St. Paul and St. Augustine Live:

Conversion and Converts

St. Edith Stein: convert from Judaism (1891-1942)

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Individual Conversion (and "Reversion") Stories

My Odyssey from Evangelicalism to Catholicism 24K

My Conversion to the Catholic Church (Transcript of a Radio Interview with Al Kresta) 31K

How Newman Convinced Me of the Apostolicity of the Catholic Church 46K

The Epistemology of My Conversion / My (Protestant) Letter to Karl Keating in 1990 / How I Became an Apologist

Why I Returned to the Catholic Church: Including a Searching Examination of Various Flaws and Errors in the Protestant Worldview and Approach to Christian Living (Al Kresta; edited and transcribed by Dave Armstrong) 72K

Patty Bonds: The Latest Alleged "Lying, Insincere" Catholic Convert, According to the Anti-Catholic "Truth Police" 100K

Cardinal Newman's Conversion Story in His Own Words (ed. Dave Armstrong) 8K

Yet Another Lying, Dishonest Catholic Convert: John Henry Newman (+ Part II)

Another "Lousy Catholic" Convert to Protestantism

G.K. Chesterton's Conversion Story (ed. Dave Armstrong) 11K

Ronald Knox's Conversion Story (ed. Dave Armstrong) 9K

Malcolm Muggeridge's Conversion Story (ed. Dave Armstrong) 12K


The Period of 1845-1846, from Life of Cardinal Newman (Wilfrid Ward)
Why I Am A Catholic (G.K. Chesterton)
The Road to Rome: Chesterton's Spiritual Journey  (Adam Schwartz)
Confessions of a Convert (Robert Hugh Benson: son of the Archbishop of Canterbury)
Robert Hugh Benson: Unsung Genius (Joseph Pearce)
Catholic Encyclopedia: RICHARD CHALLONER
Evelyn Waugh: Ultramodern to Ultramontane (Joseph Pearce)
The Long Conversion of Oscar Wilde  (Andrew McCracken)
Richard John Neuhaus Interview (convert from Lutheranism)
No Good Reason to Stand Apart (Richard Neuhaus)
The Mysterious Conversion of Rome's Chief Rabbi (Israel Zolli)
Siegfried Sassoon: A Poet's Pilgrimage (Joseph Pearce)
Walker Percy: Diagnostician of the Modern Malaise  (Carl Olson)
My Conversion Story: From Atheist to Baptist to Catholic (Gary Hoge)
Affirming All Things: A Conversion Story (Dwight Longenecker)
Mormon Finds New Home in Catholic Church (Steve Clifford)
A Triumph and a Tragedy (James Akin)
Ex-Anglican's Conversion Story (Owen Francis Dudley)
Convert From Church of Christ (Joe Stauffer)
There’s no place like home, but it’s not always easy getting there (Diane Morey Hanson: several stories)
Finding Catholicism at Harvard (Paul C. Schultz)
True Conversion Testimonies (web page of links to conversion stories) Surprised by Truth : 11 Converts Give the Biblical and Historical Reasons for Becoming Catholic   (edited by Patrick Madrid)
There We Stood: Here We Stand: Lutherans Rediscover Their Catholic Roots (book of convert stories; edited by Tim Drake)
When Only One Converts (book about mixed marriages, by Lynn Nordhagen)

Women Converts and "Reverts"


Catholic Encyclopedia: ST. ELIZABETH ANN SETON
Edith Stein, Apostate Saint (David Novak)
Edith Stein: Convert, Nun, Martyr (Laura Garcia)
St. Edith Stein: Martyr for Truth (Robert Royal)
Dorothy Day: Saint and Troublemaker (Jim Forest)
From Union Square to Rome (Dorothy Day)
Sigrid Undset on Saints and Sinners: An Introduction (Deal Hudson)
Raissa Maritain: Philosopher, Poet, Mystic (Michael Sherwin)
Edith Sitwell: Modernity and Tradition (Joseph Pearce)
Conversion Story of an Academic (Elizabeth Fox-Genovese)
My Search for the Full Gospel  (Deborah Danielski)
Conversion Story: Baptist to Catholic (Patty Patrick Bonds)

General Observations and Trends: A Growing Catholic Revival?

Conversion to Catholicism: General Observations (by Chesterton, Belloc, and Pelikan) 8K

Catholic Mariology, Authority, and Various Other Qualms of Protestants Considering Conversion 29K

150 Reasons Why I am a Catholic 56K

Catholic Fundamentalism and "Insufficiently Converted Catholics" 9K

Random Thoughts on Conversion, Development of Doctrine, Ecumenism, Etc. 22K

Catholics and Reason: Reply to Certain Misrepresentations of Catholic Apologetics and Philosophy -- including excerpts from Newman's Grammar of Assent -- 34K

Dialogue: Is This Why You Converted (to Catholicism)? (Dave Armstrong vs. Steve Schlissel)

Conversion to Catholicism: Is It Usually Essentially Reactionary & Emotional, or Proactive & Rational? (+ Part II)

Response to Anglican Edwin Tait, on Conversion and Historical Ecclesiological Arguments

Second Reply to Anglican Edwin Tait on Historical Ecclesiological Arguments and Development of Doctrine

Thoughts on "Pontificator's" Conversion to Catholicism and Ecumenism

The Price of Conversion to Catholicism (Former Episcopal Priest Al Kimel, aka the "Pontificator")

Latest Wiseacre Theory on Catholic Conversion: Filthy Lucre

Presbyterian Church Historian Mark Noll on Differences in Converts

Websites and Support Groups for Converts and Possible Converts and Those Who Have Left the Church


Coming Home Network (Marcus Grodi; Support Group for Potential Catholic Converts)
St. Barnabas Society (Formerly Converts' Aid Society) (Dwight Longenecker; England)
Mixed Marriage (Lynn Nordhagen; devoted to marriages with a non-Catholic)
When Only One Converts (book about mixed marriages, by Lynn Nordhagen)
How to Become a Catholic (Jimmy Akin)
When to Become a Catholic (Jimmy Akin)

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