Olympic Look

Olympic Look of Athens
Olympic Look of Athens - Vas. Sofias Avenue © ATHOCDuring the day Athens hosts the games. At night the city celebrates them.
"Catch the Light: Routes through Athens", five routes of light reflect the different aspects of the city. Nine artists and design teams from around the world present interactive installations alongside the routesmore 

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Design Applications
Athena and Phevos in WeightliftingAt the world’s greatest sports event, Olympic design carries the burden of connecting visually the values of the Olympic ideal within the context of the values of the host city.
The combination of colours that compose the so-called “Look of the Games”, create an electric atmospheremore

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Olympic Torch
An olive leaf served as the inspiration for the first Olympic Torch that will travel to all five continents, carrying the message of peace for the Olympic Games of 2004. The ATHENS 2004 Olympic Torch is designed to resemble an olive leafmore

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Olympic Cities
Olympic Cities Olympic Look - Volos © ATHOCFour Greek cities - Thessaloniki, Patras, Heraklio and Volos – had the seldom honour of being the Olympic Cities that hosted the Football tournament during the Olympic Games. The Olympic Cities responded to the requirements of the sport and of the Olympic Family to the utmost of their abilitymore

The ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games Emblem
Olympic Games

Paralympic Games
The emblem of the ATHENS 2004 Paralympic Games - Visit the official website of the ATHENS 2004 Paralympic Games.

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Online Games
On-line Games of the ATHENS 2004 official website: Play with Phevos and Athena and learn more about the Olympic Games. more

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Get into the mood for the greatest celebration of humanity with Phevos, Athena and Olympic Products. more

Athens City

Athens City
In Athens centuries of history and tradition coexist with the modern faces of the city. more

Olympic Cities

Olympic Cities
Thessaloniki, Patras, Herakleio and Volos are the four Olympic Cities, which hosted the Football Tournament. more