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Adventurer tells of search for Mount Sinai

Goshen News Religion Editor
ELKHART, Ind. — Hundreds of Elkhartans were whisked away on an adventure by a real-life “Indiana Jones” at the 10th annual Elkhart Community Leaders Prayer Breakfast Thursday. 
Robert Cornuke, biblical detective, international explorer and author, was the featured guest at the breakfast, who engaged the crowd with his adventurous stories. 
A former police investigator and Special Weapons and Tactical team member, Cornuke is now the president of Bible Archeology Search and Exploration Institute, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Cornuke became a Christian while working on homicide cases. His days as an investigator trained him to look for evidence and sparked an interest in digging deep into the mysteries of the Bible. 
Today, he’s a man on a mission for archeological evidence to validate the truths of the Bible. He has traced the Exodus route of Moses, swam in the Red Sea, been on several trips in search for remains of Noah’s Ark, and searched for the location of Mount Sinai.
Maps today tell us that Mount Sinai is located on the Sinai Peninsula. Thousands of tourists gather daily at what they believe to be the mountain where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments.
Cornuke has investigated many verses in the Bible that he said indicate Mount Sinai is located someplace else, including Exodus 3:1 that talks of Midian, which is on the east side of the Red Sea, and Galatians 4:25 that says that Mount Sinai is in Arabia. 
“Arabia has never been in Sinai Peninsula,” Cornuke said. “We’ve been looking at the wrong mountain.”
According to BASE, the traditional site is designated “Mount Sinai” because a Roman mystic designated it and Helena, mother of Constantine I, anointed it as the true Mount Sinai early in the Fourth century.
“There is no evidence to support it,” Cornuke said, calling it the “impostor mountain.”
The real Mount Sinai, Cornuke claims, is in present day Saudi Arabia. 
Cornuke and his colleague Larry Williams set out on an expedition to the “real” Mount Sinai, which is known as Jabal al Lawz in Saudi Arabia. 
When they made it to their destination they found the entire mountain fenced off and protected, but they managed to explore the mountain and get photographs. 
Cornuke showed a documentary at the meeting which showed the top of the mountain to be blackened. 
“People will tell you it’s volcanic,” he said, noting that scientists from Boston University say it is not.
“It’s not a volcano,” he said.
Cornuke said Exodus 3:2 accounts for the blackness — the verse states that God appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai in a flame of fire. 
The Bible also says that Moses and his people made for themselves an altar — Cornuke and Williams saw what they believe to be the altar. 
1 Kings 19:13 talks of a cave in Mount Sinai and sure enough Cornuke and Williams found a cave. Exodus 17 gives an account of when the people were thirsty and asked Moses for water. The chapter tells of the rock of Horab that Moses split down the middle to get water. Cornuke found what he believes is the rock of Horab.
Cornuke said he found everything the Bible talks about with regards to the “real” Mount Sinai. He even brought back millstones that women used to grind manna — bread from God.
Cornuke discussed what it was like to travel to a land that he called hostile to God. 
“We could not get into the country of Saudi Arabia,” he said. “We snuck into the country.”
In fact, Robert Cornuke and Larry Williams are the answer to a Trivial Pursuit question that refers to their “sneaking” into Saudi Arabia.
Cornuke and Williams were able to make their way up the mountain, but upon coming down, were arrested and put into jail cells with a 140-degree temperature and covered in ants.
A Muslim country, the Saudi guards thought Cornuke and Williams were Jewish spies. 
“They pretended to shoot us with their rifles,” Cornuke said. 
Williams, who Cornuke describes as brilliant, suggested they tell the guards that they were doctors, thinking surely they would not kill doctors.
Cornuke recalls Williams saying to him, “Let’s tell them we’re doctors.”
“He stands up and points to me, ‘He’s a doctor,’” Cornuke said laughing. 
The men won the respect of the guards, but Cornuke found himself in a sticky situation when one by one each guard came to him complaining of various ailments.
One guard complained of a reddened eye, so Cornuke got his shave kit and took out a bottle of Visine. 
“I tell you what it really does take the red out,” Cornuke joked. 
The next guard came to him complaining of a bad back, and another had a cut hand. Cornuke, acting like a real M.D., put Ban roll-on deodorant over the cut.
Eventually, the men were released from the jail cell, and the country. 
Cornuke said he’s not entirely proud of his story or of being on a Trivial Pursuit card.
“When I was at that mountain I was full of adventure and I was full of myself,” he said. “I was so arrogant.
“When I was in that cell I said a prayer, ‘You get me out of this and I’m yours and I’m going to come back and tell this story.’”
God answered his prayer and Cornuke went into full-time ministry.
“The Bible is true,” Cornuke said. “It’s heartbreaking to hear people say the Bible contradicts itself. The Bible is historically, prophetically and contextually accurate. Never have we found an error in this Bible.”
But for some people, Cornuke believes evidence will never be enough.
“For some people, their hearts are so hardened no amount of evidence will change it,” he said. 
According to the BASE Web site,, “The Bible Archaeology, Search & Exploration (BASE) Institute is dedicated to the quest for archaeological evidence to help validate to the world that the Bible is true, and that it represents an accurate, non-fictional account of God’s will to bring the people of this world back into relationship with him.”

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