The Crucible Match Notes - Last 32 - Last 16 - Quarters - Semis - Final




Frame Scores: 1st Session: 79(71)-2, 137(137)-0, 63-68, 101(101)-0, 98(79)-0, 86(43)-8, 111(39,71)-14

Frame Scores: 2nd Session: 60(60)-34, 69(50)-16, 47-61, 51(39)-63(48), 15-97(59), 76-26, 0-62(50), 62(54)-56

Frame Scores: 3rd Session: 35-92, 39-74(60), 33-69, 36-66, 36-67(42), 14-60, 67-18, 36-64

Notes 3rd Session:

A remarkable mini-session. Peter Ebdon has won all four frames to level the match. The interval has come at just the right time for O'Sullivan who has a chance to regroup. They're back at the table, or rather Ebdon is. A red and a great long yellow gets him amongst the balls, but he's lost position already. Some excellent safety by Ebdon has forced an error from O'Sullivan, but he's missed a red. But Ronnie's missed an even easier one, and now Ebdon has a good opening. He's carved out a break of 36 so far and Ronnie is slumped in his chair looking totally disenchanted with life. Ebdon's break finishes at 42. Ronnie missed a red but fluked it, but has only made 4 points from that leave. Ebdon's got a tough safety shot now. Ronnie's got Ebdon in a tight snooker and it's very difficult to get out of. Ebdon's already spent over a minute and a half examining his options. Ray Reardon is sitting in the audience studying his watch. He's missed it and a chance for O'Sullivan, who has 4 reds to go at and trails by 33. He's back in the frame, only six points behind, but he's just failed to dislodge the safe yellow. Ronnie's snookered on the yellow, he's missed it once and now trails by 11 points. They have the Crucible to themselves now, you can feel the tension right round the arena, as the frame reaches 42 minutes. Ebdon's punched the yellow in, he needs green and brown and he'll lead for the first time in the match. He's won the last five frames in a row. an edgy start to frame 22. Ebdon's compiled 13 points in three visits. Ronnie's got a red but missed a very hard black trying to gain position. Now Ebdon had left a red for Ronnie, but position is hard. He's clattered the reds and gained no position. It's almost impossible to describe the bizarre nature of the match. O'Sullivan has found a superb plant, split the reds open, landed on virtually nothing from his colour, nicked the red in the middle and missed the pink.  The score has trudged on to 25-13 in Ebdon's favour and he's at the table. More mishaps from both players and out of that Ebdon leads 42-13, with 3 reds left. Ebdon's potted a scorcher so it's 2 reds left and a 30 point lead. Ebdon is approaching this as if it was a one frame league match. Virtually one ball at a time. He's put Ronnie is a snooker now. He's missed it and left the red on and the red, with a colour would put Ebdon two frames up with three to play. So he's missed it. Ronnie hasn't. Now can he gather his concentration and win the frame. No. He's missed an elementary brown. This is just quite extraordinary. Ebdon has won all six frames tonight but now has to win the hardest of them all, the frame that would put him into the semi-final. He's got the first points on the scoreboard, only 3 of them. He's hit a red so hard that it couldn't find its way into the pocket. It's death or glory now for Ronnie, he has an opening but wil have to play off the blue. He's got the black in play now and the break goes to 36 and it ends on 42 as he misses a red. Ronnie has a scratch across his forehead where he raked his nail across his head after an earlier miss. Now then what can Ebdon do this time. Not much. He's missed a tricky red at pace. He seems to be hitting the ball extremely hard, that may just be tension. A poor safety from Ronnie gives Ebdon an unmissable red. The red went in but the black didn't. 42-10 in Ronnie's favour. He has an opening red but he'll have to disturb the reds off his colour as there's not much on. His turn to miss. 50-10. At last Ronnie is going to win a frame. He's well ahead now despite a few more misses from both of them. Ebdon's playing on, 49 behind with 35 on. An O'Sullivan snooker brought the concession. The first chance in frame 24 falls to Ebdon, as Ronnie mis hits his safety and leaves the white amongst the reds. Just 14 points and he's missed an easy red. The pressure and tension is nearly unbearable now. Ronnie's got the red but played an awful positional shot and has had to play safe. Ebdon now has another chance. He leads 30-1, there are four open reds in baulk and the other five still in the pack. He did all the hard work, made 32 there, and missed the blue as he went to split the pack. The pack has split. Ebdon leads 46-1 but has given a great opening to O'Sullivan, who hasn't made a 50 break since this morning. He's look better here, a well constructed 33 and now he's on the last red, but it wobbled and stayed out of the green pocket. Just 12 points in it, to Ebdon's advantage. He's got the red, added a blue, but snookered himself on the yellow. He's 18 points ahead. He's hit the yellow okay, a hard yellow for Ronnie. He's missed it and now he's in a snooker. Good escape and it's safe. Ebdon needs yellow and green, Ronnie needs all the colours.  The green has gone to the side cushion and the blue is on the baulk cushion, as Ebdon misses the yellow again, but it's safe. Ronnie's fluked the yellow. Is there anything that hasn't happened in this match yet! Ebdon now needs green and brown, and he's got the green, a shot at a long brown. That was so hard, he had the extension on to cue over the black and he's missed that by a distance. Ronnie's missed it. Just the brown will put Ebdon in the semi final and he's got it. What an incredible win. He raises his hand to the audience.

Notes 2nd Session:

Peter Ebdon has kept the opening frame this morning very tight so far and hasn't given Ronnie anything to go at. Ebdon's worked himself a chance now. After all that hard work Ebdon's let Ronnie back in and his 34 point lead has gone already. Ronnie's made only 15 in the next and gave Peter a chance, but he missed his first black and a great red gets Ronnie going again. A careless miss when the break reached 50 but Ebdon needs 3 snookers. A stunning red gets Ronnie going in frame 11. Only 25 and he's lost position. Ebdon has banged in a tremendous red, got the black but position isn't easy and he's not had much table time. He's missed the blue. He's struggling. Ronnie's missed a red trying to con it in with a bit of side. A rare scrappy frame in this match. Ebdon's run of 31 has brought him level and he's on the yellow now. He's missed frame ball blue with the rest. Well that's relieved the tension. Peter Ebdon has taken Colin Brindad's glasses to get a sight of the blue, which he's snookered on. Nice moment. He needs the pink for the frame. He's got it. Ronnie's made 39 in the last before the interval but missed a tricky black. He swung his cue round his head and nearly took the head off a lady in the front row! Ebdon has a chance now. He didn't make much of that. He's got another chance, and only trails by 3 points on the brown, he could take another frame. He has, a great pink with the rest to clinch it. A chance for each of them in frame 13, now Ebdon's got a fluke and can have another go. It's taken a couple of visits but he's battled back to win another frame. The match looks a bit different now. Ronnie's got a chance in the 14th. He's not buzzing at the moment, but working hard at this break. He's got a 42 point lead with 43 left. A 50 break puts Ebdon in control of frame 15, but he's not over the line yet. He is now. Ebdon is making a real fight of this. He's in again in the last frame of the session, with a 38 point lead so far. He leads by 55 but hasn't clinched the frame. Ronnie can get back into this one. Not like that, he's missed a red to the middle. Unlucky for Ebdon, he's potted a brilliant thin cut red but gone in off. He's left everything on for Ronnie, 4 reds left. A great 54 clearance and he's kept his four frame lead.

Notes 1st Session:

The second two quarter finals are about to get under way and what a contrast of styles we have here today. Not a ball potted yet, some very clever safety from both players. Ronnie's scored 8 points from two Ebdon fouls, but the opening red has given Ebdon the chance to turn the tables and snooker Ronnie. The champion has fluked a red to get started and it looks like a frame winner and it is. Ronnie's straight into the balls in frame two, on 27 now, but he'll have to nudge some reds out soon. He's wasted now time here, the break is up to 70 and only 67 left on. Absolutely fabulous, 137 total clearance from the genius. This is relentless, a wonderful pot from Ronnie off Ebdon's break-off. He's smack in the balls after one shot. This is just frightening snooker, wonderful pots, pin point position, what on earth can Ebdon do about this? He's got a kick there, maybe that'll slow him down a bit. That's end of break at 32. At last a chance for Ebdon and a couple of very good pots have worked him a good chance. The break ends at 41 and now he's been snookered by O'Sullivan. And that has given Ronnie the opening he was seeking. He can't close out the frame that time, but leads 63-41 on the yellow. Ebdon's got th chance for the colours clearance, needs them all. Good clearance. Ronnie's manufactured a plant and he's off and running in the fourth frame, 30 points now and power to add. 58 and more to come, hard to see him missing from here, there are two reds on opposite side cushions, so he can take one left-handed and one right. He's secured the frame, all about how many the break will be now. It's 101, his second ton of the afternoon. Interval over and Ronnie is strolling round the table in total command of this frame so far, with 46 points already gathered. He's put the frame beyond doubt now, he really is in imperious form. Peter Ebdon can console himself with the fact that he hasn't done much wrong, but he'll have to clear up every time he gets a chance, if he gets a chance. Ebdon's taken on a really hard long red and left Ronnie a gift-wrapped opening in the sixth frame. 38 and more to come. Shock. He's missed the black off its spot and he's enraged by that, he's belted the table and is sitting in his chair muttering to himself with a look like thunder on his face. He's got another chance and should clinch the frame easily enough this time, but it wasn't one visit, it wasn't perfection so he's not happy. Ebdon's taken a bit of a flier at a long red, missed it, left a long for Ronnie, which sails into the pocket. Only 31 for Ronnie, he's had to play safe. Peter Ebdon has found a plant and he has a very good chance, but he's been frozen out for so long, that it's really hard for him. Oh that's a shame, he's made a good 48, got himself in front and missed an easy pink. He'll be punished probably. It's all square on the last red and some great safety from the pair of them. Ebdon's got the red and he's cleared up, including a superb pink right down the rail, a good steal. Ebdon's had one of his full-blooded lunges at a red, which he missed, Ronnie shows how to pot the long red, and the break is on 32 and cruising. He's missed a red, stretching with the rest, not amused at that. Ebdon could close to 5-3 at the end of the session, but he's got to open the reds and then clear them up. Ebdon has unaccountably missed the easiest of blues off its spot. He's staring at 6-2 overnight now.



Frame Scores: 1st Session: 31-101(73), 0-125(124), 0-119(74), 64(41)-23, 67(55)-13, 72(71)-29, 67-42, 66-59(respot)

Frame Scores: 2nd Session: 43(38)-67, 0-98(52), 0-76(76), 41-50, 0-76(40), 9-61(35)

Frame Scores: 3rd Session: 75(63)-1, 62-24, 44-73, 91(79)-0,  0-75(75), 0-74(73)

Notes 3rd Session:

Another great session so far for McCulloch. He's on the brink of victory now at 12-8. While McCulloch slipped out of the arena McManus spent the time pacing round the table with his cue over his shoulder, like a soldier on guard duty. McCulloch has had a couple of chances already in this frame, now he's missed the thin edge of the pack on his safety, a few nerves creeping in. A nice easy starter now for McCulloch. He's moved 56-18 ahead and only 3 reds left. He's nearly there. He's done it. and not only that, the ranking point he'll earn from a semi final have lifted him into the Top 16 for the first time in his career, at the expense of Anthony Hamilton, who drops to 17.

Notes: 2nd Session:

McCulloch's first to get some points on the board and he needs to re-establish himself in this match, having let McManus off the hook yesterday. He's got a 41 point lead. A poor shot from McCulloch leaves McManus a nice easy starter. 38 from McManus brings him right back into the frame with two reds left. McCulloch's got his nose in front again and McManus is trying for a snooker on the blue. McCulloch's hung on to clinch the frame. Another re-rack in the next. I can't remember so many re-racks as we've had here this year. McCulloch's made a good break, already 55 ahead and reds spread nicely for him. He's clinched that in two visits. A good break again from McCulloch and he's regained the lead and the ascendancy today. They've got themselves totally bogged down in the next. Everything McManus does is going wrong but he leads 41-23. McCulloch is clinging on for grim death, which aptly describes this frame, he's 16 behind on the green. Everything bar the green is on a cushion. This could take a while longer yet and the frame has already gone well over half an hour. He's got green, brown and blue, still needs pink and black. he's got them, a turgid 45 minute frame. But McCulloch won't care, he's won all four frames to the interval. McCulloch's well on the way to winning the frame after the interval as well. A lead of 63, 5 reds left, all clustered together near the top cushion. Frame fourteen will be the last of the session as a frame won't start after 17.30, as these two have to come back at 19.00. GSC will be off-air for a while this evening, probably until about 21.00 due to server maintenance. We apologise but we'll bring you up to date later in the evening. Meanwhile McManus is still have a nightmare afternoon. McCulloch leads 26-9 in another very scrappy frame. But the Preston man has a reasonable chance to add enough points here to put another frame on the board. And he has. End of session.

Notes: 1st Session

Some early jockeying for position as this fascinating encounter gets under way. McManus got the first chance but only 23 and McCulloch has started with a frame winning break of 73. McManus is taking a few of these balls to get some practice and maybe a snooker or two. McCulloch has created the first chance in frame two and he's split the reds open and has 33 already. He's got 63 now, he looks so confident after his two great victories here this week. There's another century for him. Good stuff. McCulloch is racing through the third frame as well. McManus is going to have to find a way to blunt this McCulloch surge. The break comes to an end at 74, McManus needs snookers again. Now that is adding insult to injury. McCulloch spots a plant and that is end of frame. If this is the sort of form McCulloch can produce in his matches, I'd just love to see one of his famous exhibitions, they must be mind-blowing! McCulloch left one for McManus this time, but the Scot's only made 14 from it. And here comes McCulloch again. For once, he hasn't score much, only 16, so we might have a bit of safety while they looked for another chance. McManus has needed a couple of chances but he's done enough to win the frame. A good opening 55 has put McManus in control of frame five, but it's not a frame-winner just yet. McCulloch's crashed in another long red and can mount a recovery from that. No he can't, he's fouled the blue. McManus is 61-12 ahead on the last 3 reds. McCulloch's missed a red in the sixth, he's gone off the boil a bit at the moment, and McManus has made up the deficit and can add more here. A good run of 71 but he lost position and is 42 up with 43 on. A good recovery from the Scot, that's three frames on the bounce. McCulloch has missed the black off the spot in frame seven, he's furious with himself and McManus is already making inroads into the reds. McCulloch may have lost a bit of his edge now, maybe mentally tired after the two titanic matches he's already had here. McManus has suffered a kick on the black and that's end of break at 27, a bit unlucky that. A chance for McCulloch after he snookered McManus. No. He can't take his chances at the moment and McManus is going to keep the pressure on now. Maybe he's not, he's faltered on only 16, so this frame is getting a bit scrappy now. Just one point the difference and a safety duel on the last red. McManus out duels McCulloch and takes the lead for the first time. We've had a re-rack in frame eight so let's try again. There have been a lot of re-racks this year. McCulloch's made 37, but he's not buzzing at the moment. Just a safety for McManus though. McCulloch has battled to a 58-19 lead with 3 reds left. He's struggling to get over the line in this frame, 40 up with 43 on. McManus is still edging closer. He can force a respot if he clears the colours. The black will be hard, in the middle of the top cushion, but he's behind it. He's got it. Big frame now. McCulloch left the black set for the double and Angles has duly obliged, he lead 5-3 and has on the last five frame.




Frame Scores: 1st Session: 5-72, 43-47, 51(41)-73, 51(41)-67, 1-82(82), 28-50, 4-107(72), 66(51)-70(58)

Frame Scores: 2nd Session: 110(110)-7, 5-67, 30(30)-74(73), 30-92, 31-86, 4-121(121), 54-60, 64(47)-18

Frame Scores: 3rd Session

Notes: 3rd Session

Murphy's looking for just one frame to progress to the semi final. A hit and miss start from both players so far. Another miss from Davis gives Murphy a clear cut chance. He can't score much there, a 32 point lead. But Steve Davis isn't going out without a fight and he's getting back into the frame, a break of 16 so far. But he's missed the red. A 16 point lead for Murphy with 2 reds on. This could be the end now, Murphy needs the last red with a colour and he'll be over the line. He is. A great achievement by Shaun Murphy, he's into his first World semi-final and only the second semi of his career.

Notes: 2nd Session:

It's hard to know what Steve Davis can to do get back into this match. You can't see Shaun Murphy dropping the pace much, and although Davis shows us glimpses of the glory days, he doesn't do it relentlessly, frame after frame as he did back then. He's going along nicely here though, on a run of 48. He's closed out in one visit with a century, that's brilliant. an opening run of 35 for Murphy in the next. Murphy's got in and made another thirty plus to stretch his lead. Davis misses the black with only 30 on the board, he'll need to score heavier than this to make an impact on Murphy. The lead stretches to 9-2 as Murphy clears up in one visit. Steve's had a couple of chances in frame twelve, one created by a fiendish snooker, but he's only got a 14 point so far. This frame was swung backwards and forwards several time and it' still not resolved. Murphy leads 53-30 and there are two, safe, reds left. Murphy's resolved it all and won another frame. Davis has pulled a frame back, but an early miss in the next gives Murphy a chance. He's made a frame winning effort and there's a real chance looming now that Davis could lose this match with a session to spare. A brilliant century from Murphy. It's taken him a while, since he turned pro aged just 15, to really establish himself, but you could definitely say he's arrived now! Quite a lot of safety in the next frame and no clear cut advantage yet. They're on the yellow and still it's anyone's. Murphy trails by 11 but he's on the yellow. He's missed it, gone in off and left it on for Davis. He needs green and brown for the frame. Crazy game. Davis has gone in off the brown. Murphy is 16 behind. He's cleared up and is one frame from the semi-finals. They've both missed a couple in the last frame of the night. Both seem to be trying to pot the other off the table and it hasn't worked so far. Davis has got in with the telling contribution and does take the match into the next session.

Notes: 1st Session:

A good start for Shaun Murphy as youngest and oldest go head to head. He's won the first frame and is now pouncing on an error from Davis in the second. Davis led by 32 points, but has missed the chance to build on that. Murphy's can snatch this very low scoring frame. He needs last two reds and a colour clearance and they're not on their spots. He's done it, a brilliant 40 clearance with some great pots in it. He leads 2-0. If it's possible Murphy now looks even more confident that he did yesterday. Beating John Higgins has taken him on to a new level and there's no danger this player is going to suffer from stage fright in his first Crucible quarter-final.

The Master has won the safety battle at the start of the third and has a nice chance now. 28 points so far. There's a very attacking shot from Davis, he's scattered the reds everywhere in potting that one, but the break is up to 45 now but that's the end because he didn't get position from that shot. He leads by 49. Murphy's got right back in the frame with 43 but he's missed a pot, a rare event. He's fluked the final red now but missed his colour. Murphy leads by 6 points now on the yellow. It's ten points now as Davis fails to escape from a snooker. Davis has cleared brown to black to get his first frame on the board. We've got a re-rack in frame four. Davis led by 20 points, but they were going nowhere. Murphy's opened a gap in the second run of this frame, 44 so far. He's missed a plant on 58, still 6 reds left so plenty for Davis, but he's missed his first red. He's got another chance and is on a run of 33, he still needs all the balls to pinch the frame. He's failed to get position on the green which was snuggled up to the brown, so a tense safety exchange now. What a result Davis would have if he could get out of this first mini-session 2-2. Murphy was potting everything in sight at the start of the match. It's slipped away from Davis, Murphy thunders in a great blue and Davis needs a snooker. Murphy is constructing a good break in frame five. He's already on 60 and it should be a frame winner. And it is. It's strange to think that on the two tables this morning Davis and Hendry have thirteen world titles between them, but so far only two frames to their name today. Davis has got Murphy trapped in frame five. A horrible snooker behind the brown and reds all over the place. Two misses by Murphy but a superb shot the third time. Wow! That's another stunning long red from Murphy. The balls aren't in a good position at the moment, the reds are open but blue, pink and black are all in amongst them and covered, only the blue goes anywhere. In a couple of shots Murphy has got blue back on its spot and pink into the open, so now it's a nice chance. And he's made 34 from it but had to run for safety as now all the reds have clustered on the top cushion, with the black nestled in the middle of them. Davis has been unlucky, he got a red and then got an horrendous kick on the blue which kept the ball out. He's not happy at all and it's another easy starter for Murphy. He's opened a 50-16 lead, but let Davis back in. He's missed a tricky one and he's conceded the frame and he doesn't look at all happy. It's rare for Davis to let frustration get the better of him. There's a lot of tactical play going on in this match. Davis, as you'd expect, is playing some very clever stuff, but Murphy's sticking with him and he's making more of the scoring chances. Davis has missed a red there and left Murphy in and he's already got a 31 point lead to add to. The frame is long gone for Davis now and it's hard to see what he can do to slow Murphy down. The former Young Player of Distinction has rattled up 58 in the last frame of the session, but that pink rattled and a glimmer of hope for Davis. The balls are there for him, but he's got to pot them of course. This is a good fight back from the Nugget, the break has reached 48, he's on the green and needs up to the pink. Oh no, he's missed the brown off its spot in a routine colours clearance. He may have got away with it, a poor safety from Murphy. Now Davis rifles in a long brown, makes you wonder how he missed it before. Now he's snookered himself on the blue, can anything else go wrong. Murphy's left a tempter for Davis, but he needs the pink as well. Well something else could go wrong, he's smacked the blue in and the white has disappeared in the middle pocket at rapid pace. That means that Davis needs the black, which is tight on the side cushion, he's got the blue, the pink is over the pocket, so black ball frame coming up. No. He's overcut the black and Murphy leads 7-1



Frame Scores: 1st Session: 31-70(64), 8-58(40), 4-63(55), 84(38,37)-7, 0-114(94), 47-76(39), 71(51)-40, 77(54)-18

Frame Scores: 2nd Session: 138(138)-0, 86(86)-54(54), 114(114)-20, 68(59)-21, 5-78, 0-75(70), 81(54)-32, 21-68

Frame Scores: 3rd Session: 0-93(93), 85(36)-30, 73(40,33)-17, 106(34,56)-20, 54-65, 31-71(66), 49-77, 0-93(67)

Notes 3rd Session:

A wonderful start to the day by Matthew Stevens. His first shot, a long red disappeared into the pocket and he's constructed a flawless frame-winning break. He's missed the century but he won't be too bothered about that. Hendry's put 49 points on the board, but hasn't quite settled yet and he's given Matthew a chance. He's missed a red, it should be 9-9. Hendry's created an opening in the next and has made 32 so far. A red's got away from him, only a 40 break and he's left one. Matthew's missed an improbable plant but nothing easy on. They're both missing, this frame is going to be very scrappy, balls all jumbled up. Hendry's earlier break will be  very useful now. He's picked off enough balls to regain the lead. We're heading for a re-rack in the 20th frame. Maybe not, Hendry's managed to get the white away to the top cushion. There are reds in baulk and scattered around the table waiting for the first mistake. That comes from Matthew. 34 for Hendry and and easy black stays out. That could be a crucial miss. Stevens' turn to miss a black off the spot. Hendry can't get the pack open, he leads by 22 with 4 reds left. A good snooker by Hendry. Matthew's missed it and gone in off. And again. He's left a red on. That's another frame gone astray for the Welshman and the gap is widening. Good safety from Matthew after the interval and he really needs this frame. Hendry's missed from the snooker twice and he can see a red so he's been warned. He's hit a red this time but left it on. Nothing from that visit but Matthew's now fluked a red and spread the rest open, what a chance he's got now from that piece of good luck. He's missed on only 33 and given Hendry an opening, but the balls are in bad positions now. He's made 37 and trails by 5 points on the last red. Matthew's missed the yellow, he's nine points ahead and the yellow is safe. Matthew's fluked a snooker, Hendry's hit it and potted it. The luck may be turning round. He's not on the green nicely though. Stevens has laid an excellent snooker on the green. Tight up behind the black and he's still got a 7 point lead. Hendry's just slipped pass the edge, no miss for that effort. Stevens has got the green but snookered himself on the brown and this isn't easy to hit. How many more twists and turns in the pivotal frame. Super brown from Hendry. Blues down, he needs pink and black and he's missed the pink at pace trying to get onto the black which is half way up the side rail, a few inches off it. Matthew's go the pink and secured the frame. He's only one behind now. Hendry's made 22 from Stevens' safety but over cut a red trying to hold for the black. Stevens has responded well with 52 and still at the table, a 30 point lead now and 4 reds left. He's lost position, 3 reds left and he's got a 44 point lead, just needs one red. He's gone in off his attempted red so a little more leeway for Hendry now. A great red by Hendry but no clear position on a colour. The last two reds are both safe on the side cushion as well. He's opted to lay the snooker. He's narrowly missed them and sensibly Paul Collier doesn't call a miss. a fabulous shot from Matthew to get a snooker forces the foul from Hendry and he only needs one red, which he's missed. He's got it this time, it's 11-11. Anyone want to pick a winner? A missed red from both players in the next, another chance for Matthew here. Only 8, he's missed a red but got a good white in baulk. Stevens has miscued and now a chance for Hendry, but the pink and black are tied up  in the pack and there's only a couple of open reds. He can't get good position so he only leads 20-17. He's banged his cue down in frustration. Another chance for Stevens and now the balls are open. He's missed a hard red, but has a 36 point lead with three reds left. Hendry's missed a long one and left it hanging there. Hendry needs a snooker now, 44 behind with 43 on. Red, black and a snooker by Hendry. The frame's not over yet. Matthews' missed it. Hendry's dropped him in another one. Another missed escape from Stevens and it goes back, the pressure is mounting and Hendry's gaining useful points. Hendry's got the red but he's not on a colour and he's still 27 behind. Stevens gets the yellow, Hendry needs a snooker to tie. He's got one, but not too hard for Matthew to hit. Hendry's taken green and brown, one snooker on the blue to be able to win the frame. Matthews' missed his escape so yet again Hendry can win the frame. How much more drama in this match? A double kiss on Hendry's safety leaves an easy blue for Stevens. A long red for Matthew, he's onto a break of 26 but he's lost position. In goes another long red by the Welshman and he's got a great chance now to add to the early lead. He's got half a foot in the semi-final. He's looking good now, a 63 point lead, just the black and it's in. Hendry needs snookers

Notes: 2nd Session:

Hendry needs to raise his game tonight and if his first shot is anything to go by he's going to. In goes the long red, straight on the black, into the pack and off to go. Flawless so far from the Scot, if he takes the frame here it's going to send a serious message to Matthew, who was good this morning, but not faultless and on the evidence so far can expect to be punished for any misdemeanours tonight. He hasn't done much wrong in this frame, all he did was break-off, but Hendry has already gone way past the winning post. A superb century, a 138 total clearance. Hendry's break-off left a red over the middle so an easy start for Matthew. He's missed a red on 54 and here comes the counter-punch from Hendry. That is just sensational, an 86 clearance, what a start to the session, three visits to the table and breaks of 138, 54 and 86. The long opening red goes to the Welshman this time, now he knows what will happen if he misses. And he has, on 20, lost ideal position, played the pot left-handed and rattled it. Hendy's response has reached 67, just one red needed and there it goes. And another century follows, this is clinical snooker. Hendry has missed his first pot of the night, a black at pace trying to gain position, he got the position but it goes to Matthew. Only 20 at that visit. He's found another red but snookered himself on all the colours. An misjudged attempt to get out and hit the green leaves reds all over the place for Hendry. A run of 59 secures the frame and he's won all four tonight.  First chance to Matthew on the resumption. Only 25 points. He's got another chance to add to that now. He's added another 23 and missed the black, but he's got away with it, for now. Hendry's not quite firing after the interval, he's  missed a brown and Matthew can win the frame at his third attempt. Matthew's got a long red, from Hendry's break and has already rattled in 64, just one more red needed. This is a fantastic standard of snooker from both players. That 70 break means Hendry needs one snooker, from the last 5 reds. He doesn't get on so it's 7-7. The tide seems to be turning a bit again in this match, Matthew has weathered the early storm from Hendry tonight, and it's even Stephens so to speak (sorry couldn't resist that one!!) A couple of chances either way in this frame and now Hendry has control of the table and is looking to re-establish his supremacy. Maybe a loud burst of applause distracted him, but he's missed a red. He leads 31-27, still six reds left. You can enter the latest GSC competition to win a copy of Masters of the Baize HERE. Hendry's not going to miss this time. He's cleared up the reds and regains the lead. Matthew's gained a 30 point lead in the last of the evening. Five reds left, all in open play. Matthew's gained the advantage, a good pot after a lax Hendry safety shot. He's pot the frame ball red left-handed and it's going to be 8-8, nicely set up for tomorrow morning's session.

Notes: 1st Session:

A great start for the Welshman and not so good for Hendry. The Scot has made several unforced errors. A 64 break gave Matthew the opener and a run of 40 was enough for 2-0.  Hendry's attempted an extravagant red to the green pocket and he's left a chance for Stevens in the third frame. Hendry doesn't look settled yet, while on the other hand Stevens has had plenty of table time already and has already brought this break up to 52. 3-0 is looming. Stevens has run out of position so the break ends at 55. Only 67 left and Hendry trails by 51 points. Another miss by Hendry, who hasn't woken up yet, gives Matthew the opening to go 3-0. A chance now for Hendry in frame four. He's coming to the table cold, but the reds look inviting. A very good morning to all our GSC visitors from Holland, I'm glad you're enjoying the coverage. Edwin you should be working, not watching the World Championship on your computer in your office! And many thanks to everyone who's sent in emails, with their questions for Terry or other enquiries and information. We welcome input from everyone, all over the world, We're not called the GLOBAL snooker centre for nothing! Hendry has put 38 points on the board and now they're having a little safety battle to the top cushion. Hendry may have thrown the advantage away, he took a great red to middle but has missed a blue to the yellow pocket and left an easy red for Matthew. Hendry's rubbed his eyes a couple of times and right now he looks like his alarm clock hasn't woken him up yet. A let off there for Hendry, Matthew's missed the black, playing left handed. He is normally very good left-handed. He's made centuries in practice and first started playing left-handed to give the lads in the club a game. And it's developed into a useful part of his armoury. Hendry's punishing Matthew for that miss and Matthew needs a snooker. Hendry will feel a bit better having got that frame on the board as they go to the interval. Matthew's come out all guns blazing after the interval and is already on 65 and the frame is nearly over, after Hendry left a red on for him. 41 points for Hendry in the next, that's far from conclusive and he's facing a safety exchange at the moment. Matthew's right back in the frame, he's one point ahead, but he's only got a safety shot now and there are two, safe, reds left. a fabulous red down the rail by Matthew and now he's favourite for the frame. He's missed frame ball brown. He's got it this time and Hendry has stalked out of the arena while the balls were still running. As it happened Matthew went in off the pink, but it was academic. The seven times Embassy World Champion looks far from happy.

A loose safety shot from the Scot and Matthew has thumped in a long red to get off the mark in the seventh frame. Matthew is looking very good now. He's run out of position there so only a safety shot. Hendry's safety looked good but Matthew's found a good red at dead weight into the centre. He's missed another one to the middle though, but nothing let for Hendry, who's not very impressed. He's gone for a double and missed and let Matthew in again. and a great long blue gets him moving again. Oh dear that's gone all wrong he's missed the black by a mile. Now here's a chance for Hendry. He's just not in this match at all yet, and needs to do something here. The reds are sitting waiting to be potted. This looks better, he's happy in amongst the balls, it's the safety that frustrates him. A run of 56, he couldn't get on the last red and hasn't played the best safety shot I've ever seen. But he's got a 27 point lead so only needs the red. Hendry's got the snooker on the red, good escape but half a chance of a long red for Hendry. He's missed that by a huge margin, but it's run safe. It didn't off the next shot and Matthew's potted it. Now he needs all the colours to pinch the frame. He's missed an easy brown, what a let off for Hendry. What a huge difference that could make to this match. Hendry's made 23 in the last frame of the session but he's missed and let Matthew in. Hendry needs this frame for a bit of damage limitation and to give Matthew something to think about. Matthew's turn to miss, on 18 and Hendry is closing out the frame.