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Linux Porting Kit for HP-UX 11.0 and 11i


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Product details & specifications

Linux porting kit 1.0 for hp-ux 11.0 and 11i

  • Enhanced source compatibility for Linux applications
  • Over 50 Open Source tools provides a familiar Linux development environment
  • Reduces porting effort via Linux-compatible APIs
  • Improves productivity with tools that find porting issues in source code
  • Better out of box experience - single package of Linux development tools for HP-UX
  • Free and available now


With this kit, a Linux application developer can use the favorite Linux-like development environment on HP-UX to easily convert the Linux application to run on HP-UX. The Linux Porting Kit enables developers to build and compile on HP-UX, using familiar Linux application development tools, a library of Linux-compatible APIs (application programming interface) for HP-UX, and a code scanner to identify changes needed in the application by HP-UX. These tools make it simple to deploy that application into the HP-UX environment.

Key Components and Benefits

  • HP-UX Open Source Developer's Toolkit

    Contains the GNU compiler toolchain and a collection of more than 50 popular, easy-to-install Open Source application development tools, such as Perl, Xemacs, TCL/Tk, and the GNU bash shell on HP-UX. As a result, the Linux application developer can easily develop on or port to HP-UX, using the familiar Linux development tools.

  • Linux-compatible API library containing headers and configuration files

    Contains almost 200 Linux-compatible APIs in libhplx, the related header files, and the library sources. Derived from the GNU libc 2.1.3, the Linux-compatible APIs work concurrently with the existing HP-UX libraries and the HP-UX 11.0 and 11i development tools, which simplify the development effort.

  • Linux Software Transition Kit (STK)

    Contains processes, documentation, and scanner tools that identify and recommend changes needed in the Linux applications (C, C++, scripts, makefiles) for porting to HP-UX. In particular, lscansummary report helps assess the amount of effort needed and lscandetail report identifies specific lines of source code containing the porting issues and providing the solutions. The Linux STK also includes an extensive, easy-to-use Linux Application Porting Guide, which contains documentation such as the porting process information, white papers, and numerous online resources.

Coming soon

As part of ongoing efforts to support and empower the Linux and HP-UX developer community, HP is already developing the Linux to HP-UX Network Device Driver Porting Guide. This porting guide compares the Linux and HP-UX driver environments and provides detailed instructions on porting a networking device driver from Linux 2.2 to HP-UX. Code snippets are used to illustrate bus access, memory mapping, interrupt handling, etc., in the HP-UX environment. The porting guide also provides sample HP-UX and Linux 2.2 device drivers for PCI Fast Ethernet card based on Intel's 21143 chipset. HP expects this porting guide to be available in Spring, 2001.

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