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Hansons Albert Hubo?

Filed: » Ian Wilson @ 2005-11-22, 12:25 EET

Albert Hubo
A commentator who definately knows a thing or two about (I) Robots on my previous post about Albert Hubo says that the head was developed by David Hanson at Hanson Robotics which would not suprise me at all. What is suprising (or not as the case may be) is that his name is not mentioned anywhere in the press and Albert is not featured on the Hanson Robotics web site. (more…)


Lionhead “The Movies”

Filed: » Ian Wilson @ 2005-11-17, 16:00 EET

The Movies
Just reading a post about “The Movies” by UK game studio “Lionhead“. This has been eagerly anticipated for some time by the Machinima crowd for its in game movie creation abilities.
It seems many people are taking up the chance to create their own mini movies but one thorough review was very unimpressed, (more…)


“Albert Hubo”, Einstein reanimated

Filed: » Ian Wilson @ 2005-11-17, 15:34 EET

Hubo Albert
Looks like KAISTs KH3 robot has been updated (KH4 I assume?) and has had an “expressive” head added. The head is a beautifully crafted model of Albert Einstein (in the craft sense of the word rather than the similarity sense). Apparently it has facial gestures with artificial muscle technology, unfortuately I have not been able to find any movies to see the extent of the gestures possible, however the three images in this post show 2 different expressions and what looks like changes in head pitch. (more…)


Bio Graphic is bought

Filed: » Ian Wilson @ 2005-11-14, 23:16 EET

AI Implant
AI Behavior Toolkit maker Bio Graphic was in the news having just completed its sale to Simulation technology company Engenuity for around $2.75 million including assumed debt of around $1.5 million. Bio Graphic has always had a presence in the simulation market although I believe its heart was always in the game/animation space. Like many companies, simulation work pays the bills but like the game / animation business it is mainly custom work and special projects that dont make for a very steady business. By the size of their debt I would not be suprised if cash was getting tight which facilitated the sale? Still a look at their web site shows that they are getting some pretty impressive projects using AI Implant on the movie fx side of the business. They demoed their technology to me a while back, it is very slick with a good interface. I hope this move allows them to move their system forward to greater success and market penetration.


More bad science writing…

Filed: » Ian Wilson @ 2005-11-08, 13:57 EET

Some of you may have seen an article in wired about emotion in games “Can a game make you cry?” citing a research report entitled “Videogames: The Impact of Emotion”. What a poorly researched, sloppy piece of science journalism this is. Add this to the litany of poor science journalism. The thrust of the piece is that “gamers” appreciate emotion in games but it is somewhat misleading in this respect. What we understand by the premise is that game players appreciate more than just killing but also appreciate emotional interaction, this is not what the survey really says. It merely points out the obvious that games give players a sense of competive achievement along with doses of fear and adreneline. What it also fails to mention is that the author, Bowen Research is an agency that specializes exclusively on “Young male consumers, from boys to young adults” so the Wired article reference to “gamers” in fact only represents a sub set of that category.

The research article itself seems trivial at best but can only be read in its entirety upon payment of almost $1000! Im in the wrong business! Perhaps the full report offers some deeper insights, I wonder if the Wired reporter even read it?


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