Thames Gateway River Crossings

Project Status

Rail crossing at Woolwich
It was agreed that the new rail crossing would be an extension of the existing DLR.

Construction of the first stage extension to London City Airport is underway and is expected to be complete by December 2005. The plans for the second stage, to extend the line to Woolwich, have been approved by the Government and construction will start during Summer 2005 and be complete by early 2009.

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Thames Gateway Bridge
The proposed Thames Gateway Bridge (TGB) would be a local road bridge connecting Beckton to Thamesmead in East London, with two segregated and dedicated public transport lanes and separate lanes for pedestrians and cyclists.

The bridge would improve accessibility to and within the Thames Gateway and support the regeneration of East London. Significantly reduced journey times and access to employment opportunities would be created.

On 19 January 2005 the Secretary of State announced that conjoined Public Inquiries would be held into the planning application and orders for the TGB scheme. A Pre-Inquiry meeting was held on 4 April 2005 followed by a further procedural meeting on 28 April.

The Public Inquiries will open on 7 June 2005. Once this first session has concluded there will be an adjournment until 13 September 2005. Full details of the Inquiry are available at

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Silvertown Link
The Silvertown Link would join the Greenwich Peninsula and the Silvertown/Royal Docks areas. It will help to ease traffic congestion around the Blackwall Tunnel. The Mayor has expressed a preference for the Link to take the form of a tunnel but this will only be finally decided after a process of assessment and consultation.

Whilst the Silvertown Link is not in TfL's 5-year business and investment plan 2005 - 2010, TfL is working according to an indicative timescale of reviewing the link by April 2006 with a view to establishing a more detailed programme, and seeking funding for further planning and appraisal of the scheme. The Transport Strategy states that the Silvertown Link will follow the implementation of the Thames Gateway Bridge. In order to maximise efficiency, TfL want to use expertise from the Thames Gateway Bridge team on the Silvertown link progressively as planning and preparation are completed for the Bridge