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Aircraft specifications

PlaneBoeing 737-300
PriceUSD 34,000,000
Maximum take off weight60,965 kg134,400 lb
Maximum altitude11,280 m37,000 feet
Maximum fuel capacity19,800 
Maximum range4,175 km
Cruise speed0.745 mach797 km/h
Cockpit crewcaptain + first officer
Cabin crew3 flights attendants

PlaneBoeing 737-400
PriceUSD 37,000,000
Maximum take off weight65,065 kg143,440 lb
Maximum altitude11,280 m37,000 feet
Maximum fuel capacity19,800 
Maximum range3,815 km
Cruise speed0.745 mach797 km/h
Cockpit crewcaptain + first officer
Cabin crew4 flights attendants

Fleet list

Fleet Listing
B737-40028493OO-VESCFM56-3C1164 -


The Technical Department of Virgin Express supervises the work of all the maintenance providers and controls their quality standards.

Sabena Technics (Brussels) does the line and light maintenance, C and D-checks of the entire Virgin Express fleet.

The overhaul of the CFMI-engines, which power the 737s of Virgin Express, is taken care of by TAP Maintenance and Engineering in Lisbon. These engines are produced by CFM International, the world's leading supplier of commercial aircraft engines and a 50/50 joint company between Snecma Moteurs (France) and General Electric (US). In December 2000, CFM56-3 engines in service with Virgin Express have logged more than half a million flight hours.

The Virgin Express fleet has maintained exceptional reliability rates. The fleet average shop visit rate is .050 (one unplanned shop visit per 20,000 flight hours), an in-flight shutdown rate of .003 (one event every 333,333 flight hours) and a fleet departure reliability rate of 99.996%.

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First Belgian Carrier to Obtain a JAR-OPS 1 AOC

All airlines must meet the same safety standards whether they are low-cost, traditional airline or 'flag carriers'. Whilst giving great value Virgin Express never compromises on safety, whether on the training of its pilots, flight attendants and mechanics or on the maintenance of its aircraft. Safety regulations are laid down by the Civil Aviation Authority and we adhere strictly to them .

In the Summer of 2003, the Belgian Ministry of Mobility and Transport granted Virgin Express a JAR-OPS 1 AOC (Air Operator's Certificate) making our airline the first of the major scheduled and charter airlines in Belgium to obtain this certificate. BCAA (Belgian Civil Aviation Authority) audits and inspections of procedures used by the airline have shown that all our safety standards with respect to maintenance and operations are in accordance with the JAR-OPS 1 regulations (Joint Aviation Requirements - Commercial Air Transportation). The fact that Virgin Express was the first airline to gain approval is a measure of the emphasis we put on this vital area.


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