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“Element V”, is for me one of the great surprises of the year, without any doubt we will hear about this band in the future. This album is a synonym of originality and it’s good to see that some young bands are again inspired and are able to avoid to fall in the trick of Melodic Death metal or Power. I really recommend this album to all the Metal Heads who want something surprising. “Element V”, is a must have for you…" METALSTORM

ELEMENT V is now Available as a Full Download!
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Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, VOYAGER transgress the boundaries of metal music, thereby creating a unique atmosphere of unforgettable melodies, heaviness, virtuosity and entertainment. The sonic voyage guides the listener through emotions, landscapes and distant tales, which ultimately form a truly intense audio experience…

What VOYAGER stands for: VOYAGER’s music is an extremely diverse venture, with melody and structure always being at the top of the priority list. Be it power, gothic, dark or even black metal music which the songs draw inspiration from, the end result is always a unique and tasteful interpretation. Virtuosity, neo-classicism, atmosphere and grooves are just some key terms which describe VOYAGER’s style of metal.

So let yourself be guided into a truly intense audio experience. Take a journey through emotions, landscapes and distant tales with VOYAGER

Voyager is:
Emanuel Rudnicki: Guitar
Geoff Callaghan: Drums & Percussion
Mark De Vattimo: Guitar
Daniel Estrin
: Vocals & Keyboards
Melissa Fiocco: Bass
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Special Thanks from V:

:: Cindy for all the hard yards she put into making this website happen.
:: Rene from DVS for all the hard yards he's put into V.
:: Sandra from Undercover for all the hard yards she put into promoting V.
:: Adam Lovkis, Mark Baker and Jennah Graieg for their part in V history.

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