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OBITUARY: JOHN TYNDALL 14/7/1934 – 18/7/2005

19th July 2005

News article filed by BNP news team

John Tyndall was a formidable and passionate orator
John Tyndall was a formidable and passionate orator
John Tyndall speaking to the media outside Leeds Magistrates Court
John Tyndall speaking to the media outside Leeds Magistrates Court
John Tyndall, former Chairman of the British National Party, died last night or early this morning at his home in Hove. He is believed to have suffered a massive heart attack, and it has been reported that the ambulance crew who attended the scene did not attempt to resuscitate him, suggesting that he died peacefully in his sleep.

John Tyndall was twice Chairman of the National Front (in its heyday in the 1970s) and was the Chairman of the British National Party and its predecessor organisation from 1980 – 1999.

Brave man

For more than a generation, our country has been infected with cowardice. Strong men who should have played a part in resisting the destruction of our nation have been struck dumb and impotent. Few have been willing to stick their necks out to maintain any pro-British political party. John Tyndall was one of the few to do so. Without John Tyndall, it is doubtful whether the British National Party would even be in existence as a party to join.

There are two aspects in a political campaign – making sure it continues in existence in the first place and choosing tactics which offer the best chance of success. Without doubt, John Tyndall succeeded in the first – and only those who have been involved in British nationalism for many years have any real idea of just how much of an achievement that is. But he clearly did not find the same success in the second.

Tyndall’s courage was legendary and his stamina undoubted. He was a fine writer with a tremendous grasp of written English, and an outstanding platform speaker. Nevertheless, John Tyndall’s Nazi associations in his early life dogged him throughout his political career. In addition, the same 1930s mindset left the British National Party under his leadership with an outdated strategy which alienated public support.

This fact was recognised by the wider party and culminated in a change of leadership in 1999. As a result the authoritarian BNP of John Tyndall is no more, having been replaced by a new democratic nationalist BNP which, unfortunately, John Tyndall opposed. Nevertheless, while we have had our disagreements with John Tyndall over matters of ideology, strategy and tactics, we respect the man, his courage and recognise that without him, there would be no British National Party today.

Prophetic vision

While having no regard for Establishment newspapers, John Tyndall read the Daily Mail every day. Yesterday he would have read in it an article containing dire warnings from young British-born Pakistanis in Leeds that the 7/7 Massacre was a step on the road to civil war in Britain. The author concluded that “in Leeds – as, we must suppose, in many other cauldron towns and cities – the great multi-cultural experiment appears to be failing disastrously.” The author of this claimed that “no one could have envisaged” this turn of events.

That is a grotesque lie, for John Tyndall was among those who did, and spent a lifetime trying to warn his fellow Britons of the approaching danger. For that he was demonised for decades by the media and political elite. Indeed, he was due to appear once again in court in Leeds this Thursday on two charges of “incitement to racial hatred” arising from undercover filming by the BBC. Although John Tyndall had put a typically brave face on at the prospect of another gruelling Free Speech trial and possible prison sentence, there can be no doubt that this would have placed him under considerable stress. David Blunkett and the Labour placemen at the head of the Crown Prosecution Service have hounded a pensioner to death for the ‘crime’ of speaking his mind.

Sincere sympathies

John Tyndall leaves a wife, Valerie – who he met through their common involvement in the National Front in the 1970s - and a daughter. For all our past disagreements with him, they have our sincere sympathy in their loss.





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