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basic Tip #169: <Tab> = <C-I> and <Esc> = <C-[>

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created:   November 24, 2001 18:42      complexity:   basic
author:   Benji Fisher      as of Vim:   5.7

     An FAQ on the vim users' mailing list is whether <Tab> and <C-I>
can be mapped to different things.  The answer is no.  As I understand
it, this is a low level issue:  <Tab> and <C-I> are different names
for the same ASCII code, and there is no way for vim to tell them
apart.  Similarly, <Esc> and <C-[> are the same thing.

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Additional Notes

realblades at yahoo.com, August 15, 2002 23:11
If you mean the piece of plastic, it might just send something other than the two other pieces of plastic. Depending on the operating environment, it may be possible to change them though the change is most likely going to be system-wide.
I'm pretty sure that for example X allows very easy reconfiguration. I'm also quite sure that this is a very bad idea to be thinking about at all.
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