Beth Hunter

Played by Clarissa House

Beth is open-minded and has a strong sense of personal morality and integrity, but has a delicious sense of humour once she drops her guard.

She is a country girl and her parents' property was remote enough for her to have a private tutor. Beth never saw herself as anything but a farmer's wife. She married Jack Hunter before she turned eighteen and had Scott ten months later. Four other children followed.

For Beth, marriage and family were everything and she adored Jack who was 12 years her senior. She even defended him when her children discovered that he had been having an affair. She had accepted the 'other woman' in his life to keep her family together and her world fell apart when Jack died suddenly.

Beth threw herself into the challenge of trying to re-establish a relationship with her wayward daughter Kit, who had turned to alcohol after her father's death. Kit lived in London for several years and has now returned to Australia.

Beth's other children are Scott aged 27, Robbie aged 18 and the twins Henry and Matilda are 16.

Beth's fractious relationship with her father takes a turn for the better after he unexpectedly arrives back in Summer Bay for Robbie's birthday and Anzac Day. Graham finally opens up to Beth after years of suppressing his feelings. Beth was always hurt by her fathers' remoteness to her, but it appears that the experiences he had endured in the war had a profound effect on him and he was afraid to express his feelings to anyone.

Several years ago, Beth married Rhys Sutherland and moved into the Caravan Park with him and the children from both their marriages. She was understandably devastated when Rhys left her to return to his ex-wife.

Beth threw herself into work and went into business with Alf and Hayley in Noah's Bar. Romance is in the air when the Holden family moves in next door to Beth.