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Thanks, Readers

The U.S.-based crew at ClickZ will be taking a break for the Thanksgiving holiday, so you won't see posts or news out of us for the next few days. But, before we go, in the spirit of the holiday, we want to thank you, our readers, for the feedback, the news tips and the attention (keep them coming!). Hope everyone has a good (long) weekend.

Posted by Pamela Parker on November 23, 04:55 PM | Permalink| Comments (0)


Lycos Launches Sweeps to Populate Planet

Since last month's launch of Lycos Planet, a social networking plus tools play, the company claims a Planet is currently created every 30 seconds by U.S. users. In a bid to further populate the galaxy, the company's announced a Wish & Win holiday sweepstakes.

New Lycos Planet registrants who build a virtual wish list in the MyTV Player tool will be eligible to win iPods, Xobxes, digital cameras and other tech goodies.

Posted by Rebecca Lieb on November 23, 09:32 AM | Permalink| Comments (0)

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Back Into Pajamas

They wore the corporate name for a little over a week, but newly launched blog and news network Open Source Media (OSM) has slipped back into its pajamas.

They provide a bunch of reasons for doing so on the site which appear valid. But the elephant looms in the room. Just do a Google search for "open source media" and you'll see what I mean. If a newly launched online company doesn't appear in SERPs, does it really exist?

Posted by Rebecca Lieb at November 22, 09:27 AM | Permalink| Comments (0)

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Lime Media

Saul Hansell at the Times gives some ink to Lime, the eco-aware and personal growth-oriented multi-platform media play that's backed by Steve Case of AOL fame.

I tried to get in touch with these folks a couple weeks ago, but failed to get a reponse. It now appears they've moved into beta launch mode.

Worth watching. Its founder and CEO is C.J. Kettler, who led sales and marketing for Oxygen Media. The current site consists mainly of blogs, but may expand into MySpace-style networking, according to the story.

Posted by Zachary Rodgers at November 21, 01:32 PM | Permalink| Comments (0)

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TiVO, iPod Hook Up

This (subscription required) should move some holiday hardware.

The Wall Street Journal reports TiVo plans to enable transfers of recorded programming to the new video iPod. That will greatly expand the amount of TV programming avaiilable for the device,as well as give TiVo an edge over competitive DVRs -- at least for the time being. It may also give the new portable video player a nice little jumpstart for the holidays.

The whole thing will be complicated and time-consuming, at least at the outset. "The whole process of getting an hour-long show onto an iPod could take more than two hours from the time a TiVo device finishes recording it," says the WSJ.

iPodded TiVo programming will contain ads, unlike the ad-free Disney shows sold on the iTunes at $1.99 a pop.

Posted by Rebecca Lieb at November 21, 12:03 PM | Permalink| Comments (0)

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Talking Frogs Review Sites

What do talking frogs think of the Web site?

Wonder no more -- click here to find out just why they don't like it. In kind of a MST3K twist on Web sites, the talking frogs discuss what they don't like about -- and they're pretty on target. You can even sign up for the frogs' newsletter to find out when their next site review goes live.


Posted by Rebecca Lieb at November 18, 04:07 PM | Permalink| Comments (0)

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First Seven Minutes of "Narnia" Coming Next Week

Narnia, Dinsey's holiday season blockbuster, will make a sneak peek available next week. The first seven minutes of the film will be made available online, at least so VitalStream's President and COO Philip Kaplan tells me.

Clips tailored for the Web and even for portable video devices are going to make for some very interesting film promotions. Stay tuned.

Posted by Rebecca Lieb at November 18, 12:01 PM | Permalink| Comments (0)

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Marketing in the 313

A group of marketers in the Detroit metro area came together to form 313 Digital. The new association will aid area marketers in the development, education, and recognition of digital media as part of the marketing mix.

While some big companies in the Motor City are already active in the online space, the group must recognize potential to be more active. The group will focus several key areas like digital media; search engines; wireless; broadband video; gaming; podcasting; ad serving.

The new association is looking for speakers to give talks about the "state-of-the-art" in digital media.

Ford Motor Media partner and digital media manager, Joe Kyrakoza, will head the group as president. Additional members of the board include professionals from AOL Media Networks; MSN; Washington Post Interactive; JWT; GM Planworks; PHD;; Crains; Hachette Filipacchi Media and PSI Call Center.

Posted by Enid Burns at November 18, 10:54 AM | Permalink| Comments (0)

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Local Search Gets Bucks

Online community site Judy's Book received $8 million in a round of funding from VC firms Mobius Venture Capital; Ignition Partners and Ackerly Partners.

Posted by Enid Burns at November 17, 05:27 PM | Permalink| Comments (0)

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Amex Revives Holiday Wish List

Amex has teamed with big brands and big box retailers to revive its holiday Wish List.

It's more than aspirational -- it's an opportunity for cardholders to buy specially-priced merchandise online from a panoply of retailers and manufacturers: TaylorMade, Palm, KitchenAid, Best Buy and Toys 'R Us to name but a few of 40,000 participants in the promotion.

American Express claims merchants who offered Wish Certificates last year, limited supply, high-value merchant discounts, saw double the average transaction size of typical Amex transactions.

Posted by Rebecca Lieb at November 17, 03:26 PM | Permalink| Comments (0)

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More Bloggers Switch

Apple's market share has risen a percentage point this year, from 3.3 to 4.3 percent of the PC market share.

The rise is attributed to the "halo effect" of the companies burgeoning iPod sales. But A-list bloggers are also publicly making the switch, first Jeff Jarvis, and now Dave Weinberger.

While this likely doesn't account for all Apple sales, these e-fluentials surely deserve some credit for increasing the ranks of the Apple faithfull.

Posted by Rebecca Lieb at November 17, 10:22 AM | Permalink| Comments (0)

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A Painful New Ad Unit

AdBrite is offering a page takeover unit called "Intermission" that it hopes "makes more money for publishers, and gives more exposure to advertisers." Can't argue it'll succeed on both counts, at least in the short term. The ad essentially redirects users to an advertiser's Web site (example), which they must click through to get the content they really wanted.

The appeal for AdBrite is clear. High CPMs and no production required. It also happens to be over-the-top intrusive.

More: Jim Kukral at ReveNews voices concern, and AdBrite CEO Philip Kaplan replies in the comments.

Posted by Zachary Rodgers at November 16, 03:41 PM | Permalink| Comments (0)

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Midweek Blog Potables

Audience fragmentation is a myth. Vin Crosbie tears it up.

"Write your name in all your clothes." Everything Organic needs to know about viral it learned while preparing the kids for summer camp.

Also from Organic: AJAX or Flash is it just semantics?

The buzz continues on Dungeons & Dragons' move to the Web. The original RPG brand joins the online pack. Could be a great comeback story or a tower of suckitude.

Pheedo's handling of a complaint: The company catches flack, responds and is forgiven (mostly). A blogosphere PR case study in action.

Posted by Zachary Rodgers at November 16, 02:37 PM | Permalink| Comments (0)

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Google Base: For Real This Time

It popped up; it disappeared; it reared its head again only to duck behind error messages. But now it appears Google Base is up and running for good. We're still checking it out, so in the meantime check out Gary Price's extensive pokearound at SEW blog.

Posted by Pamela Parker at November 16, 01:09 PM | Permalink| Comments (0)

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Pajamas Becomes Open Source Media

The newest blog network on the block officially launches this morning. The working title of Pajamas Media has morphed into Open Source Media (OSM). And a splashy launch it is -- at New York's fabled Rainbow Room.

We'll have a story up later today once the launch is over. Before the event kicked off, I did manage to chat with CEO Roger L. Smith and Tom Troja, who is overseeing ad sales as VP of marketing and biz dev. Both told me the company considers ads on blogs to be very nascent. They company is considering any and all possiblities, including new formats. No promises that ads on the network's blogs will adhere to IAB standard formats (and no announced advertisers yet, either). Should be interesting to watch this develop -- and whether advertisers will bite if OSM goes its own way in that respect.

Still, this is a company that obviously knows how to prepare for a room full of bloggers. Not only is there the obligatory wi-fi, but extra power strips for one and all. Take note, you conference organizers out there.

Posted by Rebecca Lieb at November 16, 10:25 AM | Permalink| Comments (0)

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