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By Max Maven


Part 1:   The convention that never was

Part 2:   From out of the Ashes

Part 3:   The Growth of the Federation

Part 4:   A Bridge across the ocean

Part 5:   The Yanks are coming

Part 6:   Approaching the Millenium

Part 7:   The Future looms near

Part 8:   The Future


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Author's Note: This article is the result of research conducted over a period of several years, using a wide range of sources including basic reference works such as Dif, Waters and Whaley, and relying heavily on the various magazines. While efforts have been made to crosscheck data, published reports often contain conflicting information and it is inevitable that there will be errors and omissions in this account. Readers are encouraged to contact me by email at www.maxmaven.com if they can provide corrections or additions.)



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