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basic Tip #423: Finding more available keys to map

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created:   February 13, 2003 8:07      complexity:   basic
author:   Marion W. Berryman      as of Vim:   5.7

One of my ongoing problem with VIM is finding more keys on my keyboard onto which I can map functions without losing some other functionality.  I finally went on a search of terminal emulations that maximize the programability of the keyboard when accessing Linux servers from a Windows 2000 client.

I am in no way associated with the author or the company, but I wanted to give other VIM users a pointer to check out the ZOC terminal emulator from Emtec at http://www.emtec.com/zoc.  Not only does this support full use of the Alt key, but it also supports compete remapping based on the NumLock and ScrollLock keys.  Keys can be mapped to send any string including binary codings.  ZOC also supports a Linux console terminal mode.

Again I'm not advertising for a particular product; I'm just passing on my solution to a particularly onerous problem when attempting to use the full potential of VIM.

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