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I was working the night shift at the chick filet on Hwy 6 Halloween night, which totally sucked unti...

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The Latest Gossip

Emmitt Smith in "Sports Stars"
Emmitt Smith used to pull up outside the movie theater where I worked. Instead of just looking out his limo window at the movies and showtimes, he would call the box office and demand one of us read ... read more...

Faith Hill in "Rock Stars/Musicians"
Recently found this site and wanted to share an experience that happened about a year ago. It was a busy Saturday night in the moderatly priced but busy Italian restaurant I work in (no...not the one ... read more...

Cate Blanchett in "Movie Stars"
A few years ago I managed an organic restaurant in London, and we'd get lots of Primrose Hill types (Jude Law, Rupert Everett etc) past the doors. One day I saunter up to a table only to realize, as I... read more...

jerry brown in "Political Figures"
ok this is a while ago, but mayor jerry brown came into our bar/grill and orders a 'house red'. when i bring it to him (within 45 seconds) he then starts grilling me as to why it is not a Chianti (whi... read more...

Steve Van Zant in "Rock Stars/Musicians"
I just thought this guy was really ugly and needed to close his shirt. It was really busy and I was swamped and well I guess I was alittle rude to him. I never claimed to be the best waitress in f... read more...

The Latest Stories

"On Waiting - thoughts on the most noble of professions"
OK - so I apply at this restaurant before it opens. It was the type of place where the waitstaff sang and danced and did unnecessary steps in their service sequence. So the franchisees (who were a cou... read more...

"On Waiting - thoughts on the most noble of professions"
I have waited in a lot of places. I am a ski bum, I travel. I am not a great waiter, but I am good, and experienced. I know my job. I have done it for 5 years. 2 times I have run into this, Some lady ... read more...

"On Customers - kids, creeps, freaks and the good diners"
I waited on a middle aged mom, dad and (probably) 3 year old kid at an Italian restaurant. I didn't charge for the drinks (when you're floating teas, it's easy to forget sometimes ;) ) The dad was ki... read more...

"Inside Dirt - From Kitchen Filth to Stupid Policies"
I was working in the kitchen of a really popular bar in a ski resort in Canada. One nite there's myself and another Aussie working the kitchen. Pretty quiet night. Now, the kitchenhands only get tippe... read more...

"Mommy Issues - grumpy pigs with issues"
I work the front at an Italian Foods Store where we cater as well as sell lunch and take home foods. I live in one of the richest places in Canada (i dont have money however!) and you get used to seei... read more...