Robbie Hunter

Played by Jason Smith

Robbie Hunter is a unique individual who definitely thinks outside the square. He's bright, funny and a bit of nerd, yet girls find him attractive.

He's also a mad keen inventor. The thrill for Robbie is creating something that has never been done before: so he plays havoc in the kitchen, creating 'time-saving' devices for his mother that take ten times longer than normal but he does it with such passionate enthusiasm that she couldn't be angry with him.

Robbie is the third youngest child of Beth and the late Jack Hunter. He adores his mum but was always afraid of his father, who never understood his book-worm son. He had no interest in the farm, unlike Scott, the manly one of the family. So his father tended to always treat Robbie more severely than the other kids and this made him somewhat insecure.

The one person who gives him security about himself is Tasha. They are both free spirits and lovers of nature.

After a rocky start, Tasha and Robbie become lovers. Because they are so sure of their love for each other, they have a secret 'marriage ceremony' in a beautiful setting in the bush. They swear their love for each other and go home to tell Beth they are now 'married'.

Beth at first is distraught but she at last agrees to let them live together in her house, even though it is not a legal marriage. As they settle into domesticity, Tasha and Robbie discover that marriage is not all a bed of roses...

Robbie and Tash move out of Beth's house and set up home in Tasha's apartment, eventually with Beth's blessing.