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The Cell Processor Programming Model

von Arnd Bergmann (IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH)

Samstag, 25.06.2005, EG: Weinbrenner, 15:00-16:00 Uhr

The Cell processor from Sony, Toshiba and IBM is this year's most awaited newcomer on the CPU market. It promises unprecedented performance in the consumer and workstation market by employing a radically new architecture. Built around a 64 bit PowerPC core, multiple independent vector processors called Synergistic Processing Units (SPUs) are combined on a single microprocessor.

Unlike existing SMP systems or multi-core chips, only the general purpose PowerPC core, is able to run a generic operating system, while the SPUs are specialized on running computational tasks. Porting Linux to run on Cells PowerPC core is a relatively easy task because of the similarities to existing platforms like IBM pSeries or Apple Power Macintosh, but does not give access to the enormous computing power of the SPUs.

Only the kernel is able to directly communicate with an SPU and therefore needs to abstract the hardware interface into system calls or device drivers. The most important functions of the user interface including loading a program binary into an SPU, transferring memory between an SPU program and a Linux user space application and synchronizing the execution. Other challenges are the integration of SPU program execution into existing tools like gdb or oprofile.

A model has been proposed to provide an interface that attempts to integrate well into the existing set of Linux system calls and enable software authors to easily integrate the use of SPUs into their own libraries and applications.


Über den Autor Arnd Bergmann:

Arnd Bergmann has been hacking the Linux kernel a number of other open source packages since 1998, when his first Linux-only machine didn't support his sound card.
He studied computer engineering in Osnabrück, Germany and Espoo, Finland. In his 2001 diploma thesis, he created the first tool to create VideoCDs in real-time from a video4linux TV grabbing device.
Arnd then worked on really small Linux devices for SSV Embedded Systems in Hannover before moving to really big servers at IBM
in 2002. He has been a member of the Linux on zSeries development team in Böblingen and maintained parts of the s390 architecture until 2004.
In his current project, he is responsible for the kernel in the first Cell Processor based workstation computer, which premieres at LinuxTag 2005






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