AIM+ 2.2.1 Build 65

Publisher's Description:

AIM+ is an add-on to AOL's Instant Messenger for Windows. It integrates automatically and flawlessly with AIM, adding crucial features like IM/chat logging (with an integrated history browser), ad removal, and translucent windows. It will not interfere with your AIM installation. You can still run AIM instead of AIM+, and you can upgrade to newer versions of AIM normally (without re-installing AIM+).

Latest Changes:

  • Maintenance release
  • Feature: AIM+: New Readme file
  • Feature: AIM+: Help button added to about boxes
  • Feature: AIM+ History Viewer: Delete buttons added
  • BugFix: AIM+: Debugging statistics code removed
  • BugFix: AIM+: Browser links (aim:...)fixed
  • BugFix: AIM+: AIM Today supressor allows Alerts, Chats, Greetings


Latest User Reviews:

Reviewer:mrp-Jul 21, 2005
Version:2.2.1 Build 65 
I still love this program

Probably because I refuse to upgrade AIM past version 4.8

5.x is horrible and therefore I couldn't care less if there hasnt been a new version of AIM+ in 3 years.
Reviewer:IamLeXJan 13, 2003
Version:2.2.1 Build 65 
If your gonna make a program like this its good to try to keep up with the new software. Or at least let us know when your going to make it or if your going to make it.
Reviewer:phsiloDec 19, 2002
Version:2.2.1 Build 65 
Looks like I was right after all then huh? :)
Reviewer:jpk311Dec 15, 2002
Version:2.2.1 Build 65 
quoted from big-o's website :
"AIM+ 3.0 indefinitely postponed."
Reviewer:superjoe0004Dec 15, 2002
Version:2.2.1 Build 65 
OK, so the Big-o-software site is partially responding, can anyone tell me when the new version will actually be released or if anyone got the new version before it crashed?
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Released:June 10, 2002
Publisher:Big-O Software
OS Support:Windows (All)
Rating:4.3/5 (57 votes)