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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm going to have a blog-free holiday weekend. For my U.S. readers, have a great Thanksgiving weekend. Gig em!

Homebrew carbon bikes

James the bike design guy posts an article about Damon Rinard's homemade carbon fiber bikes. Inspired by Rinard, Brano Meres built a couple of frames of his own design. Meres' second bike is a carbon-bamboo mix! Read more here.

Cyclist snatches snatcher

Jeffrey Miller, Executive Director of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, was riding his bike from his office in Augusta, ME, when heard screams and shouting. "I looked back over my shoulder and saw this man carrying a purse and this woman screaming 'Thief.'" Miller and another man tackled the purse-snatcher and held him until police arrived. Read the full story in the Kennebec Journal.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

VH1 links to Cyclelicious

Well, this is interesting. VH1 is asking visitors to vote for their favorite toy. Each listed toy has a link to a representative website. Guess which website VH1 picked for Bicycles?

More bike news than you can shake a frame pump at

For the blog-junkies out there, I've added a sidebar item listing most blog mentions of bicycles. I don't know how long I'll keep it there but I thought I'd try it out. Right now you can only see it by visiting the Cyclicious home page -- I don't have these bike entries on the permalink pages.

Since somebody will ask: Here's how you can add the same thing to your blog, and no Javascript is required :-)

When I read about Technorati's new "Mini" service and followed the link from FreshBlog to Steve Rubel's post about adding the Minisearch window to my sidebar, I thought that looked handy. But, Steve's instructions tell me how to add the search results to the sidebar of my Firefox browser, not to the sidebar of a website.

I was inspired, however. The size of the minisearch box is right, so I just wrapped it in <iframe> code and there it is. Specifically, the code looks like this:

<iframe src="" width="190px" height="360px" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"> </iframe>

Change the width and height to match your blog's design. Replace "my+search+terms" with the keywords you're interested in, specifying different keywords with OR and replacing spaces with the plus sign. I use "bicycling+OR+cycling+OR+bicycles+OR+bicycle" and so forth, along with a simple profanity filter using the NOT keyword.

Roberto Heras: "I'm clean"

Four-time Vuelta a España champion Roberto Heras has vowed to fight if a second urine analysis tests positive for the banned substance EPO, promising to take the battle beyond an appeal to the Court of Arbitration in Sport and to the legal courts. Heras races for team Liberty Seguros.

Heras tested positive for EPO use but maintains his innocence, claiming that there are flaws in the testing procedure. His lawyers believe the the outcome of the second test will be negative. The results are expected Thursday. Me and many of my U.S. readers will be fighting the sleep-inducing effects of another substance -- tryptophan -- on that day.

Orange is the fastest color

Sambot has started an Orange Bicycles pool over at Flickr. Here's the description.
This group is devoted to the proliferation of the color orange (the fastest color) in its purest form: the bicycle.

Please consider contributing a photograph of your homebrew orange bicycle to this flickr group. It's time we, as a community, band together and unite! Lovers of the orange bicycle need no longer lurk in the shadows.

Our time has come! Our day is now! Our bicycles are orange!
If you don't yet have an orange bike, Sambot has instructions on The Correct Way to Paint a Bicycle Frame.