November 23, 2005

ITV and 3 in mobile TV link up

35.jpg According to Netimperative, broadcaster ITV has partnered with mobile network 3 to bring a range of ITV shows to 3’s mobile video service, beginning with the latest series of “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!”.

... "3G handset owners will be able to watch “I’m A Celebrity’s” Bush Tucker trials on the handset before they air on terrestrial television.

... The ITV content will be designed specifically for the mobile platform and will include highlights and behind the scenes footage."

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Search technology comes to the camera phone

112205fd_cellphone_184x138.jpg A unique marketing scheme is one example of using images to get info without typing. reports on "mobile visual search".

"By early next year, cartons of milk sold by a European dairy manufacturer will have images of CD art printed on them. Accompanying each image will be a message urging people to take a picture of the art with a cell phone camera. Then, if the cell phone photographer sends the snapshot to a database operated by a marketing outfit, a free song will be sent to the phone from the band's sponsoring record label.

In the United States, people will also be able to use their cell phones to take a picture of a movie billboard, and then send the image to a similar database that returns a film trailer, locates a theater showing the movie advertised on the billboard or allows the user to buy tickets to the movie.

It's all part of what several upstart companies have dubbed "mobile visual search"--technology promoted as an easier, more efficient way to get information on the go, without having to type on a tiny keypad.

... Facial and object recognition technology has been around for years, and has become a cornerstone of security applications used in airports and by the military. But now, companies see the opportunity to adapt the technology to improve the mobile marketing and search business."

November 22, 2005

Mobile Assess my Breast

assessmybreasts.jpg Now you can get videos of Assess My Breasts on your 3G phone - a mobile version of a boob-centric "am I hot or not ". Anyone wanting to participate and be rated, can send in their own camphone shot to a designated short code.

Read what James Pearce has to say about it in Moco News. There are some interesting aspects to this service beyond the normal “babe wallpaper”.

Related, sort of:

-- Rock star's bum appeal - In what some may consider a tasteless camapaign (I do), a Chilean rock star is asking female fans to send him pictures of their naked bums for publishing on a website.

-- Camera Phones used for butt-rating site People are using cameraphones to take pictures of other people's butts and and submitting them to a hot-or-not style site called Mobile Asses.

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November 21, 2005

Mobile Nanny

1245_thumb.jpg South African-based Red Stripe says it has a technological solution to combat the distribution of pornography to minors on mobile phones via MMS, SMS, WAP and 3G, reports Red Stripe.
[via My ADSL]

"Called "Mobile Nanny", the product has received the support of Childnet International, says marketing director Shaun Wilson.

Wilson says Red Stripe could attempt a roll-out of the system, but this would not be the most effective method. It would not reach all the children who have access to mobile content, as it would be up to parents to purchase the product. "

Video of Blunt single gets mobile premiere

JamesBluntAAAA.jpg The video for the new single from James Blunt will today receive its global premiere on mobile phones, part of a trend that the industry predicts will next year see them becoming as important as radio and television in promoting artists.

... "In some weeks, artists can sell more videos at £1.50 each than they do conventional singles. The most popular video to date has been for dance track Call on Me by Eric Prydz, which has been downloaded more than 500,000 times."

The trend for showing music videos first on mobile phones was kickstarted last year by EMI's Robbie Williams, who made the promo for Misunderstood available to 3 customers. But it is only now that a wide range of artists are planning to do so as a matter of course, with Madonna, Charlotte Church and the Pussycat Dolls among those involved."

Picture from The Guardian.

November 18, 2005

Mobile video of TV chef Jamie Oliver

oliver.jpg Jamie Oliver is a famous TV chef. He made his name from the BBC TV series 'The Naked Chef' and a book of the same title. Well, now - in a fabulous business gets the (video) message idea, he's offering video clips of himself and his recipes to Vodafone 3G users. The Guardian reports.

"Vodafone customers can sign up for three-minute clips of him in action in the kitchen from his US show, Oliver's Twist. Picture messages with a list of the ingredients can also be downloaded to mobile phones in place of shopping lists.

Users can search for recipes according to an event - such as a dinner party - or by ingredient. More than 100 recipes are available on Vodafone live! with 3G. "

Santa Claus appears in Osaka aquarium


File under only in Japan - not related to cell phones. Unless, we're just hoping, picture was taken with a cameraphone.

A Santa Claus appears in an aquarium in Osaka on Nov. 18, swimming along with a shark. He will appear in the aquarium three times a day through Dec. 25. [via Kyodo News]

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Vodafone Releases First Mobile TV Figures

Vodafone has released the first customer usage figures for its mobile TV services which it offers with broadcaster Sky. Apparently users have accessed more than one million streams in the first two weeks of going live (it launched on Nov 1)… reports Moco News.

"There are 19 mobile TV channels including 24-hour news, sport, entertainment and documentary programmes and the service is free until the end of January. This is only available in the UK until the end of March next year.

Vodafone views the result as very promising for mobile TV services":

November 17, 2005

Rock star's bum appeal

MyAss.jpg In what some may consider a tasteless camapaign (I do), a Chilean rock star is asking female fans to send him pictures of their naked bums.

Julio Carrasco, frontman of Los Muebles, launched the campaign which he calls 'an "a**hole for Los Muebles'."

He made the appeal through the Chilean media for fans to post their pictures to website a Carrasco told Las Ultimas Noticias he hopes to get 1,000 pictures of the bottoms of female fans". Six pictures have been sent in so far.

[via Ananova]

MMS Helps Brits Overcome Brazil’s Sexy Postcard Ban

image001 28.jpg Mobile postcard company Mobycards is encouraging travel companies targeting British travellers to Brazil to overcome the proposed ban on saucy postcards by offering customers the opportunity to send personalised branded postcards from their mobile phone.

The Rio state assembly has approved a ban on the sexy images of bikini-clad beauties which are ubiquitous at newsstands throughout Rio de Janeiro.

Mobycards, which powers the mobile postcard service, is a twist on the traditional holiday postcard enabling travellers to send personalised physical postcards that arrive through the mail direct from their mobile phone.

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November 16, 2005

3 to premiere Madonna video on mobiles

Image00072447.jpeg Mobile network 3 has struck an audio and video content deal with Warner Music, premiering Madonna's latest single ‘Hung Up’ on 3 to launch the partnership.

"Warner Music is the third major record label to supply fill-length audio and video tracks to the 3 network, following deals with Sony BMG, EMI and independent service Vidzone."

[via Netimperative]

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HSBC bank bans cameraphones to protect Wills

princewilliam02.jpg This is fun. From The Inquirer.

In an effort to stop bank workers from benefiting from Prince William' s work experience stint at HSBC's HQ in Canary Wharf, the management have banned the use of cameraphones.

Obviously the existence of online sites like – where registered users can sell pictures taken with their cameraphones – has come to the notice of top brass at HSBC.

The ban was just part of a series of instructions circulated to employees in an email memo leaked to The Sun".

Jail Game With RFID

A number of adventure-seekers are strapping RFID tags and PDAs onto their wrists in order to take part in a new interactive game. The goal: to escape from Mazzinia, a futuristic high-security jail.

Named La Fuga (The Breakout), the game opened this month at a former bank not far from the Real Madrid Stadium in northern Madrid. The facility can host up to 300 players at a time, each of whom tries to solve quizzes and pass through different obstacles in order to escape."

[via RFID News]

November 15, 2005

Insurance company encourges use of MMS photos for accident claims

In a perfect example of how business is getting the (multimedia) message, Channel News Asia reports on a Singapore insurance company which is encouraging motorists involved in accidents to expedite their claims - by sending in photographs taken at the scene with their cameraphones.

"The photos can show the position of the vehicles and the damages sustained, making it useful for follow-up investigation.

It can also help prevent claims for aggravated damages after the accident to inflate repair cost.

NTUC Incomes expects to solve half of its disputes through this new initiative."

Free Run mobile phone exhibition

reich.jpgLondon based artist Henry Reichhold has been shooting video action and photo stills of the Seidojin free runners team in action.

His film will be part of the Free Run mobile phone exhibition, sponsored by Nokia, opening November 29th and runing for one month.

The phone cameras used for the stills were the Nokia 6680 and the N90, the N90 was also used to produce the freerun Movie which can be see here. Amazing.

Smart-tek To Distribute RFID Technology For Fighting Bird Flu

birdflue.gif Smart-tek has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with SES Investment (China) Ltd. to market and distribute its RFID tracking technology for the tracking and monitoring of birds for the possible spread of the avian influenza in China. [via China Tech News]

"Smart-tek's technologies will be able to prevent and/or deter poultry farmers and bird keepers from falsifying their records of the number of birds under their control, ownership and/or care.

In Asia, it has been reported that poultry farmers and bird keepers regularly and frequently falsify their records to prevent the culling of their livestock. The primary reason for falsifying their records or not disclosing cases of bird flu virus is normally the result of a lack of, or an inadequate amount of, compensation for the culling of their birds."

Popworld goes mobile with Rok TV

Image00056297.jpeg Mobile TV service ROK TV is to bring Channel 4’s music show Popworld to mobile users, according to Netimperative.

"The show, presented by Simon Amstell and Miquita Oliver, will be available to watch on 2.5G and 3G enabled mobile phones as of November 15.

"There are 10 other channels currently available on ROK TV including Cartoon Network, ITN, CNN and National Geographic which play on 12 of the latest handsets with other mobile devices being added soon.

To subscribe to ROK, users log on to to register, download the application and can use the service straight away on a free three-month trial period."

November 14, 2005

Woods Experiences Golfing in China: Click, Ring, Take a Swing

tigerwoods2.gif Golf and golf etiquette is so new in China, and the sport's fans are so crazy about Tiger Woods, that the The HSBC Champions Tournament in Shangai was quite a scene, according to Bloomberg

"Chinese golf fans flocked to watch Tiger Woods in Shangai last weekend. And snap pictures while he was playing, and call friends to tell them about it.

"A lot of people had mobile phones and were taking pictures, you just had to deal with it,'' the No. 1-ranked golfer said in Shangai, wherehe repeatedly pulled away from playing shots because of noise. "There were a lot of distractions out there.''

... Organizers said about 10,000 people turned up for the final day, when David Howell outplayed Woods to win by three strokes.

Signs at the entrances to the Sheshan International Golf Club were optimistic: "Strictly no mobile phones and cameras.'' Spectators, many walking past the signs with phone planted to ear, even got written instructions on how to behave from organizers.

... Another item on the "Guide to Viewing Golf'' for fans, "never attempt to pick up any ball on the course,'' was ignored by a woman standing at the edge of the fairway on the fourth hole after Simon Wakefield, an English golfer, teed off."

Related articles:

-- Golf Rules leave fans pining for phones - At a golf tournament, silence is not only golden, it is mandatory.

-- Call for Cameraphone ban on Golf Tournaments - Officials at this year's US Masters introduced airport-style metal detectors and bag scanners at the main entrance to Augusta and confiscated all mobile phones and cameras.

Finland to license commercial mobile TV service

Finland has become the first European country to issue a licence for a commercial TV service for mobile phones, the Finnish News Agency reports, via The Register.

"The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications announced on Monday that it will start accepting applications for a licence. The service will be based on DVB-H (digital video broadcasting - handheld) transmission technology. Finland is one of many countries experimenting with TV on mobile phones. In Helsinki around 500 people were involved in a pilot in the Helsinki metropolitan area last spring, which was favourably received."

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First South African Cell phone movie

Aryan Kaganof, the prolific writer/director of numerous feature films, shorts and video is to direct 35mm feature film, entitled SMS Sugar Man, shot on a cameraphone, according to Mobile Africa.

The story is an original idea of Kaganof's, and takes place on Christmas eve, and centres on a Johannesburg pimp, who drives four of his ladies around the city. A feel good story on a dark evening, for the modern urban viewer.

"The evolution of this technology is perfect to tell this story, which uses cellphones as an integral part of the narrative. The girls are umbilically linked to each other and Sugar Man through their phones" says Kaganof.

... The film will be shot in the dead of night, during December, and ready for distribution on a variety of distribution platforms in September 2006."

November 13, 2005

Camphone video of unrest at Clichy-sous-bois


A film taken from a balcony at Clichy-sous-bois with a camera phone, captures young people interacting, then running away from French policemen's rubber bullets.

This video allegedly taken October 28, has spread on the French web, related to the unrest and rioting in France. But it's author has not come forward. The video was handed to a journalist on October 30th, as testimony to the event. [via France5]

November 12, 2005

Phone Camera Comes with "still image stabilizer" Capability

2729.jpg NTT DoCoMo is launching "FOMA N902i", a mobile phone made by NEC with camera equipped with a "still image stabilizer".

The image stabilizer is different from how digital camera does. A digital camera moves the camera lens mechanically to reduce the image blur caused by hand shake. N902i camera works differently and calling it a electronic image stabilizer.

[via Slashphone]

Paris Transit to Test Phones as Fare Cards

2947_1.jpg According to RFID Journal, French wireless telecom company Bouygues Telecom and Paris' public transportation authority, the RATP, are preparing a trial that will allow riders of the city’s subway and bus systems to use RFID-enabled cell phones as contactless transit cards.

"Starting in March, 150 commuters will use new wireless phones instead of their RATP Navigo contactless transit cards to prepurchase fare for travel on the RATP network. To pay for a ride, participants will need only wave their cell phones past one of the Navigo RFID-enabled readers already installed at 800 Metro subway stations and on 8,000 buses."

November 11, 2005

Italian RAI TV is ready to broadcast on mobiles

Speaking at a round table meeting held in Rome, Italian television RAI's president Claudio Petruccioli announced that RAI is ready to broadcast some of its programmes on mobile phones using the new 'Dvb-h' system. [via AGI online

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busysignal_rotary_telCD239.jpg Pacific Film Archive presents: BUSY SIGNALS: TELEPHONIC ART IN MOTION, a two-part series:

-- Rotary on Wed Nov 16: Live Performance by Marisa Olson. Marshall McLuhan claimed that the word phony didn't enter the language until the word telephone did. This idea inspired Andy Warhol to develop a quasi–TV show with people arguing on the phone.

-- Touchtone on Wed Nov 30: Live Performance by Jon Brumit. Some filmmakers are closet phonephreaks, and tonight's program brings them out of the phone booth.

On both evenings, Benjamin Hill and Carrie Burgener from UC Berkeley's School of Information Management and Systems will involve us in a projected mosaic using your camera phone images as raw material.

[via Networked_Performance]

A yellow cameraphone from NTT DoCoMo

5159_large.jpg This is a novel color for cell phones. Very yellow.

It's NTT DoCoMo's D902i new slider phone available yellow. with a 2.8” QVGA display, a 4 megapixel camera and an mp3 player.

[via mobilemag].

Special Emmy award for original mobile content

According to the The New York Times, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, best known for handing out the Daytime Emmy Awards, is expected to announce on Tuesday that it has created an award category to recognize original video content for computers, cellphones and other hand-held devices, like the video iPod and PlayStation Portable.

eawards.gif The academy already hands out a technical achievement award for new media. But this will be the first time the group has recognized original content for cellphones and other devices, which have gained some acceptance among media-hungry consumers.

Already several studios are experimenting with creating serials for mobile phones, many derived from programs already shown on television. The academy hopes the new category will draw attention to a rapidly growing business that is expected to expand even more as consumers, largely teenagers, adopt new technology quickly.

"Television is transforming into moving images anytime, anywhere," said Peter Price, president of the academy. "

November 10, 2005

KTFT Debuts "Asymmetrical Twist" phone

KTFT has rolled out a new camera phone, model KTF-TR2000 (Ever Twist), that features a "twist rotation" design. When rotated, the folder is twisted asymmetrically away from the keypad.

Thanks to the unique design, the keypads can be used as hot-keys for camera and camcorder.

[via MobileKorea.TV]

Roberto Benigni Calls Mobile Movie Show “Blasphemous”

theinterpreter.gif Italian film director and Oscar winner Roberto Benigni has his panties up in a bunch over a movie being released first on mobile phones in Italy. Sydney Pollack’s movie “The Interpreter” is being sold on Italian mobile company H3G, by the film’s Italian distributor Eagle Pictures, where for a fee of €9 ($10.2), users can watch the movie on their phone as many times as they liked for a full week.

But Benigni says that is “blasphemous” and as a result several major Italian exhibitors are refusing to show the movie in theaters. Apparently, he said that the beauty of the cinema is the largeness of the screen and that can’t be felt on the phones.

reBlogged from Moco News,

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November 09, 2005

Swisscom Mobile launches Replay TV

Mobile operator Swisscom Mobile has expanded its range of mobile TV services to include replays of certain TV shows. The service, dubbed Replay TV will offer repeats of the ‘Tagesschau’ news programme and the ‘Meteo’ weather forecasts from SF DRS will be offered 40 minutes after they are shown on TV. There’s also some entertainment shows on offer. [via Moco News].

Mobile Video Phone Art Project

cracks.jpg mo.vid.1 is part of the Moving Pictures show which opened at the Dallas Center for Contemporary Art last Friday.

It's a mobile video project that updates every time the artist, Dean Terry, sends a video from his mobile phone to the gallery - often several times a day. The display changes as new videos are sent from the phone, though wireless networks, and to a computer in the gallery.

In addition to the videos updating in the gallery space, they also appear online at

November 08, 2005

MMS (porn) clips the way to go?

fardedefdbdj.jpg Use of MMS is being seen as a new medium to promote movies. Not many, however, are convinced and feel filmmakers must know where to draw a line.

Fardeen and Koena MMS clip (picture left) has raised eyebrows.

India's Daily News & Analysis publishes some of their readers' comments.

"Bollywood is known to resort to various publicity stunts and this seems to be yet another one. All the hype created can generate reactions contrary to what the film makers are looking for. — Ashok Yadav / Matunga.

It's a fun way of publicity but to there’s a limit. The film-makers must know where to draw a line. — Shanti Pillai / Nerul.

Way to go. It's the kind of a teaser which will help the movie makers to get a good opening for their movie. It is fairly harmless if you ask me. People will crib about everything. — Bhavin Kumar /Bhayander.

Photo: Samsung 8-megapixel Phone

MobileTVKorea has the first good product shot of Samsung's 8-megapixel camera phone (model name : SPH-V8200), unveiled last Thursday.

Sprint Nextel Launches Push-to-Picture Service

According to PC Mag, Sprint Nextel has announced a walkie-talkie service for sharing photographs.

"Nextel Direct Send Picture lets customers send a picture to a person on the other end of a Nextel Walkie-Talkie call, without interrupting the call itself. The picture simultaneously appears on both the user's and recipient's phones during the call, and they can both view and discuss it."

Direct Send Picture is available immediately on the Motorola i870 phone, and will be included on all future Nextel phones."

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November 07, 2005

Please send Prince Charles a camera phone!

20051103_hrhpw.jpg Note to cell phone makers. Please send Prince Charles a camera phone!

"Snapped by a sea of camera phones at Georgetown University, Prince Charles asked one student if the pictures actually came out. “Give me your e-mail and I’ll send you a copy, your Royal Highness,” the student shouted back." [via The Gulf Times]

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CSL, Nokia offer video-sharing service

CSL will be working with the Finnish mobile group and use Nokia's Internet protocol multimedia subsystem to allow cell phones to receive video imaging while on the phone. [via UPI via Phys.Org

"Video sharing is a natural expansion of voice calls and an advancement of normal video calls," Hubert Ng, chief executive of CSL, said in a news release."

RFIDwasher: to protect your privacy

washer.gif Interesting find on pasta and vinegar, the RFIDwasher.

Because it's hard to destroy and RFID tag yourself - the first problem is finding the very small chip, designed to withstand huge electrical currents (e.g. static) and almost indestructible. RFIDwasher finds RFID tags and “electronically washes” it, thus protecting your privacy. (…)

It disables the tag using patented prioprietary technology . It is designed to destroy all tags that you will find on everyday objects – these are known as passive tags. It is not designed to destroy active tags which are used in industrial applications."

TV on mobiles proves a turn-off

Most people have no desire to watch television on mobile phones, preferring to use home computers to watch TV while on the internet, according to new research in Britain by Entertainment Media Research, deflating some of the hype about mobile-television alliances, such as Vodafone's deal with Sky last week. The Guardian reports.

..."70% of mobile owners said they did not want to watch television on their phone at all.

The survey found there was a much greater consumer demand for television content on PCs than mobiles. The home computer is becoming an extra TV set in the home, according to EMR's chief executive, Russell Hart."

November 05, 2005

Students' mobile film challenge

_40983066_filmscene3.jpg Producing films for the smallest of screens - mobile phones - presented a big challenge for media students at the University of Wales, Newport. The BBC reports on some students impressions.

"The shortest of shorts and animations each had to be no more than 30 seconds long but this was not the only problem.

First year student Alex Rainish said: "You've got to ensure the main action is big enough so it can be seen on the display of a mobile phone".

Chris Bennewith, multi-media programme leader at Newport's School of Art, Media and Design, said that the new generation of mobile phones were versatile but still faced challenges for showing film.

He said: "The mobile screens are still quite small and it's very difficult to see detail - this project has shown that up. "

SA children the targets of phone porn

The South African child protection organisation Childline is taking emergency steps to deal with escalating phenomenon of young children accessing hardcore pornography via cellphones and the Internet.

"Van Niekerk said Childline staff were alarmed as there were increasing reports of small children emulating sex acts, such as oral sex, because of their exposure to pornography.

"When we ask children 'what made you do this to another child?' 90% of them say it was pornography."

She said children and teenagers were also using their camera cellphones to send sexual images of themselves to others.

'Listen to your children when they ask to have their number changed'

"They send pictures of themselves having sex or masturbating. Or, when girlfriends break up with them, they send sexual pictures of them to their friends as revenge which is hugely problematic for the victims. Girls phone in very distressed."

Barcodeproject Amsterdam Museum Night

N8_1_lr.jpg Visitors to tonights Amsterdam Museum Night may notice a barcode near various artworks. Those who take a picture of that barcode with their cellular and send it to the given emailaddress will receive additional background information about the artwork.

The Amsterdam Historic Museum, the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Rembrandthouse and Nemo are among the six that participate in this barcodeproject. Each of them selected five objects. [via Smart Mobs via emerce]

November 04, 2005

We are all paparazzi now

According to ZDNet Blog, Kate Moss was caught by a camera phone - How did I miss that? - apparently using an illicit drug, because of which she lost several large endorsement contracts. She subsequently checked into rehab where, presumably, camera phones are not allowed.

So what?

"We are all paparazzi now…and we are all stars. The popularity of camera phones in some markets means that any important event (a car accident, a mugging, a wardrobe malfunction, etc.) is increasingly likely to be documented by ordinary people. As phones become more sophisticated, video (rather than still) recordings will become the norm."

Accenture Technology Labs has some thinking around the implications of ubiquitous cameras. Check it out here.

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RFID Reader Embedded in Vending Machines

3060000000052245.JPG The e-Port cashless payment terminal system from USA Technologies is being installed in about 500 beverage, snack, and sundry vending machines across New York City and Atlanta, reports The Wireless Weblog.

"The e-Port terminals have been enhanced with an RFID reader that accepts contactless payments from any credit or debit card carrying the MasterCard PayPass, American Express ExpressPay, Chase blink or Visa Contactless logo.

Encrypted account data is passed between the e-Port RFID-enabled terminal and the payment card.

The terminals are also being used in self-service laundries, as well as in kiosks where you can buy bus or train tickets as well as event tickets."

November 03, 2005

TV Makes a Big Move to the Small Screen

PJ-AG344_pjTVFO_20051102204909.jpg The nation's largest cable companies, together with Sprint Nextel Corp., are introducing a cellphone service that will offer subscribers a broader array of TV options than any other service. Peter Grant reports for the WSJ.

"While other wireless companies, such as Verizon Wireless, already offer cellphone-TV and -Internet services, the latest offerings promise to be richer. Subscribers won't have to pick from a menu of prerecorded shows but can watch live TV shows as they are aired, as well as programs they've recorded on their digital video recorders at home. And if they miss their favorite show, they'll be able to program their digital video recorder by clicking a few buttons on their cellphone.

The new service, which will become available in the first six months of next year, will also enable subscribers to interact with their home computers and TVs on their cellphones.

The move comes just three weeks after Apple Computer Inc. introduced a new iPod media player that allows users to download TV shows, movies and other video content off the Internet."

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