The Church

Reims Cathedral, France: 13th century

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The Visible, Hierarchical, Apostolic Church 24K

Apostles Can Become Bishops (Apostolic Succession) 7K

Dialogue on Protestant vs. Catholic Ecclesiologies (Dave Armstrong vs. EL Hamilton) 87K

Bishops in the New Testament and the Early Church 10K

How Newman Convinced me of the Apostolicity of the Catholic Church 46K

150 Reasons Why I am a Catholic 56K

Is Sola Fide (Faith Alone) a Legitimate Development of Patristic and Augustinian Soteriology? 15K

"What if the Catholic Church Went Off the Rails?" 8K

Dialogue on Apostate Churches and Choosing Churches (Dave Armstrong vs. "BWL")

Response to Chris Atwood (Lutheran) on Christian Unity and Ecclesiology

Roman Catholic vs. Catholic (Proper Titles) (Dave Armstrong and Jimmy Akin) 21K

C.S. Lewis and Catholicism (Iain T. Benson) 42K


Meaning of Catholic (Church Fathers; ed. Joe Gallegos)
Pope St Leo--Pray to God for us! (website: Dave Brown)
Eastern Liturgy Links (Dave Brown)


The Jerusalem Council (Acts 15:6-30) vs. Sola Scriptura and James White (Dave Armstrong vs. Dr. James White)

The Three-Legged Stool of Catholic Christian Authority: a Brief Explanation  6K

Private Judgment and Finding the Right Church: Is the Catholic Rule of Faith and Epistemology Inherently Incoherent? 25K

Private Judgment: Its Meaning and How it is Viewed by Protestants and Catholics 38K

The Logical Circularity and Hidden Premises of Sola Scriptura and Private Judgment (Dave Armstrong and Brent Arias) 48K

Dialogue on Protestant vs. Catholic Ecclesiologies (Dave Armstrong vs. EL Hamilton) 87K

The Sufficiency of Scripture and the Church Fathers (Particularly, St. Athanasius and the Trinity) (Dave Armstrong vs. E.L. Hamilton and "Cranmer") 130K

Was Conciliarism an "Orthodox" Option in Medieval Catholicism? 152K

Short Dialogue on Binding Conciliar Authority (Dave Armstrong vs. "Josh")

Reflections on Mediæval Ecclesiology ("Fallibilist Conciliarism"?) 16K

The Catholic Understanding of the Anathemas of Trent and Excommunication 73K

A Refutation of the Fallacies and Circular Reasoning of Dr. James White Regarding "Moses' Seat," Authentic Tradition, and Sola Scriptura
(Dave Armstrong vs. Dr. James White) 73K

Dialogue with an Anglican on the Catholic Understanding of the Relationship of Scripture, Tradition, and the Church (Dave Armstrong vs. Jon Jacobson) 13K

Dialogue: Definitions of Christian and Christianity (Dave Armstrong vs. Sogn Mill-Scout) 30K

Historical Development in the Understanding of Doctrinal Development of the Apostolic Deposit (Featuring Much Documentation From St. Thomas Aquinas; Also From St. Augustine, St. Vincent of Lerins, Vatican I [1870], Popes Pius IX, Pius X, Etc.) 139K

Refutation of Protestant Polemicist William Webster's Critique of Catholic Tradition and Newmanian Development of Doctrine
(Dave Armstrong vs. William Webster) 135K

Did the Catholic Church Change the Ten Commandments to Bolster its Alleged Gross Idolatry? (Dave Armstrong vs. Eric Landstrom)

Is a Catholic at Liberty to Selectively Choose Which Catholic Dogmas He Will Abide By? 36K

Dialogue on Protestant Reticence Concerning Development of Doctrine, and the Catholic Claim to Apostolic Fullness (Dave Armstrong vs. Greg Krehbiel) 23K

Dialogue: Rome = Theological Orthodoxy 16K

Conciliar Infallibility: Church Documents 23K

Dialogue on Vatican II, Conciliar Infallibility, and the SSPX 49K

On the Papacy and Councils (John Henry Cardinal Newman) 8K

Pope Silvester and the Council of Nicaea 12K

Laymen Advising and Rebuking Popes 6K

Are All Catholic Laymen and Non-Theologians Qualified to Freely and Frequently Criticize the Pope's Opinions and Prudential Judgment? (Dave Armstrong vs. Mario Derksen) 72K

Being "Bound" by Tradition and Dogma 12K

Dogmas, Customs, and Disciplines 5K

Conscience: the Catholic Church's (and Newman's) View 32K

Cardinal Newman on the All-Pervasiveness of Caesaro-Papism 5K

Catholic Mariology, Authority, and Various Other Qualms of Protestants Considering Conversion 29K

Protestant-Catholic Dialogue: Preliminary Issues Concerning Authority & Epistemological "Certainty" (The "Infallibility Regress") (Dave Armstrong vs. Tim Enloe)

The Problem of Authority: Luther, Calvin, & Protestantism (Dave Armstrong vs. Kevin Johnson and Tim Enloe)

Tim Enloe's Missing Definition of "Orthodoxy" & the Logical Circularity of His Thesis on Conciliar Ecclesiology (Dave Armstrong vs. Tim Enloe) (blog)

Council of Constance (1414-1418): Triumph of Conciliarism or its Kiss of Death? (Dave Armstrong vs. Tim Enloe)

Dialogue on the Logic of Catholic Infallible Authority (Dave Armstrong vs. Eric Svendsen)

The Canon of Scripture: Did the Catholic Church Create It Or Merely Authoritatively Acknowledge It? (with Kevin Johnson)

Response to Anglican Edwin Tait, on Conversion and Historical Ecclesiological Arguments

Second Reply to Anglican Edwin Tait on Historical Ecclesiological Arguments and Development of Doctrine

"Oreo Cookie Catholicism": The Curious Observations of One Steve Hays

Pope Benedict XVI (as Cardinal Ratzinger): Vatican II Has the Same Authority as Trent (if one goes, both go)

On the Scandal of a Church Outrageously Claiming to be a Church

"How Does One Decide Which Church is True?"

On Whether God Could, Would, or Should Protect His Church From Doctrinal Error (Dave Armstrong vs. Dr. Edwin Tait)

God, the Infallible Bible, and Doctrinal Error of Churches: Round Two (Dave Armstrong vs. Dr. Edwin Tait)

Counter-Reply to Dr. Edwin Tait's "For Dave Armstrong: on development and ecclesiology" (Dave Armstrong vs. Dr. Edwin Tait)

Where Can One Find a List of Infallible Catholic Doctrines?


The Church and Infallibility: A Reply to George Salmon's The Infallibility of the Church (B.C. Butler)
Obey Your Leaders (Brent Arias)
Four Levels of the Church's Teaching (William G. Most)
The Hierarchy of Truths and the Truth (William G. Most)
On the Hierarchy of the Church (Church Fathers; ed. Joe Gallegos)


Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.: Servant of God (1914-2000): A Tribute Page

Clerical Celibacy: The Biblical Rationale 11K

Clerical Celibacy and the Principle of Asceticism in Catholicism (Louis Bouyer) 21K

Dialogue on Clerical Celibacy 41K

The Irrational Antipathy of Luther, Calvin, and Other Protestants to Clerical Celibacy 42K

Has the Clergy Sexual Scandal in the US Caused a Huge Drop or "Crisis" in Vocations?

Dialogue on Peter's Marriage, and Why it Doesn't Disprove Catholicism 21K

Gender Roles, Male Priests, Equality, and Feminism 21K

Monasticism Defended 6K

Women Teachers in the Church 5K

Symbols of Tradition (Clerical Garb) 5K

Review of the Book Pedophiles and Priests (Lane Core Jr.) 22K


The Office of New Testament Priest (Jimmy Akin)
Ave Maria College - Pre-Theologate Program (Fr. Pat Egan; preparation for the vocation of the priesthood)
On Holy Orders (Church Fathers; ed. Joe Gallegos)
The Priesthood Debate (Jimmy Akin)
Women's Ordination: It's Infallible (Jimmy Akin)
Priestly and Religious Celibacy: Is it Dead, or Should it Be? (Benedict J. Groeschel)
Celibacy Isn't the Problem (John J. Cardinal O'Connor)
Celibacy: Historical Perspective (Thomas McGovern)

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