princess Mary, The Princess Royal, CI, GCVO, GBE, RRC, TD
1965-1967 vacant
1967.02.28 Hon. Maj-Gen. HRH Katharine, The Duchess of Kent, GCVO
Honorary Senior Controller, WRAC:
1949.02.01 HRH The Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh, LG, CI
Honorary Brigadier, WRAC:
1950? HRH The Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh, LG, CI [appointment relinquished 1952 upon accession as HM Queen Elizabeth II]
Deputy Controller Commandant, WRAC:
Brig. Dame Mary Railton, DBE
1967.05.04 Col. Lucy Myfanwy Davies, CBE
1977.11.04 Brig. Eileen Joan Nolan, CB
1984.11.05 Brig. Anne Field, CB [continued 1992 as Dep. Col. Cmdt. Adjutant General's Corps]
Colonel Commandant, WRAC [1990-1992]:
1990.12.19 Gen. Sir Jeremy John George Mackenzie, KCB, OBE, ADC [continued 1992 as Col. Cmdt. Adjutant General's Corps]
SOE Agents, by Andy Forbes
Motto: Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re
Nicknames: none
Anniversaries: Corps Day (1 Feb.)
Marches: quick (1955): Lass of Richmond Hill + Early One Morning (arr. J.B. MacDowell)
    slow: Greensleeves (arr. J.B. MacDowell)
    Pipes (1960): The Nut Brown Maiden
Musicians: ATS Band officially recognised 1944, disbanded 1948?; WRAC Band formed 1949, became nucleus of AGC Band 1992.
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Regimental Journal:
The lioness. semi-annual. {website}
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