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Shady Grove General Baptist Church, Poole, Ky.
To the faithful Founding Fathers who devoted their lives and labors and endured many hardships that they might establish General Baptist churches in Western Kentucky, out of which was formed Union Association, organized in 1840. Also to those consecrated ministers, deacons, and women who have devoted their time and talents to the further spread of the glorious and inspiring truth that salvation is for all men, this is lovingly dedicated.

Rev. Benoni Stinson Rev. J. H. Dame Rev. G.W. McAndrews
Rev. C. R. Kinnin Rev. Jacob Holesman Rev. W. A. Miller
Rev. Esma Hancock Rev. T. A. H. Laslie Rev. I. H. Henry
Rev. J. F. Bumpus Rev. J. H. Igleheart Rev. A. B. Stone
Rev. Mioles Fraser Rev. W. W. Stone Rev. G. P. Cavanaugh
Rev. D. L. Fraser Rev. Absalom Pearce Rev. J. W. Green
Rev. M. B. Covington Rev. J. H. Kirtley

We shall not speak of the doctrinal features, but rather of those who labored so faithfully for what they believed, and the hardships they endured to establish the General Baptist doctrine in West Kentucky. A short sketch of some of the leading people who organized Union Association and those who have carried forward the great principles for which it stands: that of a general atonement; together with a picture of all those obtainable; also a history or each church at present a member of Union Association, and a picture of same.

These Founding Fathers met with much opposition, but for the most part they went on, proclaiming the glorious and inspiring truth that salvation was within the reach of everyone. This was indeed good news to men who had been hungry for salvation but who had not heard of religious liberty as set forth by these brethren. Upon the preaching of Benoni Stinson and these founding fathers the Calvinistic lore of predestination gave way to Arminianism, or the belief that Christ died to make salvation possible for every man. These men came from the ranks of the people, among whom they lived and to whom they preached. Mostly, in the early days, they were farmers and worked the land six days a week, except when holding week-day meetings and funerals. Many of them were obliged to support themselves and their families by working. We are glad to say this has been remedied to a great extent, as much of the churches now support their pastors enough to allow them to give all their time to the ministry.

Many of the churches in the early days paid their preachers in produce. It became a practice to raise a subscription for the pastor. In later years, he was promised so much for a year's work. May we ever be grateful for what these pioneering forefathers have done. They rest from their labors, and their works do follow them. This is our sublime heritage, and we should ever strive to emulate them in prayer, faith, work, sacrifice, and love.

* - Source - History of Union Association of General Baptist 1840 - 1953
M.D. Mc Donald


James Porter Burch O.B. Clark M.L. Clark
Rev. William Chambliss Rev. Herman Capshaw Rev. J. W. Creasy
Rev. Walter Ray Dorris Rev. C. W. Duffer Rev. D. A. Duffer
Rev. O. L. Duncan Rev. W. M. Frisby Rev. O. R. Fulcher
Rev. Robert V. Fulcher Rev. J. C. Gary Rev. D. L. Grant
Rev. Cecil Green Rev. Rodney Holder Rev. C. H. Howard
Rev. T. B. Jewell Rev. E. Y. Laslie Rev. Lona R. Lutz
M. B. McDonald Rev. B. A. Mercer Rev. Mrs. M. Munns
Rev. L. O. Nichols Rev. W. W. Oakley Rev. H. E. Oakley
Rev. Homer Oakley Rev. Arvel V. Oakley Rev. Gaylon D. Prive
Rev. Nealy Pearcy Rev. Charles Polley John Vance Poole
Rev. Abe Rich Rev. Roy A. Ridenour Rev. J. E. Samples
Rev. J. O. Stewart Rev. Carl Smith Rev. L. A. Stone
Rev. Claude Threlkeld Rev. L. L. Todd Rev. Alpha Warren
Rev. W. T. Winstead Rev. Carl D. Williams Rev. Carroll Yarbrough

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