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This website is published and maintained personally by a former Amway/Quixtar diamond for those of you presently in or thinking of getting into 'the business' to help you ask the big question: Where is the money? Where does it come from?

I joined Amway in Alberta Canada in February 1989 and was part of the True North, Wilson, Yager organizations and soon after I built my business to the diamond level I realized that the Crawfords, Towers, Wilsons and Yagers of this world appeared more interested in 'getting rich' off of selling tapes, books and function tickets to 'their group' than they did in ever helping anyone build their Amway business!

As of August 03, 2005, I have disposed of all of my interests in any business associated with the Amway Corporation or Quixtar. Up until that time my business was and is still be referred to as a 'Diamond' business even though I only qualified as a diamond for the one year that I went diamond and the business never ever re-qualified diamond.

Today this business which is owned by Allie & Ken Murdoch is still referred to as a diamond business on the True North stages at all functions. The main reason I left the Amway/Quixtar business was because of the dishonesty in the business and this is a prime example. If the powers to be still refer to a business as a diamond business even though it has not been a diamond business in over seven years, and even if it doesn't qualify at the emerald level, what other 'stories' are you being told to believe?

Speaking of honesty, when you got into the business, were you told it was Amway? Forget the hype as I was in the business when the name was changed from Amway to Quixtar. When I asked why the name change I was told it was because the business was going 'online'. Maybe I missed something but I didn't see Wallmart, IBM, Sears or any of the other thousands of reputable corporations that took their businesses online change their names. I was left wondering if this name change didn't come about because of the terrible reputation the former name appeared to be known for. I felt if I was a skunk, I could change my name and say I was a kitten, but I would still stink!

Is someone approaching you to get into this business? Are you considering getting into this business? Are you "in the business" and still wondering when you are going to make any money, break even, retire or have the lifestyle that you are being told is so easily available for you?

I would think common sense would encourage you to ask the person in the next seat to you at a function or standing in the hallway: How long have you been in the business? How much money do you clear a month after all of your tapes, books, functions, hotels, meals and gas?

If someone is approaching you to get you into the business, ask them to show you their last six months of income statements they received from Amway/Quixtar, and make certain it is money from Amway/Quixtar and not monies they made off of selling books, tapes and function tickets to their 'group'! When I was a diamond in the business over 80% of the money I was paid in the 'business' came from the sale of tapes, books and function tickets to the 'group' and not from Amway/Quixtar!

The next time you are listening to someone doing 'the plan' or speaking at a function telling you about the lifestyle they have and all of the 'toys' they own because of 'the business', ask them to show you their last six months of income statements just from Amway/Quixtar! They won't do it! Why not? Well the year that I was a qualified diamond, the money I received from Amway/Quixtar was less than a third of what a Air Canada pilot receives a year! Think about it, if that is what a qualified diamond makes, what does an emerald or sapphire earn from Amway/Quixtar? What does a double diamond make, maybe 2/3 of what an airline pilot makes? And you are going to have what kind of a lifestyle with this? How many homes are you going to own? How many coaches, planes, boats and Jags are you going to own?

If this is true that 80% of the income comes from selling you on the idea that you need to listen to a tape every day, read a book every day and go to a function of some kind every month or you will be ostracized from the 'group' and your 'group' being told that you are not a leader, shouldn't you be told this when you are shown 'the plan'? Shouldn't you be told the truth that even though this is the Amway/Quixtar plan, less than 20% of your income, when you reach a certain level in the business will ever come from Amway/Quixtar! Shouldn't you be told the truth when you are shown 'the plan', that if you are ever going to make any 'big' money in the business it will only be by constantly selling people books, tapes and function tickets?

Should someone try and convince you that there is not all this money being made on books, tapes and functions, all you would need to do is ask them: If blank tapes can be purchased in bulk for 23 cents a tape, why do you pay the price they ask you to pay for it? Where does all of the profit go? Into who's pocket? If a function has a cost of 1 dollar a chair, why do you pay the price you pay to attend a seminar or major function? Where does all of the profit go? Into who's pocket? Shouldn't you be told all of this 'before' you are asked to 'sign up'?

In closing, if one of 'your leaders' that are professing to be making all of this money, lifestyle, toys etc are claiming what I am saying here is not true, it is very, very simple to find out the truth. Just ask them to show you their income statements directly from Amway/Quixtar for the last year and also their tax returns to Revenue Canada or the IRS last year showing their 'total' income for the year. If they won't show you these figures, wouldn't you think the truth is obvious?


Don J. Lorencz
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