The Crystal's Setting & History Enter the BC Experience

THE BC EXPERIENCE is an educational experience and an entertainment experience. It is a geographic mission, a history lesson, a journey through time, an archaeological expedition and a day at the beach.

The BC Experience is a different experience for every visitor.
The BC Experience

For some it will be a mesmerizing hour or two spent studying the breathtaking 375 square metre, 3-dimensional, solid-terrain map of British Columbia and surrounding lands and oceans, scrutinizing it from every point on the compass, from high above on the Promenade, from eye level in the Lower Gallery. For others it will be a leisurely stroll through the rambling British Columbia Gallery, a lively, enchanting review of the kaleidoscopic faces of this most dynamic of Canadian provinces.

For some the BC Experience is a heart-stopping zoom across millions of hectares of exhilarating landscapes on a high-definition theatre screen, for others, a zoom through time in �The Crystal", an H.G. Wells time-machine with all the stories of the ages at its command.

The BC Experience
A shopping trip at The Crystal Palace will occupy some visitors, while for others, a sip among the aspidistras while enjoying great conversation will be their perfect cup of tea.

If in-depth knowledge is the quest, the BC Experience will be the place. Electronic Exploration Stations will surround the map centrepiece. These stations will "go deep" into the heart and soul of British Columbia, its geography, its history, its people.

Guides will tell the British Columbia story from a hundred different perspectives, while films, multimedia shows, images, artifacts and exhibits will all enrich the experience. Visitors to the High-Definition Theatre Pre-show will be left breathless by an intimate and detailed study of west coast colour and beauty. While down in the bowels of the building, the venerable Crystal Caretaker waits to guide guests to the Wonder Palace Object Theatre in which they'll see BC history and Crystal history in an exciting and interesting new way.

The province at your feet, in exquisite detail, molded to the curvature of the earth. A looking-glass view into BC's past, an adventure into its future. An interesting and entertaining excursion into every region and corner of British Columbia, into the lives and joys of 4 million British Columbians.

So. What kind of adventure are you up for? A learning adventure? A relaxing adventure? An exciting fun adventure? Whatever it is, you'll find it at the BC Experience at the Crystal Garden.

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