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It was really hard selecting just three blogs from each category. There are lots and lots of great blogs out there - and there are lots and lots of blogs that would be great for people interested in a particular topic. I tagged some of my other favourites over at del.icio.us, if you want to see.

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[PhD fellowships in Oslo]

Two PhD fellowships (stipendiatstillinger) in participatory media have just been advertised at the University of Oslo. One’s in MMOGs (or more specifically multi-user games with a strong degree of visual realism), the other is about new political arenas such as blogs. Here’s the full text of the advertisement. You need an MA or equivalent and a good idea to apply.

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That was fun! I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoy showing people the basics of blogging :)

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[Hvordan blogge, hvorfor blogge?]

Today I’ve been invited to talk with high school teachers about blogs at a seminar held by Aschehoug. These are links and notes.

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[Ice Floe]

My friend Lars has a poem in the next issue of Ice Floe. I had never heard of Ice Floe, so of course I clicked the link and found, to my surprise, a journal for poets living north of the 60th latitude. The most beautiful thing about it seems to be the diversity: the last issue has poems from Alaska, Iceland, the Shetlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, and the ones not in English are all presented both in the original and with an English translation. Bergen is actually just north of 60?, though we don’t really think of ourselves as Northern here. We’re southerners, ignorant of true midnight sun, more likely to go to Rome than to Nordkapp. Rome is closer, actually.

One day I’ll go north.

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[chance encounters]

About to catch a taxi to the airport, I saw a familiar face in the lobby of the hotel - the familiar face of a person I’ve never met but knew exactly who was: Clancy! We both had to run about two minutes after meeting, but she blogged a photo! And I’m rather impressed that we recognised each other so easily :)

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[panel about AI and narrative]

Ran out after Kate Hayles and dashed into another panel on artificial intelligence and chatbots, which is turning out to be really good. (more…)

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[kate hayles’ mother was a computer]

OK; I’ll try and blog at least one talk. Kate Hayles “The Storyteller, the INtelligent Machine, and the Manager: Complex Somethings of something and data.” (such a long title, and changed from the program, so I didn’t get it all. Hayles has a new book out this month: My Mother Was a Computer
Digital Subjects and Literary Texts

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Astonishingly I’ve been struck my the desire to sit and listen and not insta-blog every conference presentation. I am intending to blog our panel last night, but in case I don’t get around to it, it was great! I mean, my presentation could have been a little, you know, less messy and all, but our three topics worked out really, really well together, and we had a full half hour of lively discussion afterwards. I think it was one of the best discussions after a panel I’ve ever heard, and really useful! You should probably go read Jess’s summary since I need a nap before going to listen to the plenary…

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[at SLSA in Chicago]

I’m in Chicago attending SLSA 2005, the conference of the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts. There’s a whole track devoted to electronic literature, so I’m pretty excited.
In a couple of hours I’m talking in a panel about distributed narration, where I’m going to try to look more specifically at how fragments of narrative connect to each other when they’re not explicitly linked. Scott Rettberg and Jessica Henig are my fellow panelists. Scott will be talking about situationism, fluxus art and sticker literature, and Jess will be talking about emergent narrative. I haven’t actually met Jess yet. I bet she’s in this room listening to the talk before our panel, but I’m not sure which face is hers.

Right now, Dave Ciccoricco, who’s an expat American living in New Zealand, is talking about repetition as the main trope of network fiction. Rob Kendall’s next: he’s talking about the kind of reading that requires divination, such as reading tarot cards, lines on the palm of a hand or tea leaves, and leads from there into a presentation of his most recent literary work, Soothcircuit, a literary divination system. Lori Emerson is next, speaking about print-published computer-generated poetry. She’s surprised to have only found a single woman poet working in this form, Canadian Erin Mouré, and her book Pillage Laud, “computer-generated lesbian sex-poems”. Here, apparently, are some extracts. Rob Swigart is last. Mentions an article about how of the idea of a linear future was invented in [some past period].

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