May 9, 1970 (at 9:30 a.m.)
U.A.W. International President Walter P. Reuther, his wife May and four others died in a plane crash on their way to visit the U.A.W.'s Education Center at Black Lake, MI.

July, 1970
The U.A.W was petitioned to represent the hourly workers at the Fisher Body Plant in Lordstown, OH.

August, 1970
The people of Fisher Body were meeting at the Community Center in Newton Falls, Ohio. Bill Casstevens (the newly elected Regional Director of the U.A.W) gave the go ahead for a vote to determine if there would be a separate local union for the Fisher Body Plant or if the workers would belong to the local already organized at the adjoining Chevrolet Passenger Car Assembly Plant With a unanimous vote the people of Fisher Body made the choice to be a separate local. The certification of Local 1714 was finalized by the U.A.W. International Executive Board and our charter was issued.

August, 1970
The U.A.W. Regional Director Bill Casstevens appointed the first Union Officers to Local 1714. Bob Barlow was appointed as Shop Chairman and Konrad Spiker, President

August 28, 1970
U.A.W Local 1714 experienced its first wildcat strike, it lasted one day.

September 14, 1970
Only one month old, the newborn local faced a 13 week National and Local Strike.

1714 Local Union made its business office in a small building on RT. 45 across from Lordstown High School. The membership held meetings at the Steelworkers Hall on Elm Rd., Warren, OH.

February 1, 1971
Local 1714 held its first General Election in a tent in the parking lot of the Fisher Body Plant. Sam Martz was elected President, Richard C. Drogowski was elected Shop Chairman.

September 9, 1971
U.A.W. Local 1714 experienced its second wildcat strike involving 3rd shift Committeeman, Tom Weekley (He had been taken to Labor Relations and suspended). The Strike lasted four days.

September 26, 1971
At the regular monthly membership meeting, a $1.00 per month per member assessment was passed for a Local Union Building Fund.

December 16, 1971
Membership was informed that our offer of $32,000 for 42 acres on Carson Salt Springs Road to build our Union Hall was accepted by the owner.

March 23, 1972
Election of delegates to the 23rd Constitutional Convention, held at Eden Grange Hall, Lordstown, OH.

December 1, 1972
General Election (All Officers) held at Eden Grange Hall, Lordstown, OH. Sam Martz was elected President, Tom "Red" Weekley was elected Shop Chairman.

October 10, 1973
President Sam Martz resigned his office for health and personal reasons. Vice President Larry Crotty assumed the office of President.

October 20, 1973
At 11:00 a.m., Saturday, we held a ground breaking ceremony for Local 1714 Union Hall.

July, 1973
Negotiations were opened between local management and union. No strike was needed for a settlement.

February 21, 1974
First time a vote was permitted to be taken in the plant hallway. It was a special election on a voluntary overtime memorandum, it passed 1,811 to 257.

June, 1975
5 week long strike was held over health and safety, production standards, down time calculation, massive grievance buildup, false and unfair discipline. Issues were; ignoring provisions of Local agreement, discrimination and management's mistreatment of our membership.

November 3, 1975
We moved into our new Union Hall at 2121 Carson Salt Springs Road.

Bill Walters was the first employee to achieved 30 years and out.

March 16, 1976
Sam Robinson received the award of 1st apprentice to achieve journeyman status.

June 8, 1976
General Election (All Officers) was held in plant hallway. John Barbara elected President and Tom "Red" Weekley elected Shop Chairman.

June 28, 1976
Our petition for T.R.A. (Trade Readjustment Allowance) was approved. The Foreign Trade Act of 1974 allows for special Federal benefits to be paid to workers who become unemployed as a result of increased foreign imports.

September 14, 1976
U.A.W International Union announced that Ford Motor Company was the target for 1976 negotiations.

November 21, 1976
The local agreement was ratified.

March 17, 1977
Election of delegates to the 25th Constitutional Convention, held in the plant hallway.

August 15, 1977
Tom "Red" Weekley resigned as Shop Chairman to attend Central Bible College in Springfield. MS.

November 29, 1977
Frank Vicola was elected to the unexpired term of Shop Chairman.

May 15, 1979
General election (All Officers) was held in the plant hallway. John F. Barbara was elected President and Frank Vicola was elected Shop Chairman.

August 8,1979
Membership passed a strike vote in our union hall.

August 10, 1979
Local 1714 was informed by the International Union that we would have a selective strike if a settlement was not reached by 11:59 p.m. Sept. 14, 1979. Local 1714 wasn't selected as one of the locals to go on strike.

August 30,1979
U.A.W International Union announced that G.M. was selected to be the target for the 1979 negotiations.

September 27, 1979
The National Agreement was turned down at Local 1714, but was passed on the national level.

November 4, 1979
Membership ratified Local 1714's local agreement, with no strike.

March 7, 1980
Election of delegates to the 26th Constitutional Convention held in plant hallway.

April 21, 1981
Local 1714 union delegates voted against reaffiliation with the A.F.L.-C.I.O., an overwhelming majority, (approximately 91 percent of the Region 2 delegates) voted in favor of the U.A.W. reaffihiation with the A.F.L.-C.I.O.

May 13, 1981
Vice President Owen Bieber from the U.A.W International Union (G.M. Section) along with Regional Director Bill Casstevens visited Fisher Body, Lordstown, OH.

November 3, 1981
John F. Barbara turned in his letter of resignation as President of 1714, to be effective Monday, November 9, 1981. He accepted the position of International Representative with the U.A.W. International Union Solidarity House, Detroit, MI.

November 9, 1981
Vice President Les Johnson assumed the office of Local 1714 President for the unexpired term.

January 1982
Quality of Work Life information session to begin. 8 hour classes were held on the 3rd floor in the conference room.

January 1982
Re-opened our National and Local Agreement.

April 3, 1982
A special ratification meeting was held at 12:00 noon at the Mahoning Country Club, Girard, OH, for a vote whether to accept or reject the newly negotiated National Agreement. Local 1714 turned down the National Agreement.

April 12, 1982
The National Agreement was passed nationally.

May 3, 1982
Local 1714 began local negotiations.

May 5, 1982
General election (all officers) was held in the plant hallway. Les Johnson was elected President and Frank Vicola was elected Shop Chairman

February 20, 1983
Membership ratified Local 1714's new local agreement.

March 30, 1983
Election of delegates to the 27th U.A.W. Constitutional Convention held in plant hallway.

May 8, 1983
At the 27th Constitutional Convention, Vice President Owen Bieber was elected President of the U.A.W Internationa1 Union. Bill Cassteven, Region 2 Director was elected to the office of Vice President of the U.A.W International Union. Warren Davis, Region 2 Assistant Director, was elected to the office of U.A.W Region 2 Director.

Sallie Fullerman, Recording Secretary Local 1714, received Woman of the Year Award.

August 9, 1984
Local 1714 membership passed a strike vote at the Union Hall.

October 9, 1984
Local 1714 membership turned down the National Agreement, but it passed nationally.

December 13, 1984
Local 1714 membership ratified the local agreement.
Tom Weekley appointed Assistant Director of the Skilled Trades Dept. of the International UAW Union by Vice-President Stephen Yokich.

May 22, 1985
General election (All Officers) was held in plant hallway. Bill Swiger was elected President, Bill Capshaw was elected Shop Chairman.

August 5, 1985
U.A.W. International President Owen Bieber visited Lordstown, and toured our plant.

September 3, 1985
Local began participating in National Joint Strategy Groups (Body Panel and Tool & Die Strategy).

January 30, 1986
Q.W.L. opinion survey was taken in the plant hallway. The survey showed the majority of the membership wanted continued participation in the Q.W.L. process.

March 13, 1986
Election of delegates to the 28th Constitutional Convention, held in plant hallway.

April 16, 1986
U.A.W. Vice President Don Ephlin and GM-BOC Vice President Bill Hoglund visited Lordstown and toured all three plants in the complex.

October 26, 1986
Local 1714 had a mortgage burning ceremony at the Union Hall, 2121 Carson Salt Springs Rd.

December 17, 1986
Shop Chairman Bill Capshaw was elected to the position of top negotiator representing U.A.W Suhcouncil 2-B on the National Bargaining Committees.

February 8, 1987
Bill Capshaw resigned his position as Shop Chairman of U.A.W. Local 1714. He was appointed to the staff of U.A.W. International Vice President Don Ephlin. Dave Fascia was appointed acting Shop Chairman of Local 1714 until an election was held.

March 12, 1987
Election was held for the unexpired term of Shop Chairman. Frank Vicola was elected.

August 29, 1987
Held strike vote at Union Hall. Membership authorized strike.

October 18, 1987
Local 1714 membership ratifies National and Local Agreements. No strike was needed.

April 1, 1988
Frank Vicola resigned his position as Shop Chairman of Local 1714. He was appointed to the staff of Region 2 Director Warren Davis as a servicing representative. Dave Fascia was appointed acting Shop Chairman until a general election was held.

April 21, 1988
General election (All Officers) was held in plant hallway. David R. Kimmel was elected president, Dave Fascia was elected Shop Chairman.

April 13, 1989
Election of delegates to the 29th Constitutional Convention, held in plant hallway.

June 18-23, 1989
At the 29th Constitutional Convention, U.A.W. International Vice President Don Ephlin retired and Steve Yokich was elected U.A.W. International Vice President.

Martha Ausby, retiree, recieved woman of the year award.

November 29, 1989
Newly elected U.A.W. International Vice President Steve Yokich visited Local 1714 Union Hall and B.O.C. Plant.

December 11, 1989
Shop Committeeman Ken Laubett was elected to the position of top negotiator representing U.A.W Subcouncil 7 Skilled Trades Tool and Die on the National Bargaining Committees.

January 1990
Ken Laubert was elected the Top Negotiator for Skilled Trades for the 1990 International Agreement.

February 1990
Dave Kimmel Received an award for Outstanding Achievements to the Community. Retiree Chapter reported that there are now 480 retirees from Local 1714.

May 1990
20th Memorial of Walter P. Reuther killed in plane crash May 1970.

July 1990
Local Demands submitted to management for contract.

August 1990
Local 1714 celebrated 20th Anniversary on 8/19/90. Chuck Rhodes' wife, Elsie, received the P.T.A. Educator of the Year Award. 10th Anniversary of the Polish Solidarity Movement.

October 1990
Y.W.C.A.'s Thirteenth Annual Woman of the Year Award went to U.A.W Local 1714 Secretary Elaine Gardner.

November 1990
New local and national contracts ratified with over 90% in favor. Bob Barlow was presented with a plaque for 20 years of dedicated service as Columbiana-Mahoning-Trumbull UAW-CAP Chairman.

February 1991
Rally in Newton Falls to show support for our Troops in Desert Storm. Jim Kaster received a special proclamation from Governor Dick Celeste for his achievements on the Hooked on Fishing Program and the Mosquito Creek Clean Up.

May 1991
General Election of Officers held. Dave Kimmel was elected President and Dave Fascia, Shop Chairman.

October 1991
Bob Barlow appointed Labor Liaison to staff of Congressman James Traficant.

November 1991
New Exercise Room opened in the plant.

January 1992
Jim Kaster received award for his outstanding services for the Urban League. Dr. Lippy starts plan to Jump Start America. Election held to elect Election Committee.

February 1992
Jackets were presented to Linda Pohto, Dennis Gagne, Jerry Sonnenlitter and Ed Tonkinson-all who served in Desert Storm.

March 1992
Bob Thomas elected as first President of the E.A.P.A., Youngstown Chapter.

April 1992
Election for delegates to the Constitutional Convention.

May 1992
Chaplaincy Committce established (Samson Murry, Jr., Clyde Workman, Julius T. Davis, Jr. and Stanley C. Mink). Plant collection taken for striking Caterpillar workers.

June 1992
Strike Authorization Vote-over 85% voted Yes.

August 1992
Clinton/Gore Rally at Southern Park Mall.

November 1992
National Elections-William Clinton elected President. Veterans Day Rally in Washington, D.C.

January 1993
Bill Clinton's inauguration on January 20th. New AM VETS Post opened at UAW Local 1714 Hall.

February 1993
Louis Robinson, Jr. received the Excellence Journalistic Award for 1992. The very first agreement between G.M. and the U.A.W. was signed on February 11, 1937.

March 1993
Ken Laubert elected for the second time as Negotiator on the Skilled Trades Advisory Committee.

January 1994
NAFTA takes effect January 1st. Ratification of Local Agreement on January 18th. Tom Weekley received Doctoral Degree from Union Institute.

February 1994
Gate collection for the Earthquake Victims of Southern California. Ken Laubert appointed to the International as U.A.W. Skilled Trades Representative.

March 1994
1500 U.A.W. members attend UAWCAP Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.

April 1994
Workers Memorial Plaque at Union Hall completed.

May 1994
Local election of officers held on May 16th. Bob Chambers elected President, Dave Fascia elected Shop Chairman. Kathy Brigger is elected 1st woman bargaining unit representative. Rally for Caterpillar workers held May 9th in Peoria. IL.

June 1994
UAW Region 2's 21st Annual Women's Conference. Warren Trumbull Urban League's 5th Annual Hooked on Life Fishing Derby. Local Union Officers Installation on June 12th.

September 1994
First organizational meeting held for Child Care in the plant.

November 1994
Bob Thomas received Human Spirit Award for his work on Chemical Dependency.

January 1995
Bob Thomas received Award for the Man of the Year.

February 1995
Linzy Johnson named Editor of FOCUS.

March 1995
188 new employees added to the Fabricating Plant.

May 1995
25th Memorial of Walter P. Reuther killed in plane crash in May 1970.

June 1995
UAW-GM Child Care becomes a reality. 31st Constitutional Convention held in Anaheim, CA. Owen Bieber retired and Stephen Yokich elected as new President of the UAW

August 1995
25th Anniversary Celebration held at the Union Hall on August 6th. On August 27th, our Annual Family Picnic was held at Geauga Lake Park.