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Corinari's Guide to Advanced Poisons

Welcome to Corinari's Guide to Advanced Poisons.  With the introduction of the Planes of Power (PoP) Rogues now have access to more powerful and longer lasting poisons.  While the many Rogues where attempting to gather the recipes for these poisons I created a spreadsheet of the recipes as they where found to collect them and look for patterns in the recipe's.   This spreadsheet is has been replaced with the One Sheet Reference.

Soon there where a few related quests that were uncovered and I felt the urge to gather all this information together into one place (at least for my own use).  I hope you find this information useful.

I need to first thank all the Rogues of the Safehouse that have spent countless hours trying combination after combination to gather this information.  All the other trade skills had the recipe's listed in the PoP Strategy Guide except for Poisons.  There has been a lot of work put into this.  I am merely gathering all this information into one place.

Any feedback on the site should be sent to me at corinari@comcast.net any new findings of poisons or quests related to them please be sure to post them at the Safehouse Laboratory Forum



Updated Corinari's Poison Creation Calculator to version 1.4.  I had intended to lock all but the cells that allowed input of stock on hand and prices.  This is possible with Office XP but older versions of Excel only allow the locking of entire worksheets.  I have therefore removed the protection from the sheets.  The only other option was to have the data entry on one page and the results on another and that was just to awkward to use.
Finally have gotten around to updating the site to reflect the change of my ISP from AT&T to Comcast
Added a new Corinari's Poison Creation Calculator.  This will do the following
Help track your poison components
Show you exactly how many of what poisons you can make with the stock on hand.
Calculate the cost per dose of each of your poisons.
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