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At, we host public mailing lists and newsgroups to foster open communication in the developer community. also hosts an IRC server for real-time chat.

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General Information

Most forums are in pairs of a newsgroup and a mailing list. Each one mirrors its mate: posts in one newsgroup will show up in its corresponding mailing list, and vice versa. serves its newsgroups at news:// The groups are distributed over Usenet, so your local news server may have them too. If your site does not carry those groups, and you would like it to, talk to your local news administrator. If you are a news administrator, you might need our public key to verify our control messages.

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Topical Forums

Please read the Mozilla forum etiquette for posting rules and conventions.

Accessibility | Announce | API Announce | Crash-Data | Builds | Jobs | International. | Localization | License | Marketing | Security | Cryptography | Documentation | Performance | Footprint | Quality | Reviewers | Wishlist | General | project forums...

Accessibility For the accessibility development effort, as well as discussions for users on using Mozilla with the keyboard, screen readers, screen magnifiers and voice dictation products.
Announce New source releases will be announced here. This is a low-volume, moderated group, for announcements only (not discussions).
API Announce A low volume mailing list for notification of API changes. Gecko embedders and component developers are encouraged to sign up to receive notifications when interfaces are frozen or under review.
Builds If you have trouble compiling the source, or have an idea to improve the build system this is the place to discuss.
Crash-Data This forum, intended to help developers pinpoint bugs in their code, is the post board for summaries of crash reports generated by binaries.
Cryptography For discussions about cryptography, and cryptographic issues surrounding the Mozilla source code. See our PKI project for more info.
Crypto Check-ins Join this list if you'd like to be automatically notified of all check-ins to Mozilla's crypto code.
Documentation For discussions about documentation: how it should be written, distributed, maintained, and so on. This is not the place to ask where help files are.
Internationalization For discussions about internationalization (I18N) issues. I18N is the infrastructure that allows software to be localized.
Jobs For use by those interested in hiring folks to work on Mozilla-related projects as well as by those seeking such work.
License For discussions about the licensing terms of the Mozilla source code.
Localization For localization (L10N) issues. L10N is the process of adapting software to a specific language and culture (see also internationalization).
Security Security issues such as specific security problems or ideas for making the code as a whole more secure can be discussed here. Cryptography, however, is not within this group's charter.
Performance This forum targets towards development and testing engineers for technical discussions that help to improve the performance of the Mozilla code.
Performance footprint For discussion about footprint reduction.
Quality Assurance For QA discussion, including using Bugzilla, Mozilla testing, and bug triaging. Do not report bugs here.

This forum is the posting board for reviewers. Requests for patch review and change of review status in Bugzilla are automatically posted here.

Wishlist For discussions of future ideas, ranging from the practical to the far out. Read the wishlist FAQ to see if your wish has already been discussed. Also check out the related Blue Sky column.

Did you read the Ground Rules? Please do!

General For everything with no forum of its own: discussion about any and all aspects of the Mozilla source code, and all the things that we're doing here at

Project Forums

Please read the Mozilla forum etiquette for posting rules and conventions.

Mozilla (Browser, Mail, Editor, Calendar, Chatzilla) | Embedding (Small Devices) | Layout (Style, SVG, XSLT) | DOM | XML | MathML | RDF | JS Engine | JS Debugger | Plug-ins (NSPR, Java, OJI) | Pref | Port (Win, Mac, Unix, OS/2, BeOS) | Toolkits (GTK, Qt, XPCOM, XPFE, XPInstall, LDAP, Networking Library) | Webtools | Mstone | topical forums...

Browser For discussions about the browser of Mozilla 1.x. Also check out the Seamonkey forum.
Calendar For the standard-based Calendar project
Directory For discussions about the C SDK, Java SDK, and PerLDAP, which are toolkits for developing LDAP applications.
DOM For discussions about the Document Object Model (DOM) in Mozilla. For scripting discussions, see the scripting resources page.
Editor For discussions about HTML and text editing controls, including the Composer component, rich text editing and text widgets.
Embedding For embedding Mozilla components such as Gecko, ender, and JavaScript into software (see also Layout, small-device embedding, and footprint.
GTK For porting Mozilla to use GTK, a Motif-like GUI toolkit for Unix.
Java For discussions about Java: both embedding JREs in Mozilla and extending Mozilla itself using Java code. Also check out other plug-in forums.
JavaScript Engine For JavaScript engines, including Spidermonkey (JavaScript in C) and Rhino (JavaScript in Java). For scripting support, use scripting resources.
JavaScript Debugger For discussions about the JavaScript Debugger (Venkman). Questions about how to use, program, or document the debugger, as well as feature requests are on-topic here.
Layout For discussions about document layout in Mozilla, including Gecko. Also check out style and SVG forums.
Layout XSLT For discussions of use of the XSL Transformations language in the Mozilla layout engine.
MathML For discussions about the implementation of W3C's Mathematical Markup Language.
Mail/News For the mail/news client projects, including Mozilla Thunderbird, as well as integrating Mozilla with other mail/news systems. Also check out the Mozilla 1.x forum.
Mstone Mstone is a multi-protocol stress and measurement tool. Its goal is to do performance measurement and stress testing for common Internet protocols (SMTP, POP, IMAP, WMAP, and HTTP).
Networking Library For discussions about the Mozilla Networking Library, a.k.a. netlib.
NSPR For discussions about the portable runtime code used by Mozilla. Also check out other plug-in forums.

For Open JVM Integration (OJI), which extends the plug-in architecture to allow Java virtual machines to be plugged into Mozilla.

Plug-ins For discussions about plug-ins. Developers may also check out Java, NSPR and OJI forums.
Preferences For discussion about management of user preference data via profiles and preference settings.
Qt Qt is another GUI toolkit, and some folks are interested in a version of Mozilla that uses it. This forum is for discussions about that effort.
RDF For discussions about the Resource Description Framework (RDF) including the Aurora module.
Seamonkey This forum is for developers working on Seamonkey, the code name for the Mozilla software suite. Also check out the browser, mail/news, and editor forums.
Small Devices Discussions about porting the Mozilla browser to or embedding it in small devices belong here.
Style For discussions of the style system in the layout engine. Also check out other layout forums.
SVG This is the project forum for implementing Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) in Mozilla.
Realtime Messaging

For discussion of chat, instant messaging and similar interactive messaging protocol and UI integration (such as ChatZilla) in Mozilla.

Webtools has developed several Web-based tools for code management, including Bugzilla (bug tracking), Bonsai (CVS queries), and Tinderbox (continuous automated builds). This forum is for discussions about these tools.
XML For discussions about using XML in Mozilla.

This forum is for discussions about the Cross-Platform Component Object Model (XPCOM) that we are using to purvey and discover interfaces between independently versioned and loaded modules. XPCOM combined with XPIDL also provides scriptability.


For discussions about the Cross-Platform Front End (XPFE), toolkit for providing Web browsing and scripting UI and application logic for the layout engine.

XPInstall For discussions about installation related technology in Mozilla including packaging and updating.

Did you read the Ground Rules? Please do!

MS Windows For for discussion of issues specific to Mozilla on 32-bit Microsoft Windows platforms, especially bugs and testing specific to a platform version.
Macintosh For discussions about the Macintosh portions of the Mozilla code.
Mac OS X For discussions about the Mac OS X portion of the Mozilla code as well as Camino.
Unix and X11 For discussions about the Unix and X11 portions of the Mozilla code.
OS/2 For discussions about porting Mozilla to OS/2.
BeOS For discussions about porting Mozilla to BeOS.

Realtime Chat

You can talk to people in the community in real time by logging on's chat server ( with an IRC client. Please read the /motd.