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About Chocolate
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Cadbury Trebor Bassett
About Chocolate

Image of 93 Bull Street in 1824Cadbury has been synonymous with chocolate since 1824, when John Cadbury opened his first shop, establishing a flourishing dynasty that today provides the world with many of its favourite brands of chocolate.

Learn about the fascinating history of chocolate: how the botanical name for cocoa is "Theobroma Cacoa" with Theobroma meaning 'God food'; when and how chocolate was first introduced to Europe; how 'xocolatl' - a bitter frothy drink, beloved by Montezuma - made the transition into food centuries later; and how its reputation for heightening pleasure made it the stuff of myth and legend.
Image of Cadbury Dairy Milk chunksDiscover the history of Cadbury, from its social pioneering to the perfection of the recipe for Cadbury Dairy Milk; first launched in 1905, and still a market leader today. Find out all there is to know about making chocolate, and amaze yourself with the brand stories and brand timeline that show how many Cadbury brands have been favourites since the early 1900s.

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Image of John Cadbury