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CD Reviews
Excerpts from the Diary of Todd Zilla

Release Date: 2005-09-27


by Matthew Ozga

The sixth track of this seven-song EP contains a gimmick so obvious and brilliant I can't believe I've never heard it executed before. The song is called "Florida," right, and it's sung from the point of view of a drunken guy at "the bar in the mall" � only lead singer Jason Lytle actually sings it as if he were drunk, complete with mangled syllables and mushy consonants and everything. "Looks like I missed the goddamn bus," slurs Lytle. "Do you think that I could get a ride?" Maybe dude actually was drunk for the recording, but it's pretty good shtick, you gotta admit. I toyed with the idea of writing this review drunk myself, but I ultimately decided that would be a waste of a good buzz. I don't even like Bukowski that much, anyway.


"Florida" is probably the best song on the EP (which clocks in at more than thirty-one minutes; back in the day they would have called this an "album"), although don't overlook the opener, "Pull the Curtains." Aside from those two songs, however, there aren't many highpoints. The remaining five songs are down-tempo, synthed-out snoozers.


The concept behind this EP, if a concept EP it be, has something to do with materialism, suburban sprawl from coast to coast, the corporate takeover of just about every gosh darn thing you can imagine, and other such blights on humanity. It's supposed to be a preview, theme-wise, of G-Daddy's upcoming album, which the band members say will be their last. Whatever, whatever. There are some witty lyrics here, and anytime someone sings "We'll plot out a plan/ to take down the man," I'm gonna wave my hands madly in the air like I don�t even care. But musically, most of the songs here just ain't all that.


The good parts of Todd Zilla kinda reminded me of the best of the Elephant 6 ouevre ��Pull the Curtains," for example, is pure Olivia Tremor Control. The bad parts weren't bad per se, just merely pretty.



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