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Excuse me? Can you please repeat that...
Michael Fisk is a street fighting man. And the street he's fighting is named Dicks.
Fisk, who lives on Dicks Street in the Los Angeles suburb of West Hollywood,...
...has gone to city hall to get the road's name changed -- saying that its slang meaning has made life difficult for homeowners.
"Since we moved in four years ago its just become such a hassle," Fisk said. "It's embarrassing. Something definitely needs to be changed. I realize that it's a man's name, but words change meaning, and this one has."
  Dicks Street is in a neighborhood that fancies first names for its roads, with Keith and Norma among the choices.  
  Fisk, who collected signatures on a petition from more than half of the residents on Dicks Street, has so far been met with a lack of interest from city officials, who say that changing a street name is too much work.

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