DARWIN - space infrared interferometer project

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Aims: - Characterising planetary systems orbiting nearby stars
  - Searching for signs of life on any Earth-like planets found
  - Performing general astrophysics

      The European Space Agency has selected the "InfraRed Space Interferometer - Darwin" as a mission for its Horizons 2000 programme. Selection of a launch date, probably at or after 2015, will be made on cost, science and technology grounds sometime before then.

These pages give some information on this project, and thus are supplementry to the official ESA Darwin website. See also ESA Science and ESA RSSD Astrophysics.

A description of the interferometer and the science may be found in the mission page.

A picture of free-flyer spacecraft Darwin spacecraft Simulation of <br> planets image Detecting Venus, Earth, and Mars 30 light-years away Simulation of spectrum Detecting life on an Earth-like planet 30 light-years away

Other Darwin pictures
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